Review Budget Xiaomi Mi Mini Backpack

Review Original Budget Xiaomi Mi Mini Backpack 2022. A backpack, in my opinion, is one of the most comfortable ways to carry various things. Backpacks are widely used both in professional fields and for use in everyday life. It was such a backpack for everyday wear from Xiaomi that came to my review, I will describe in this publication all its pros and cons.

After placing the order, the seller almost immediately dispatched the goods and after three weeks I collected my package at the local post office, it is also worth adding that there was another item in the package from another seller. Apparently this is how the orders were arranged in the Chinese post office.

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Original Xiaomi Mi Mini Backpack 7L/15L/20L Big Capacity Men Women Travel Bag Urban Leisure Back Pack Colorful Sports Chest Bag

The backpack was packed in a plastic bag with bubble wrap.

The product looks quite wrinkled after unpacking, but this is not a problem and can be ironed easily.

In general, the backpack formed a good impression, however, upon careful examination, I found a small defect in the line, which I will show below in the photo. However, it should be noted that this marriage does not affect the integrity or appearance, in my opinion.

A nice little thing is the presence of a bag for collecting moisture, on which the Xiaomi logo was applied.

As for the corporate identity of the company, it is also present on the label, which indicates one of the main parameters of the product, namely the inner volume of the backpack. I ordered a backpack for 20 liters, and the seller also had products with a volume of 7 and 15 liters. At your choice, the seller offers a wide range of colors for every taste.

The zipper handles have a comfortable and kind of specific shape, which I really liked. The handles are made of plastic and are attached to the clasps with special ropes.

The straps and the handle are well stitched and it seems to me that they can withstand quite heavy loads, but it is worth considering that this is a budget backpack and should not be loaded with large and heavy objects.

For the test, I placed my old 15.6-inch laptop and weighing 2.6 kilograms inside the backpack. It also easily accommodated a full two-liter bottle and a warm blanket.

With such a load, the backpack feels confident enough and it is clear that it is designed for more, both in terms of volume and weight. I also note that the product is comfortable to wear on one or two shoulders at your request, the straps can be adjusted for any height.

Of the additional compartments, the backpack has two small pockets at the ends of the product, in which you can put a small bottle of water or various little things, there is also a pocket with a zipper on the front of the product.

The main compartment has a small compartment in which you can also put various things, but keep in mind that you should not put large items in this pocket, since they can put pressure on your back when wearing a backpack.

To summarize, I would like to note the excellent value for money of this product, the backpack is simple and ergonomic, the product does not interfere when worn, does not press, the locks work smoothly. The Xiaomi firm remains at its best and proves that for little money it is possible to produce a sufficiently high-quality and practical product. I hope this publication was useful for you, and I will be happy to answer all the remaining questions in the comments.

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