Review Eureka Apollo Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Review Eureka Apollo Handheld Vacuum Cleaner 2022. It is extremely difficult to imagine a modern life without a vacuum cleaner, now the market is full of all kinds of manual and automatic models with various types of food. However, in this review, we’ll take a closer look at one simple hand-held model at a reasonable price. Namely, consider the Eureka Apollo vacuum cleaner with an electrical power of 800 watts.

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  • Brief technical characteristics
  • Packaging and equipment
  • Appearance and device
  • Dust collection container
  • Basic HEPA filter
  • Usage
  • Output

Brief technical characteristics

  • Model: Eureka Apollo vacuum cleaner V18C01A-80
  • Power supply: 220-240 V
  • Electric power: 800 W
  • Suction force: 20 kPa
  • Dust box capacity: 2L
  • Wire length 2 M
  • Size: 410 * 265 * 240mm
  • Weight: 6 Kg

Packaging and equipment

The vacuum cleaner is delivered in a cardboard box, usual for such goods, with additional inserts for secure fixation of the vacuum cleaner inside the box during transportation.

The delivery set includes: the vacuum cleaner itself, a telescopic tube, a corrugated hose-handle, a main brush, and two additional ones, as well as an instruction. Despite the fact that the instructions are in English, thanks to the illustrations, everything in it is intuitive.

The main nozzle is equipped with an auxiliary brush that extends after pressing the corresponding switch. The switch works softly, apparently a spring was installed in its mechanism for ease of use. Retractable brushes are excellent at picking up wool and similar dirt.

Also, for clarity, I will add a few more photos of two additional brushes and corrugated hoses.

Appearance and device

The vacuum cleaner has a classic design. The upper part of the body has a convenient handle for lifting and carrying the vacuum cleaner. I usually use a vacuum cleaner, supporting it precisely by this handle, and move around the apartment.

Note that there is a button under the handle that activates the spring to rewind the power cable. Thus, this function can and should be activated by pushing the handle all the way down. When you press this button, the wire starts to wind up very quickly, there is clearly a very powerful spring in the vacuum cleaner. In the video in the review below, you can see in detail how this happens.

It is also worth noting that the length of the power cable is a little more than 5 meters, and there are yellow and red markings on the wire itself, which warn that the cable in the reel is running out.

The vacuum cleaner is turned on after pressing a special large black button, which also performs the function of adjusting the suction power.

At the bottom of the vacuum cleaner, there are two main wheels with a rubberized coating that will protect your floor from scratches while using the device. Also on the bottom there is a small idler wheel and a specification sticker.

Another plus is the presence of a small retainer for the hose-handles with a brush. In this way, it will be convenient for you to store the vacuum cleaner in this position.

Well, on the front side of the vacuum cleaner there is a handle of a container for collecting dust, behind which, if necessary, you can carry the vacuum cleaner. And there is also a connector for connecting hoses. In order to avoid confusion, this connector has a special shape that does not allow the hose to be connected incorrectly.

Dust collection container

The vacuum cleaner has a rather large container for collecting dust with a volume of 2 liters. To remove it, you need to press the silver button and pull the container by the handle in the opposite direction from the vacuum cleaner.

Running a little ahead in this section, I’ll tell you how to clean the container. First you need to remove the container lid, it is removed after pressing a special lever.

I draw your attention to the fact that the vacuum cleaner has two HEPA filters, one of them is located in the container, it must be removed before rinsing the container. As for this filter, I will add that it is securely fixed in its seat using soft rubber bands. The filter consists of two parts, namely a thick, washable foam sponge. And directly the material that collects the smallest specks of dust, it is extremely undesirable to wash it.

After removing the filter, we boldly rinse the container and dry it, after which it is ready for use again.

Basic HEPA filter

A second HEPA filter is installed on the back of the vacuum cleaner, which should be replaced after a certain number of cycles of using the vacuum cleaner. But in our regions, as a rule, they are changed together with a vacuum cleaner. However, during operation, it will not be superfluous to wipe it out from the accumulated dust from time to time. Many reproach modern models for the presence of consumables, but such filters collect the smallest particles of dust and protect your health.


And here the most important thing begins, running ahead, I will say that I did not expect such a suction power from such a budget model of a vacuum cleaner. The device handles all kinds of dust and even large particles with ease. Perhaps this is normal for modern models, but I was very surprised when I first turned it on, when the main brush was literally pulled to the floor. It is also worth highlighting the relatively low noise during the operation of the vacuum cleaner. Even if you clean up in the evening, I don’t think you will disturb the neighbors too much. I also cleaned the sofa for the test, the vacuum cleaner also copes with this task easily.

I will add that not so long ago my mother bought a vacuum cleaner from a well-known brand at a significantly higher cost, and to be honest, I don’t see much difference. Yes, of course, there are nuances and pluses, but as for me, these pluses do not cover the difference in price.

Since the real operation of the vacuum cleaner is difficult to show in photographs, you can watch the video version of the review, which, in particular, contains its tests.

It only remains to add that we clean the collected garbage in the container as described above.


Summing up, I want to say that this model, in my opinion, is one hundred percent worth its money. The vacuum cleaner is an excellent solution for those who need a simple, powerful and working model for cleaning. Also, my opinion is confirmed in many reviews of the product. I will add that now, as part of the sale on Aliexpress, this vacuum cleaner can be purchased with an additional discount. Well, that’s all, dear readers, thank you for your attention. You can also visit my blog on the site, where you will find even more reviews and collections of interesting products.

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