Review Dreame Vacuum Cleaner V11 Wireless Handheld

Xiaomi Dreame Vacuum Cleaner V11 Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Review 2022. Friends, all the good time of the day. Today I want to tell you about a cool device that will help with cleaning – this is the Xiaomi Dreame Vacuum Cleaner V11 cordless handheld vacuum cleaner. This device will also be useful for motorists, as it is very convenient and can be used in a car. Happy reading, also do not forget to write comments, it is very pleasant to receive feedback from you.

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Main characteristics

Let’s start the review by tradition with the main characteristics, I will reflect here the main points of this device

  • Dust collector type – cyclone dust collector
  • Type – vertical, wireless
  • Installation – vertical / manual
  • LCD display – yes
  • Nozzles included – crevice nozzle, dusty, mini turbo brush, electric turbo brush, flexible hose
  • Voltage – 25 V
  • Model number – V11
  • Suction power – 450 W
  • Power adjustment – on the handle
  • Dust container capacity – 0.5 L
  • Battery life – up to 90 minutes
  • Battery charging time – 4 hours
  • Filter type – HEPA
  • The main function is dry cleaning
  • Turbo brush – yes
  • Suction power – 25000 pa
  • Battery capacity – 3 Ah
  • Battery type – Li-lon
  • Charge level indicator – yes
  • Body weight – 1.6 kg
  • Noise level – 73 dB
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) – 76x27x15.5 cm

Unpacking, kit overview

Packing ordinary cardboard with a picture of a vacuum cleaner. Inside is the vacuum cleaner itself, a tube and various attachments for different types of cleaning, a docking station for charging, instructions and a warranty sheet. The tube is wrapped in a special film so as not to scratch during transportation.

Device appearance

The vacuum cleaner itself is made in gray-graphite colors; they also emphasized the red start button, pipe and other details. I think this is a very competent decision, since during operation, for example, on black, the settling dust is very noticeable and striking, which is not so noticeable with regards to the gray color. If we take into account the white color, then these are mainly glossy surfaces, and over time, roughness and various scratches appear, which greatly spoil the appearance. On the body itself there is a very comfortable handle that you need to hold on to when using the vacuum cleaner. The dust compartment is located directly next to this handle. Also on the front side, next to the handle, there is an LCD display that displays the charge level and operating modes for ease of use.

Connection and use

I liked this vacuum cleaner because it can be used not only at home, but also outside the home, for example, in order to vacuum a car. There are enough attachments for cleaning in hard-to-reach places.

The display shows information such as battery level, operating mode, brush cleaning and filter replacement. We need to start working with the bottom button on the display, holding it for a few seconds, we are asked to choose a language, of which there is both English and English. By pressing the same button, you can select one of three operating modes – economy, medium and turbo. The most optimal is the medium mode, which works at the optimal ratio of power and battery consumption.

Unlike the previous model of the vacuum cleaner, now there is no need to keep the power button constantly pressed, there is a lock on the display, by pressing which, the vacuum cleaner will continue to work, even if you release the power button, which is very convenient. The vacuum cleaner is charged using a special docking station that comes with the kit. It also provides mounts for all the brushes that come with the kit. A convenient solution would be to install it vertically somewhere on a wall or in a closet, since this vacuum cleaner is very convenient to hang on the wall and looks interesting.

In terms of brushes, there are: a soft roller brush for cleaning floors and carpets; electric mini brush for removing mites, dirt and allergens; 2-in-1 brush for fragile surfaces; 2-in-1 flat brush for crevices and corners. This vacuum cleaner is very easy to maintain due to removable components that are easy to wash and clean. The filter can be washed under the tap, but it is very important that you dry it well before using it again, otherwise water can get into the motor and cause damage. Also, to remove dust from the container, you need only a couple of movements, press the button and it is better to do this over the trash can, so the lid opens very sharply with the help of a spring. Often, the dust is not completely shaken out, so you have to pick it out with a special brush or fingers.

Advantages and disadvantages

Let’s start with the positives, what exactly I liked. The vacuum cleaner has a five-stage filtration system, which is able to trap almost 100% of allergens. In terms of functionality, this vacuum cleaner is not inferior to competitors, for example, from Dyson, but in terms of price, the difference is almost two times. Longer runtime and more power than the previous model.

Of the minuses, this is a non-removable battery, if suddenly the device is discharged and you need to continue cleaning, you will have to charge it, otherwise you could just change the battery and continue vacuuming. The docking station must be installed near a power outlet in order to connect it to the network. Also, the vacuum cleaner cannot work directly from the network, and the charging wire is not that long.


The price for this device starts at 3,500 dollars. Very high-quality assembly and rich equipment, for which you can pay this price.


Summing up, I want to say that this model has been finalized, the shortcomings of the previous model have been taken into account, and the technical characteristics of the V11 have also been improved. This vacuum cleaner is easy to maintain, very convenient for cleaning various surfaces, including furniture, it is also convenient to clean the car, since the attachments allow cleaning even in the most inaccessible places.

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