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Review One of The Best Smart Scales Example Picooc Mini 2022 from Aliexpress. Body Fat Scale Smart Wireless Digital Bathroom Weight Scale Body Composition Analyzer With Smartphone App Bluetooth-compatible. This review will talk about smart scales from the PICOOC company, which was founded in 2013 and began to specialize in creating scales that could read not only weight, but also other body indicators. Of course they did it. And I will try to tell everything about this gadget.

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Bluetooth Electronic Scale Body Fat Scale Weight Scales Weighing for body Digital Weight Scales Toughened Glass LCD Display


Max. measured weight 150 Kg
Measurement accuracy 100g
Units Kilograms
Memory There is
Memory 10 users
Power type AAA
Number of power elements 3 pcs.
Complete set

The scales are in a cardboard box. I want to note right away that the scales are packed securely and during transportation, it is unlikely that something will happen to them. On the front side of the package you can see the image of the scale, the name of the company and the scale. On the back there is a QR code with which you can quickly download the application. The app is available both in Google Play and in the AppStore. The dimensions of this box are: 32.5 x 31 x 3.5 centimeters (L x W x D).

Together with the scales in the box you can find:

  • set of batteries (3 pieces);
  • instructions;


Externally, the Picooc Mini has a very nice design that will suit any interior. In addition to the black color, the scales can be purchased in white. It should be noted that these scales are easily soiled due to which it often has to be wiped clean.

  • The dimensions of the scales are: 26 x 26 x 2 centimeters (W x D x D);
  • Weight is: 1,180 kilograms;

This size is designed for comfortable use with feet up to size 43. The square plastic of the case is made of high quality plastic and is capable of withstanding a load of up to 150 kilograms. The bright LED display does not stand out until the user steps on the scale. I am glad that the edges are rounded, as it often happens when the user hits a sharp corner. The top layer is made of tempered glass and has a pleasant and non-slip finish.

On the back there is a special compartment for batteries (AAA type). In the corners there are rubberized feet, as well as a button for reset and synchronization.

How to use

Find a level surface for proper operation. And I advise you to immediately find a special place for the scales, and not try to calibrate every time.

If you want to measure the weight, then just stand on the scale and it will automatically show the user’s weight. If you want to use all the functionality of these scales, then you need to download the proprietary application. New users will need to register and provide their details.

Application and functions

First, download the application. Below are screenshots:

As I said earlier, if you are new, then you need to register and then indicate your data (height, age, gender, etc.).

It should be noted that the scales have a cool feature, as the memory capacity for up to 10 users. The Picooc Mini is definitely enough for the whole family. At the top left, you can switch between users, it happens very quickly. Further, we can observe the main indicators such as:

  • body assessment on a ten-point scale;
  • your last measured weight;
  • body fat percentage;

Below is a graph with measurements. Next comes the block with all the geometric parameters. Let’s move on to my measurement results.

The app starts comparing your measurements over time and displays the changes with short explanations. For example, if you have gained weight, the application may issue a warning asking you to work harder. Next, you can see a list of detailed measurements, which are highlighted in three colors:

  • red color means that you have exceeded the norm and you need to fight this first;
  • yellow means that you are at risk;
  • green means that everything is fine.

Each of these parameters can be entered and read a short excerpt about the measured parameter and view the position in the vertical diagram.

Then there is the “Trend” tab in which you can follow the measurements of your indicators. After a while, the application begins to suggest what exactly needs to be done in order to improve the result.

In the center is the “Weigh” button, with the help of which we pair with the weights.

The next sections are “Analyze” and “I”, where we can set a goal for weight and manually indicate your body measurements. It should be noted the simplicity of the application, but at the same time its functionality. By the way, you can always upload your metrics to the Health app on your iPhone or Android.



I liked the Picooc Mini, both externally and in functionality. Although the scales appeared on the market in 2018, it is still not a shame to advise them. The closest competitors in this price segment can be the scales from Xiaomi.

I hope you enjoyed this review and made your own conclusion. You can find other reviews on various techniques just below in the “About the author” section. Thank you for your attention!

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