Review BOBOT DEEP 830 Vacuum Cleaner

Review of Bobot Deep 830 washing vacuum cleaner 2022. Today’s review is dedicated to the upright cleaning vacuum cleaner from the company with a long history – BOBOT. The DEEP 830 model is quite powerful, easy to operate and has a self-cleaning function after cleaning. The model will allow you to carry out a complex effective cleaning at home with washing various floor coverings. Let’s start our acquaintance with the novelty.

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BOBOT DEEP 830 Vacuum Cleaner 256W 2600mAh 8Kpa 30Mins Runtimes 750ml Water Tank Wet Dry Vacuum Foor Washer Electric Mop Cleaner


  • Name: BOBOT DEEP 830
  • Model: VC1901A
  • Type: wet and dry vacuum cleaner
  • Suction force: 5-8 kpa
  • Power: 256W
  • Clean water tank: 0.75 L
  • Dirty water tank: 0.45 l
  • Brush speed: 2500 rpm
  • Operating noise: 70dB
  • Battery: DC 36V / 2600mAh / Lithium 10 cells
  • Charger parameters: 42V 0.85A
  • Working time: 30 min
  • Charging time: 4 hours
  • Weight: 4.7 kg
  • Dimensions: 1160x325x282 mm

Packaging and equipment

The vacuum cleaner is delivered to the user in a bulky cardboard box weighing 8 kg. DEEP 830 is securely packed first in a heavy cardboard shipping box, then in a commercial box with printing. Recycled cardboard protectors inside the box.

Country of origin – China. The warranty is 1 year.

We take everything out of the box:

The delivery set includes:

  • Washing vacuum cleaner BOBOT DEEP 830
  • Station for recharging and self-cleaning
  • AC adapter for charging
  • User manual (included in English)

The vacuum cleaner is just going to work. A container for clean water and a handle are installed. The handle of the vacuum cleaner is removable and has only one height position.


Vacuum cleaner in vertical format with wide washing brush. This format is gaining popularity, there are more and more such models from different manufacturers. It is understandable: even a child can handle the cleaning conveniently, efficiently. Weight (dry) 4.65 kg.

The body of the vacuum cleaner is well assembled, protected from water by IPX4, that is, it is not afraid of splashes and leaks. There is even a small information display showing the operating mode.

Let’s consider the details of the DEEP 830 design in more detail.

Let’s start with the handle. All device control is grouped there (therefore, there are contacts) – a button for activating the work and a button for turning on sterilization. The buttons are backlit in blue. Inside the handle is a trigger for forced water supply to the brush. And at the far end (so as not to accidentally press) a button for self-cleaning.

Container for clean water. There is a coarse mesh in the cork. It is inserted until it clicks into the body of the vacuum cleaner, sealing with a rubber ring.

But the container for dirty water is more complicated. There is a float, a maximum filling indicator and a filter on top for air outlet, this is still a vacuum cleaner and the removed dust remains in this container with a capacity of 0.45 liters.

Moving on to the brush. It rolls easily on the floor thanks to two pairs of wheels, large and smaller. It has a fixed position so that the vacuum cleaner is on the floor and in the station. And a little corner turn.

The floor sterilization lamp is a UV light source with a wavelength of 254 nm. The dimensions of the dump are 110×12 mm.

Roller brush (22 cm long) and removable water splash bumper with rubber seal around the perimeter. In addition to soft synthetic bristles, the roller has hard bristles to remove dried dirt.

The base for storing, charging and self-cleaning the brushes is made of plastic, there is a place for storing additional brushes. The cable to the power supply is not removable, but the length is sufficient. The vacuum cleaner is stable in it.


Autonomy time 30 minutes (with the UV lamp on). A full charge takes 3+ hours. Consumption from the network in this case:

After charging, the vacuum cleaner is ready to use. If you need wet cleaning, fill with water. A container for clean water (750 ml) is enough for 30 minutes of work or for 100 m2 of premises. You can add a little deodorant, but not just detergent, according to the instructions.

Dirty water and debris accumulate in the front container. Then we pour it out and rinse the container. Fuss at least. The vacuum cleaner copes well with small pet hair. And this is after regular cleaning with an intelligent robot vacuum cleaner.

But in all its glory, the washing vacuum cleaner shows itself with complex dirt. If there is a lot of dirt, or it is dry, use the trigger to supply additional water to the brush.

The sterilization lamp turns off automatically for eye safety when lifting the cleaning part from the floor:

DEEP 830 operating noise:

Self-cleaning function of the roller brush when the vacuum cleaner is on the base (the brush does not need to be washed often by hand):


Washing floors with the Bobot DEEP 830 is very effective, this is not a trivial mop, here the roller brush rotates at a frequency of 2500 rpm and is constantly washed with clean water, and the dirty water is sucked into the container. It cleans both carpets and linoleum equally well. UV sterilization will help get rid of harmful microorganisms on the floor. The model is interesting, the owner of a spacious living space should take a closer look.

Thank you for the attention. Enjoy the shopping!

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