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Review 5 Colors LED Outdoor Light String Fairy Garland 2022 Battery Power Copper Wire Lights For Christmas Festoon Party Wedding. Holidays are approaching, and many of us want to transform our homes into a festive atmosphere. There are a lot of all kinds of decorations, gadgets and toys for this, but I think one of the fastest and most effective ways to decorate any room is to install a garland. However, in many situations, it is not possible to install a garland powered from a 220 V network; for this, you can use a garland powered by batteries. It is about such a model with battery power that will be discussed in this review.

Buy Battery Powered Hard Copper Wire String on Aliexpress


  • Light source: LEDs
  • Number of LEDs: 10 to 100
  • Glow color: white, multicolor, blue, warm white, purple to choose
  • Length: from 1 to 10m
  • Power supply: 2 to 3 AA batteries

Packaging and equipment

I must say right away that I purchased this garland at a local store, but you can still order a similar product from China at a rather nice price. Delivery, judging by the reviews, takes about 2 weeks. As for the rest, the package bundle and all other characteristics are fully consistent with the garland that you see in this review. So, the garland comes in a regular box made of thin cardboard, there is only a small instruction in the kit, there are no batteries in the kit, but based on the price of the product, this is quite expected.


The garland consists of a box for batteries and, in fact, the LEDs themselves, placed on a solid two-wire wire. It is worth noting here that depending on the length of the garland you choose, the number of LEDs on it will differ. The LEDs are placed at a distance of 10 cm from each other, and when ordering, you can choose garlands with a length of 1 to 10 meters.

When ordering, you can also choose the color of the LEDs glow, in this case you see a garland with a warm white glow. To be honest, in life, the glow looks more festive and creates a kind “lamp” atmosphere. I personally recommend garlands with warm white light, but when ordering, you can choose either a single color or a multi-floral glow.

It is also worth noting that the LEDs on the garland are placed on a solid two-core copper wire, which is covered with a special waterproof insulation. The wire is really tough, thanks to which the garland can be shaped to any shape and can be easily fixed in the place you need.

Power supply

The battery container is made of transparent plastic; there is a special toggle switch on the box body for turning the garland on and off. In my case, the device is powered by three AAA batteries, but there are models that have a box for two batteries, it depends on the length of the garland you choose.


The use of this garland is limited only by your imagination, it can be used for its intended purpose: for installation on a Christmas tree, or for organizing any space in your house. Also, thanks to an autonomous power source, it can be used in a variety of New Year’s crafts. It should be noted that this type of garland is absolutely safe for children or animals, if the wire is damaged, there is no possibility of receiving an electric shock, and further problems associated with this. However, in this regard, the manufacturer, in my opinion, did not slightly modify the garland. To increase safety, it would be nice to fix the cover of the battery tray with a regular screw, so children would not be able to get the batteries out of it on their own. However, there is no such fixing screw on this garland.


In general, I am very pleased with the garland, it creates an excellent, festive glow and, despite its appearance, is quite durable. Based on the low price, I immediately purchased 5 garlands, and when unraveling one of them, I was able to make sure that it was really well made and, with proper use, could last more than one year. Also, I would like to classify the moment with the use of bladeless tension for humans and animals in the garland to its pluses. That’s probably all, you can find more interesting reviews in my blog on the site. Thank you for reading the post to the end.


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