Review Dreame H11 Smart Vacuum Cleaner

Review Of Washing Upright Vacuum Cleaner Dreame H11 2022: An Irreplaceable Assistant. Hello everyone! Today I want to talk about the cordless upright cleaning vacuum cleaner, or the Dreame H11 electric mop. This is the first washing vacuum cleaner both for me and for the manufacturer: before that, there were no such models in the Dreame range. I managed to use it quite a bit, but I can no longer imagine life without this device.

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  • Model Name: Dreame H11
  • Rated power: 170W
  • Battery capacity: 2500mAh
  • Working / charging time: 30 min / 3 hours
  • Cleaning area: up to 160 m²
  • Clean water tank volume: 900 ml
  • Waste water container volume: 500 ml
  • Additional Features: Self-cleaning function, LED display

Packaging and delivery set

The vacuum cleaner comes in a white cardboard box with a simple design. The front side shows the name of the model, its image and main features, on all other faces there is nothing interesting.

The scope of delivery does not stand out in any way: the base for charging, the handle of the vacuum cleaner, the power adapter, the vacuum cleaner itself, as well as the holder for the accessory, cleaning brush, additional filter and waste paper.

The only thing I would like to note is the presence of a floor detergent in the kit. It is recommended to dilute it 1:50 with water, the volume of the cap is 45 ml, a little less than half of the cap is needed for the water tank. So far, other detergents are being tested, so the manufacturer recommends using only the complete one, so as not to damage the vacuum cleaner.

Design and constructive

The body of the vacuum cleaner is made of white plastic, it looks minimalist and laconic. But the beauty goes away right after the handle is installed: it is too thin for such a massive case, and the bare metal only aggravates the situation.

But the design is not as important as the comfort of use, and here it is at the level. The vacuum cleaner, despite its size, is surprisingly light, and due to the correct weight distribution during use, its weight is hardly felt. I don’t know if the Dreame engineers calculated it or they did it by accident, but using the vacuum cleaner is a pleasure.

2 tanks are inserted into the body, from above – for clean water, from below – for waste water. A full tank of water is enough for about 160 square meters. A strainer and a HEPA filter are installed in the waste water tank.

They are held on latches, it is convenient to get and put in place, which cannot be said about the aforementioned handle. It is inserted until it clicks, but to get it, you need to insert a thin object into a special hole. Of course, you won’t get it all the time, but why didn’t you make the button, I don’t understand.

The cleaning nozzle is not removable here; you can only detach the roller to clean it. To do this, press the buttons on the sides of the brush.

But often you do not have to remove it, the vacuum cleaner has a self-cleaning function, which I will talk about a little later. The roller is made of regular pile, behind it there are teeth that clean the roller of hair.

The battery is installed in the lid, it is non-removable, so for replacement you will either have to disassemble the vacuum cleaner yourself, which is strictly prohibited by the operating instructions, or carry it to the service center.

By the way, an accessory holder is attached to the charging base, the purpose of which I did not understand. Small hole, obviously for the brush, but why big? Most likely for water, but I don’t really understand why this is needed.

Vacuum cleaner control

You can control the vacuum cleaner only by means of buttons; unfortunately, it does not connect to Mi Home – but it would be nice, at least to view the cleaning performed and the level of wear of the filter / brush. The vacuum cleaner turns on with the lower button on the handle, but you can not turn it off at all, then the vacuum cleaner will start itself as soon as you put the brush into cleaning mode. Above the power button is the mode switch (ECO / TURBO).

On top of the handle is a self-cleaning button that will start cleaning the roller on the docking station after cleaning. For self-cleaning, the vacuum cleaner must be at least 10% charged. The vacuum cleaner will itself determine the level of contamination of the roller, and if normal cleaning is not enough, it will start deep cleaning, but for this, the charge level must be above 30%.

On the back of the vacuum cleaner there is a speaker for voice notifications, and under it is a switch button. With it, you can change the volume of voice notifications or turn them off completely (1 press), as well as change the language (hold for 3 seconds). English language is available.

The LED screen displays the charge level, the selected operating mode and all kinds of errors: error in the clean water tank (the tank is empty), the error in the waste water tank (the tank is full), the roller brush error (the roller brush is tangled), the tube error (the tube is clogged). At the top is a self-cleaning indicator.

Operating experience, results

As I wrote at the beginning of the article, I use the Dreame H11 quite a bit, but I’ve gotten so used to it that I don’t understand how I used to live without such a device. Unlike robotic vacuum cleaners with a wet cleaning function, which only remove dust better, this vacuum cleaner really washes, which is why I call it a mop. But if with an ordinary mop cleaning the apartment lasted half an hour, with Dreame it takes 5 minutes. The only unpleasant moment that should be noted is the inability to clean under low furniture. The tilt of the vacuum cleaner should be between 140 and 40 degrees to prevent water leakage. Also, the vacuum cleaner cannot be lifted while it is working.

And one more thing: it is undesirable for them to vacuum the carpets, it is not designed for this. I don’t know why you would want to wash carpets with an electric mop, but better warn you.

Thank you all for your attention, I am waiting for your questions in the comments!
Bye everyone!

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