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Xiaomi Dreame H11 Washing Vacuum Cleaner: Full Review, Comparison 2022. Hello everyone. Today we will look at another washing cordless vacuum cleaner, this time from the Xiaomi Dreame ecosystem – model H11, which even in the most minimal version received a voice assistant and English. Go.

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The device is delivered in a proprietary shipping box with the Dreame inscription. The main box has a convenient carrying handle and colorful printing. It should be noted that the box has small dimensions, unlike the iFloore washing vacuum cleaner. Although the dimensions of Dreame are slightly larger in diameter.

In a word, everything is packed according to the mind. On the box you can see several pictograms reflecting the main specifications. On the side faces, the functional features of the washing vacuum cleaner are already shown in pictures.


The kit includes a thick instruction with English translation, a small quick setup guide, 500 ml. branded detergent deodorant Dreame, a brush for cleaning the container and pipes of the vacuum cleaner, additional HEPA filter, base for charging and self-cleaning, power supply with cable, attachment to the base for storing the brush and drying the fleecy roller, the vacuum cleaner itself, as well as separately attached to it handle with controls.

The base is made of high quality white plastic. The charging contacts are not covered with a curtain, but they are not afraid of moisture. I was a little upset by the lack of an additional attachment for storing and drying an additional HEPA filter. I usually put it on the battery right away, but a compartment for it next to the base like with iFloore would be nice.


The vacuum cleaner itself is made in the usual form factor. It has two water tanks, a removable handle with controls and a brush with a large fleecy roller for wet cleaning. The height is approximately the same as the iFloor and is 111 centimeters. Weight – 6.1 kilograms. Battery 6 of 2500 mAh provides over 30 minutes of battery life. Power – 170W.


The vacuum cleaner itself looks very laconic. Above there is an informative display, on which, when working, in large numbers, the remaining battery charge in percent and the operating mode is displayed. Also, the display will indicate the need to add water to the upper container, clean the lower one, a problem with the rotation of the turbo roller and clogging of the vacuum cleaner pipe. The display is made in white and covered with plastic Gorilla Glass. Unlike the older model, there is no backlit information ring around the display, but due to the chrome edging, some indicators are reflected, which looks quite impressive.

Voice assistant

Moreover, all instructions can be additionally duplicated by a voice assistant, the control button and speaker of which are located on the back of the vacuum cleaner. A single press of the button can increase and decrease the volume, or turn off voice notifications altogether. Long hold you can go to the language selection menu of the voice assistant. After switching to it, switching occurs by single clicks on the button. To confirm the desired language, you must also hold down the selection button. The voice assistant speaks out almost all actions for turning the vacuum cleaner on and off, changing the suction mode, as well as the stages of roller self-cleaning. I really liked this assistant. It is not intrusive, but, on the contrary, resembles the need for certain actions. The type of installation of the vacuum cleaner on the base for charging and self-cleaning, rinsing the container and so on.

Control elements

All controls are located on the handle. Everything is standard here. Two buttons: the first to turn the vacuum cleaner on and off, the second to change the Max and Eco modes.

Also on the top of the handle there is a button for turning on the cleaning and wringing of the roller. This procedure takes place only in an upright position, provided the vacuum cleaner is installed on the base and only if there is water in the upper tank. The buttons themselves are made soundly and tactilely pleasantly pressed.

Water tanks

Upper 900 ml water tank. It can only be filled with water and a non-foaming deodorant. As a rule, such a tool is quite expensive, and the complete one ends quickly, so holorka can be used for disinfection.

Water enters the roller through a spring-loaded valve and is then sucked back into a second 600 ml reservoir. I am glad that it does not have additional elements on which dirt gets stuck. All sensors are electronic and for flushing it is enough to simply pour out the dirty water and rinse the tank with water. Considering the need to clean the vacuum cleaner after each cleaning, this is a huge plus compared to iFloore, which needs to be washed out each part of the tank separately. Dreame also has protection against starting without a bottom tank, but if you remove the HEPA filter, the vacuum cleaner will start without it.

Troubleshooter and self-cleaning

The turbo roller, which rubs the floor, is removed and installed back in one motion. The fastening of the upper fixing cover is also simple. The bottom brush has two large wheels and one small roller for better gliding on the floor.

Self-cleaning of the roller based on Dreame is longer and more thorough. It takes place in four stages, which are accompanied by a voice assistant. First, the roller brush is cleaned, after the tube of the vacuum cleaner. Then there is a clever definition and finally a deep cleaning. The procedure lasts about a minute.


To summarize, I can say that a washing vacuum cleaner is an excellent device that really wipes the floor, and does not smear dirt on it. Moreover, water with dirt and dust is sucked into the container, which provides an antibacterial and even sterilizing effect.


Of the advantages, it is worth noting a large water tank, ease of cleaning a tank with dirty water, a long cleaning time of 30-40 minutes depending on the mode, high-quality performance and plastic, an informative display with large inscriptions and numbers, a really useful voice assistant, a full-fledged self-cleaning procedure in four steps and excellent scrubbing even for stubborn dirt and grease in the kitchen.


The disadvantages include the ability to start without a HEPA filter, the absence of an additional stand on the base (you quickly get used to the good) and the inability to crawl deeply under low or some other furniture due to the design of the brush and the vacuum cleaner itself.

In conclusion, I will say that I liked Dreame more than iFloore, because it is easier to wash, and this is one of the most important factors when choosing such a vacuum cleaner, because you will refer to this procedure after every even the smallest cleaning. Moreover, for almost the same price, Dreame has a longer battery life and a voice assistant. That’s all. Thank you all for your attention. Bye.


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