Review BlitzWolf BW-WS01 Wireless Temperature & Humidity Monitor

Review of Household Thermometer-Hygrometer BlitzWolf BW-WS01 With Wireless Sensor 2022.

Today I propose to get acquainted with a household thermometer-hygrometer from BlitzWolf. The BW-WS01 model does not pretend to be a meteorological station. But it works autonomously without being tied to the Internet. Shows indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity using a wireless sensor. The device has a very attractive look and, in addition to utilitarian functions, can decorate any interior.

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Brand / Model: BlitzWolf BW-WS01
Type: Wireless 433MHz
Temperature range: – 20 ℃ – + 60 ℃
Humidity display range: 0 – 99% RH
Number of sensors: 1-3 sensors

Temperature units selection: ℃ / ℉
Power: CR2477
Weather indicator: dry / comfort / wet
Statistics: Max / min / real time

Backlight: white 15 seconds
Station dimensions: 90×21.1mm
Sensor dimensions: 45x15mm

As you can see, there is no internet, no applications. The task is to show the temperature, humidity and let you dress according to the weather “here and now”.

The small box of the gift format was damaged a little on the way, but the contents were preserved. Specifications are summarized on the side.

The kit consists of a station, a remote sensor, instructions and a warranty card. All this was placed in a plastic tray, which additionally protects the contents.

The station and the remote sensor are made unusual for such devices and have a round shape of a tablet or washer, as it is convenient for anyone. Most of the front panel of the station is occupied by an LCD screen with a marking of the comfort zone. A mark appears here in working order, indicating the corresponding sector. A little crookedly glued a white edging with the name of the manufacturer, but before that I saw it only when choosing a photo. A hole can be seen at the bottom of the station and sensor. It is made for the penetration of air to the temperature and humidity sensors inside the devices.

The dimensions are very modest and compact – a 9 * 2.1 cm station and even a smaller sensor – 4.5 * 1.5 cm.

Let’s consider each component separately.

The LCD screen is covered with a thin layer of transparent plastic and if you press down with your fingers, a characteristic pattern of symbols will appear. So, it’s better to take it in your hands by the side edge of the case.

There are more details behind. There are control buttons, an eyelet for wall mounting, a folding stand with descriptions for installation on a horizontal surface, and magnets for mounting on a steel surface are hidden inside. Those. installation options are more than enough.

In terms of control, everything is extremely simple. The Sync Pair button is used to establish “friendship” with sensors, of which there can be three. By the way, you can order a station with one, two or three sensors. Or purchase the sensor separately. Using the Dysplay button, we switch channels to view information from different sensors, and if there is only one sensor, then we do not use it. The Max / Min / Clear button allows you to view the maximum, minimum values ​​of temperature and humidity during the day or reset them. Well, the C / F button changes the temperature units.

There is a battery compartment under the hinged stand. As such, a three-volt CR2477 lithium battery is used here. It comes in a set, you don’t need to buy it separately. Usually its capacity is 1000mAh. For some reason, the product page says about three months of work from one set of batteries, but it’s hard to believe in it. Usually, such devices consume a scanty amount of energy and batteries last a long time. During transportation and storage, the contacts were insulated with plastic foil.

The folding stand has two fixed positions and the tilt angle of the station can be adjusted to your liking.

A touch-sensitive backlight on / off button was placed on top of the case. To save battery power, the backlight turns on for 15 seconds and goes out either on its own or forcibly by pressing the button again at any time.

Now let’s look at the sensor. It is much smaller than the station and will need to be protected from atmospheric precipitation. There is no moisture protection, it is better to place it under a canopy, canopy, etc.

The front of the sensor is slightly pressed into the body, such a design detail. On the front side there is the name of the manufacturer, and under it, inside the case, there is a LED indicating the operation of the sensor. During work, he occasionally blinks red.

On the rear, removable cover, the marking of the sensor and its brief characteristics are indicated. To access the battery compartment, turn the cover counterclockwise.

On top of the sensor there is a button for synchronizing with the station and a hole for a loop. You can make it yourself from any thread / line / wire and hang the sensor on the wall.

The sensor is also powered by the CR2477 element. For attaching the sensor to a steel surface, there are two spots of magnets, and just above the protrusion for a loop of thread / line / wire.

Connection, operation and comparison with other stations.

When turned on for the first time, the station displays the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity in the room. I can’t say anything critical about the viewing angles – the characters are read well. The size of the numbers is approximately 1.5 * 0.8 cm. In addition to temperature and humidity, the screen displays trend arrows, and the mark at the top shows the comfort zone. There are three sectors: DRY when humidity is below 30%, Comfort – humidity in the range of 30-60% and Wet when humidity is over 60%.

Now we establish communication with the sensor. To do this, hold down the SyncPair button of the station for three seconds and after the beep, press the button on the sensor. Everything.

The next sensor, if there is one, connects in the same way – hold down the SyncPair button, press the sensor button.

At first, the data on the screen will not be entirely accurate, but this is normal. Sensors of the station and the external unit have different sensitivity and all stations that come across behave absolutely identically. After some time, everything more or less settles down, and on the screen, in addition to the temperature and humidity data, the number of the sensor channel is additionally indicated so as not to get confused when, for example, there are three of them. On the signal scale, you can navigate by the optimal installation range of the sensor. In open areas, the maximum distance is 30 meters, in rooms up to 10.

And a spectacular blue screen backlight! In the dark, it’s generally super. Lights up for 15 seconds and turns off automatically.

Without problems, both the station and the sensor are held by magnets on the refrigerator door or other steel surface.

Successful shots of the first minutes after the synchronization of the station and the sensor, minimum and maximum readings with trends.

And finally, let’s compare with other domestic weather stations – DIGOO DG-TH8788 and DIGOO DG -THS01. Both they and the monitored one have errors, display a different set of information and with different bit depth. But in general, you can get dressed somewhere at the same time and according to the weather.

Temperature readings of external sensors are very close. In terms of humidity and trends, the data of DIGOO DG-TH8788 and BlitzWolf BW-WS01 practically coincide. The external sensor DIGOO DG-THS01 lags far behind in terms of humidity. According to the indications of the indoor units, the picture is slightly opposite. In terms of temperature, again, DIGOO DG-TH8788 and BlitzWolf BW-WS01 are very close. In terms of humidity, on the contrary, the readings of DIGOO DG-THS01 and the monitored BW-WS01 are closer.

In other words, recorded by the BlitzWolf station, somewhere in the middle, as the truth.

Summarize. A slight negligence in installing the front panel of the station caused some chagrin, because of which the BlitzWolf inscription is somewhat shifted. But perhaps this is only in my copy. The edging of the front panel was made a little narrow and when the backlight is turned on, the edge of the LCD is slightly visible. The question remains about the duration of battery life from one battery. If these three months are true, then it is not enough. Of the advantages, a pleasant appearance (a great option for a gift), several mounting options, attractive and soft lighting. A big plus from my point of view is that the screen is not overloaded with useless information. And of course, it should be noted the quite acceptable accuracy of readings for household thermometers-hygrometers and weather stations.

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