Review BlitzWolf BW-S16: 6-port 60W

Review BlitzWolf BW-S16: 6-port 60W charging station with PD and QC 3.0, for Apple, Samsung, Huawei 2021. In this small review, I will deviate a little from my main topic — the smart home, but the device about which we will talk is also intended to optimize and improve comfort. The hero of today’s review is the BlitzWolf BW-S16 6-port multi-standard charging station capable of replacing several chargers and power supplies with different protocols.

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BlitzWolf 60W Dual QC3.0 6 Port USB PD Phone Charger for iphone for huawei Mobile Phone Chargers Accessories USB Fast Charging


  • Model — BlitzWolf BW-S16
  • Total power — up to 60 watts
  • Supported standards — Power Delivery 3.0, Quick Charge 3.0, Apple 2.4 A, Samsung AFC, Huawei FCP
  • Number of USB ports — six
  • 2 USB Type C ports with PD support — 5/9/12/15 V — up to 3A, 20 V — 3.25 A, max 65 W
  • 2 USB Type A ports with QC support — 5V — up to 3A, 9V — up to 2A, 12V — up to 1.5 A, max 18 W
  • 2 ports USB Type A — 5V — up to 2A, max 10 W
  • Size 91.5x65x23 mm


The device is delivered in a cardboard box decorated in the usual colors for this manufacturer — white and green. Instead of a picture — model number in large print, in the upper right corner — brand name.

On the reverse side — the main technical characteristics, which I have already mentioned, are listed. In particular, the current limits for each pair of ports.

Everything is packed compactly and tightly — nothing hangs around the box. I ordered in the official Blitzwolf store on Aliexpress — 7 days after the order, everything is completely safe and sound.

But everything that was found in the box is a charging station, a detachable power cable, instructions and a stand.

You can choose the cable plug, of course I took the European version, on the other hand it is also quite a standard and frequently encountered connector. Complete cable length — 1.5 meters

The cradle is designed for better stability of the charging station when placed vertically. So it will definitely not tip over.

Charging station

Let’s move on to the charging station itself. The total number of ports is six; they are paired. The bottom pair with a declared power of 10 watts is intended for powering and charging low-power devices. The middle pair is able to charge powerful gadgets, with support for Quick Charge technologies and give up to 18 watts. And the top pair of USB Type C ports is the most powerful — up to 65 watts, with Power Delivery support, designed for tablets or laptops running this power technology.

The power cable connector is on the opposite side. By the way, it is compatible with similar stations from other manufacturers, such as Ugreen or Xiaomi.

Half of the case is made of matte plastic, the manufacturer’s logo is placed on it, and the other half is made of glossy. Although from a usage point of view, this is not particularly important.

When plugged in, a white LED lights up at the top above the USB Type C ports. It is not particularly bright, it does not interfere at night, like the lamps of some manufacturers illuminating half the rooms.

This is how the device looks on the stand. The side ears, if desired, can be adapted, for example, for writing instruments, if the station is on the desktop.


I can only match the actual parameters to the declared ones on the USB A ports and start with the bottom pair. The declared current is 2 A — the station gives off without any hint of a voltage drop.

As well as at an increased current of almost 2.5 A, the voltage remains more than normal, so the station has a good margin of safety.

Now let’s move on to the middle pair, at 5 V — it copes well with a current of more than 3 A, giving off power of more than 16 watts.

I emulate the Quick Charge mode and switch the charging to 9 Volt mode — there are no voltage drops here either, with a current even higher than the stated one.

The same applies to the 12 Volt mode. In terms of power, I brought the port to almost 20 watts with the declared 18 — and the station felt great, I did not feel its heating, although I kept the load active until it itself became hot.

Unfortunately, I do not have a Power Delivery tester, I have left constant reviews of chargers in the past, so I will conduct a live test. In addition to the station, I bought a USB Type C cable with a declared power of up to 100 watts from Ugreen.

I needed to provide power to a compact tablet with a removable keyboard Chuwi Surbook Mini, which my daughter, a schoolgirl, uses. It just requires Power Delivery.

I must say right away that its power is much lower than that which the charging station is capable of delivering, but nevertheless, the task was completely solved. The computer works great with a new power supply and cable.


And now I have smoothly approached the actual purpose of this purchase. Over time, my daughter has accumulated a lot on her desktop — double charging with Quick Charge for the phone and a second port for a smart bracelet.

The power supply for the already mentioned netbook — with Power Delivery technology for 12 V and an output current of up to 2 A.

Another type C power supply for the Xiaomi Philips Bedside smart lamp — which acts as a night light. In total, taking into account the table lamp — 4 occupied sockets.

Instead of three of them, only one is now used — to power the charging station, which can easily cope with a netbook, and with fast charging a smartphone (here, for example, my Xiaomi Note 10 lite) and a night light and a bracelet where you can recharge. A couple of ports for further expansion were also left free.


This is not my first multi-port station, there are a few more pieces that are used both for charging and for powering various smart home gadgets — from Raspberry-based servers to cameras and air monitors. It is much more convenient and safer than tees and extension cords with bunches of standard chargers, which are so often found in our apartments. By the way, I have been for two years, or even more — when buying new gadgets, I don’t even take out the complete power supplies and cables from the box, there is no need for this.

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That’s all for me. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments below the article. Happy shopping everyone!

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