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Review of Deerma F628 F628S Ultrasonic Humidifier 2022. Although we do not see it, our body constantly consumes moisture. I’m not talking about the thirst that everyone has, I mean the moisture in the air. When there is not enough of it in the air, all our mucous membranes cease to receive it in sufficient quantities and begin to dry out. How to deal with this? Thank God, we no longer need to run around the apartment with a spray bottle, spraying water, or cover the batteries with wet rags, put on to wash the floors several times, trying to humidify our house. Progress, that is, “laziness” (which is its engine) and the minds of scientists have presented us with such a miracle of technology as humidifiers.

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Deerma F628 F628S Global Version Air Humidifier 5L Large Capacity Household Mute Ultrasonic Household Air Humidifier for Home

Well, finally, winter has come, someone does not really like it, but someone is happy to wait for this period of time. Indeed, with winter, a large number of holidays come to our house, which are to the liking of both adults and children. Naturally, when it gets colder outside, we spend a lot of time at home, where it is cozy and warm. It’s not a secret for anyone that the warmth in the house does not appear by itself. For some, batteries are enough for a comfortable temperature, while others resort to turning on heaters, air conditioners, fan heaters and other heating devices.

And everything would be fine, but in pursuit of a comfortable temperature, all these heating devices dry out the air in our homes without shame and conscience. Maybe someone will think that it’s okay, they lived all their lives and everything is fine, but this is far from the case. Lack of moisture does not have an almost instant effect, but rather cumulative. And sooner or later, each of us feels this effect on ourselves.

The most noticeable option is when the nasal mucosa dries up, thereby ceasing to perform its function and to adequately protect our body from bacteria and viruses. Also, for sure, many felt that when the skin dries up, the effect of “tightness” and discomfort appears. And this is only a small part of the negative impact of a lack of moisture in our environment.

What is the difference?

Humidifiers vary in mode of action and naturally in price.

The simplest, not particularly expensive, and also endangered species is a steam humidifier. The principle of operation there is the same as that of the kettle on the stove. The water heats up and evaporates into the air. Only all this happens in the room. Why are such moisturizers an endangered species in my opinion? Yes, everything is simple, few people want to have a tank of boiling water in the middle of the room that can be turned over. And besides, they draw quite a lot of electricity. Which is strongly reflected in the receipts.

Ultrasonic humidifiers are more modern, cheapest, small-sized and popular. Great variety of performance, shapes, prices and low power consumption make them the bestsellers. The principle of operation is based on breaking water into tiny particles that mix with air.

The most massive, expensive and modern are the so-called “air washers”. As the name implies, they pass air through wet cartridges, thereby saturating it with moisture.

Today we will analyze ultrasonic humidifiers using the example of an ultrasonic humidifier SP-55W from the Neoclima company.

I didn’t choose it very carefully, I just went in and bought the cheapest one that was available.


The packaging is made of cardboard, everything is packed tightly, of a pleasant color. There is a handle on the top for easy movement. Outside is all product information. But in general, the benefits of packaging end after unpacking, the goods were delivered to the house intact and well. Her next appointment is lying on the balcony and collecting dust, which she successfully copes with.


The body is rectangular, with rounded edges. It looks modern and fits into any interior.

On the front panel there are 4 touch control buttons and a digital display, which are responsible for the intensity of humidification, timer, night mode and on / off.

The volume of the tank is 4 liters, which is enough for 14 hours of continuous operation. Conveniently, everything is disassembled for easy use and cleaning.

Additional function Aroma. By the way, a cool thing, you drop a drop of oil into a special compartment and a pleasant aroma begins to spread around the room. I use lavender.

The ideal declared humidification area is 30-40 square meters

Detailed analysis

At the bottom there is a filter through which air is sucked in. From himself he is a piece of foam rubber, which, by the way, must be washed at least once a month.

Then the air passes through the aromatization chamber, then it mixes with water particles, which are broken by a special membrane, and all this comes out through the lid with a beautiful stream of cold steam.

Water is supplied from the main compartment to the working one through a valve, which is regulated by a special float. When the water runs out, the humidifier switches off automatically.

To refill the main compartment with water, simply remove the top cover and pour water into it.


The humidifier is just a fairy tale. I am very pleased with it, and even felt its effect on the body. Up to the point that the sleep became stronger and the nose was not dry in the morning.

Of the shortcomings, I want to note the water. And this applies to all ultrasonic evaporators. Due to their peculiarities of work together with water, they break down salt and chlorine and everything that is in the water into small particles. I highly do not recommend using tap water if you do not want to breathe all kinds of nasty things. At least in our country it is definitely impossible to use it. Plus, white bloom will settle on all surfaces in the apartment. Broken salts proper. You can only avoid them in distilled water.

Naturally, when buying, I was not warned about this, and I faced the problem with my own eyes. The filter was the solution. I buy water from vending machines from wells, and I pass it through a filter. Of course, it was not possible to completely avoid the white bloom, but it practically does not exist. And what is, is calmly cleaned with a rag along with dust.

As a first moisturizer, I highly recommend it, especially if there is no way to allocate a large amount for its purchase. But my opinion is that it is worth striving in the future to wash the air. They have no such problems with water.


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