Review CkeyiN Mini Reciprocating Electric Shaver For Men

SkeyiN WF-2022 foil shaver Review 2022. This review will focus on a fairly compact rechargeable foil shaver from SkeyiN. Due to its small size, it immediately caught my eye on AliExpress. And as you may have guessed, I have it at my fingertips and so let’s now check how good it is in business.

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Vendor code WF-2022
Rated power 3 watts
Connector Type-C
Battery capacity 1000 mAh
Charging time 8 ocloc’k
Usage time 1 hour
Dimensions (edit) 9.5 x 5.6 x 2.5 centimeters (L x W x D)
The weight 169 grams
Complete set

The razor comes in a white package made of rather fragile cardboard. On the front side there is only the company logo. On the back, everything is identical to the front.

The package includes:

  • razor;
  • charging cable (USB – TypeC);
  • instruction (only in English);
  • brush for cleaning;
  • pouch;
  • additional nozzle (silver color);

It’s nice when the manufacturer puts in other different buns. The pouch can be useful not only for storage, but will also be ideal during transportation.


I would say the razor has a rather minimalist look. But what I liked the most was its minimal dimensions.

The case is made of plastic (doesn’t seem cheap) and there is also a shiny insert where the company logo is located. There is a rough texture on the front (next to the shiny insert).

In the kit, you can also mention that there is a plastic cap that covers the mesh during storage.

On the back of the case, manufacturers have made a special knurling for a more secure grip. During the grip, three or four fingers of the hand usually rest on this side, and the knurling at this time creates slip resistance.

The only button is located on the right side of the case. It is very simple, has a slider type and is only responsible for turning the device on / off.

The connector is located on the bottom of the case, which is covered with a silicone plug. I was very happy when I saw that it was Type-C, I just don’t like microUSB. And yet, on the AliExpress website (where I ordered) there are pictures with a cable and it is clearly visible there that the bundle should include microUSB, not Type-C. Very strange, I guess I was somehow lucky.

The shaver must not be used while charging, as described in the instructions. But, if that it works while recharging. I want to note that the same razor is sold with a microUSB connector.

The manufacturers claim that the device is IPX4 protected, but that doesn’t mean it will work after being submerged in water. It will withstand short-term flushing and droplets without problems.

The grids on the attachments are made very neatly, I did not see any burrs or other jambs. For cleaning or rinsing, it is enough to remove the lid and use the special brush that comes with the kit.

A standard nozzle does not differ in any way from an additional nozzle, if you do not take into account their color. One is silvery and the other is golden.

The razor in my small hand is very comfortable and confident. Because the main part of the razor has a slight forward tilt, it becomes even easier for them to shave.

Operational experience

The operating results were quite satisfactory to me. The electric razor coped with two days of stubble without any problems and did not cause any discomfort. Unfortunately, the machine cannot be compared, but on the road, or on a business trip, at least it will help you look like a person.


Not so long ago, foil razors began to sympathize with me more than rotary ones. Yes, I agree that the mesh noise is a little louder, but they shave faster. By the way, this SkeyiN WF-2021 razor is both wet and dry. Charging in daily use lasts about seven days. But the device takes a long time to charge, about 8 hours. Expectations were a little more, but I will not say that she disappointed me. The main thing is that it can cope with the tasks set. Once again, I repeat that I was lucky with the Type-C connector, as I saw the photos (in the reviews) and it is clearly visible that the buyers have a microUSB connector.


I hope you enjoyed this review and made your own conclusion. You can find other reviews on various techniques just below in the “About the author” section. Thank you for your attention!

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