Review BlitzWolf SC4 5kg Kitchen Scales

Not so long ago, I reviewed the Atuman Duka ES1 5kg kitchen scale, which boasted decent accuracy and display of tenths when weighing. But what if these shares are superfluous and you wanted to have a kitchen scale in white? A novelty from BlitzWolf comes to the rescue in the face of the SC4 kitchen scales also for 5 kg. In the review, testing with weights G-4-211.10.

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Factory packaging in the general BlitzWolf style.

On the back are technical characteristics:

Brand: BlitzWolf
Model : BW-SC4
Material : Toughened Glass + ABS
Product Size : 190 * 165 * 18mm
Net Weight : 0.38Kg
Working Voltage : DC4.5V
Weighing Range : 0 ~ 5Kg
Resolution : 1g
Unit : g / kg / lb / oz / fl.oz / ml
Display Screen : LED
Power : 3 * AAA Battery (Not Included)
Working Temperature : -10 ~ 60 ℃
Certification : CE / RoHS

The package contains scales, instructions and a kind of brochure.

Instructions in many languages, but English is missing.

Kitchen scales BlitzWolf BW-SC4 are made in the form of a square platform made of ABS plastic with tempered glass in the upper part. The balance control is mechanical and is located in the front end. A total of 2 buttons are available: UNIT and ZERO, the first one allows you to select other measures of measurement (g / kg / lb / oz / fl.oz / ml), the second resets the values ​​and turns on / off the scales.

The display can accommodate 5 digits, there are no tenths. The backlight is white and seems barely noticeable against the general background, but with a slight darkening it is clearly visible. Also, tempered glass reflects well measured grains / liquids and other weights.
When first switched on, the display shows UnSt, which means “the calibration is in progress”.

The lower part of the balance is represented by a compartment for batteries and four legs around the perimeter. If you believe the renders, then the measurements are made using sensors in these very legs. Therefore, a stable position will give a more accurate result. Likewise, the final value is not influenced by the location of the item to be weighed, whether it is the center of the platform or its edge.

The scales are powered by three AAA elements.

To check the accuracy, we use the G-4-211.10 set from the previous review.

Checking. The first column is the reference measure, the second is derived.
100g – 100g
50g – 50g
40g – 40g
20g – 20g
10g – 10g
5g – 5g
2gr – 2gr
1gr – 2g

Since the scales do not have the ability to display tenths, rounding is downward (1g weight + 0.3g plate) is still displayed as 2g. In general, in most measurements, the accuracy is pleasing, with the exception of the minimum value of 1gr.

We set all available weights and look at the final result – 210g, with a real weight of 210g. That is, the same 1gr has already gone into offset.

Direct comparison of two scales with the same weight – BlitzWolf SC4 and Atuman Duka ES1.

Finally, we will check the compliance on some products. Bravolli Chickpeas, net weight – 350g, in reality 355g.

Barilla Filini Vermicelles and Barilla Tortiglioni, with a net weight of 450g in each pack, actually weigh 459g and 469g, respectively.

Pea cutlets from the Breadbasket of Health with a net weight of 200g weighs 222g, but a beef Chan Ramen with a net weight of 120g is in fact equal to 125g.

Verdict. It is a perfectly usable scale with a nice appearance. The declared accuracy corresponds to the actual indicators, but the measurements at the minimum value walk a little (this mainly applies to 1gr). If you do not need tenths, then you can take it.

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