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Review of Baseus Smart Eye Rechargeable Table Lamp With Warm / Cold Light & Dimming 2022. New Baseus Smart Eye table lamp in a metal case, with a built-in rechargeable battery, with a choice of glow color: warm / cold / combined light, as well as the possibility of smooth dimming with one touch. Touch control. The lamp is powered by a USB-C source, there is also a built-in battery for autonomous operation, which provides up to 13 hours of operation. Of the features – the presence of a light sensor for the adaptive brightness mode.

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Just the other day, an LED desk lamp from Xiaomi / Huawei ordered to live long (the line of LEDs flew out), and it was decided to look for something fresh and similar in characteristics, but without Wi-Fi. A quick search showed that not so many models are available, but the most interesting is the Baseus Smart Eye table lamp, which runs on a battery and allows you to gently dim the brightness of the glow. The lamp body and and the stand are made of metal, the hinges are metal and durable, which should show itself in the most positive way in the future.


Brand: Baseus
Model: Baseus Smart Eye Lamp
Type: Rechargeable Foldable Table Reading Lamp
Features: metal body, smooth dimming, brightness sensor.
Light: warm / cold 3000-6000K
Color rendering index: Ra> 95
Power: USB-C 5V
Battery: 2200mAh
Weight: about 500 g.

Supplied in original packaging – a large cardboard box. Mine was slightly crumpled upon delivery. The kit contains a fairly high-quality power cable (USB-C), as well as various documentation.

So that there are no questions from the user, there is a cardboard insert right on the working surface with a reminder of the lamp’s functionality: how to switch, how to dim, what modes the lamp provides. Information is provided in Chinese and English, but general points are best understood right away.

Some more detailed information, including a description of the design of the lamp, controls, modes of operation, as well as a list of the main characteristics can be found in the quick start guide. Information is also provided in English.

A massive metal stand holds the lamp securely in place. The total mass of the lamp is about 0.5 kg, with most of it being a stand. On the top panel of the stand there is a touch button for adjusting the operating modes, as well as a hole for the light sensor.

At the end of the stand there is a switch, with which you can activate or deactivate the mode of automatic adjustment of the brightness of the lamp glow. This “Smart” mode is linked to the light sensor located on the top panel.

The swivel joint of the lamp is metal, rather massive. The lamp turns with little effort, smoothly, with a fixation of the position. This arrangement turns out to be preferable, especially in view of the long period of operation. In addition, the aluminum housing has a positive effect on the removal of excess heat from the LED strips.

Assembly on special screws. Disassembling lamps for repair may require a large set of screwdrivers or special screwdrivers / bits. The inner part of the turning part is laser engraved with the designation of the model and its characteristics.

The plafond is wide and occupies almost the entire inner surface of the moving part of the lamp. In total, the lamp has 32 LEDs, some of which are white and some are warm.

The lamp folds and bends in a wide range of angles – there are no questions here. Another unobvious advantage of this lamp is that when folded, it is very compact, and practically does not take up space and does not interfere with the desktop.

The folded lamp fits into a laptop bag – quite a “travel” option. And it shines brightly and for a long time. By the way, the measurements of the operating time, which the manufacturer tells about (13 hours), are indicated for the minimum brightness mode. In the maximum brightness mode, the operating time is significantly reduced.

When the mixed glow mode is activated (the glow temperature is about 4000K), when both the LEDs of warm light and cold light work at once, individual brightness points are practically invisible. The plafond dissipates quite well.

In low brightness mode, you can see the individual brightness points of the LEDs. This creates a uniform light spot on the table or on the illuminated object.

Brightness measurements with a luxometer were shown in different modes:
– warm light about 800 Lux;
– cold light about 900 Lux;
– mixed light about 700 Lux.

In adaptive mode, the lamp can independently reduce the brightness relative to the surrounding background. Brightness adjustment is also done manually (up / down). The photo shows average brightness (about 500 Lux), and minimum for warm and cold light (140 and 120 Lux, respectively).

In the activated mode of automatic illumination control, the lamp independently (according to the sensor) adjusts the brightness of the glow, in the range from maximum to 500 lm. This method helps to preserve your eyesight, for example, when you are reading and dusk gradually comes – the lamp will increase the brightness gradually.

The light spot is wide, elongated in the direction of the lamp, the main light is under the lamp, there is a slight decrease in brightness at the periphery. But reading, drawing, writing is comfortable. The adaptive mode works, but I prefer to adjust it manually (almost always to 100%).

In the photo, warm / cold / mixed light at maximum brightness. As you can see, the brightness is enough for doing lessons, reading, etc. The battery allows you to place the lamp in a convenient place, without obstructing wires. Even reading on the couch is comfortable with a lamp like this.

All in all, the Baseus Smart Eye lamp is exactly what you need as a table lamp. With USB-C, with built-in battery for autonomous operation, with color and brightness control. The body is metal, the hinges are strong. Can be recommended for purchase.

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