Review Baseus Portable Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner

Today I propose to talk about the Baseus portable car vacuum cleaner 2022. This relatively new product of the already well-known brand is not intended for global cleaning of the car interior, but for local cleaning up after children with cookies, cleaning up fine litter, ventilation grilles, speaker grilles, etc. With a modest size, the vacuum cleaner has a large suction power and really copes with its range of tasks.

Review Baseus Wireless Car Vacuum Cleaner Portable Mini Small Handheld Auto Interior Vaccum Cleaner Cordless Dust Car Aspirador Hoover

To begin with, traditionally the characteristics:

Brand: Baseus

Type of device and scope: car vacuum cleaner / car, room
Output power: 65 W
Suction power: ≈ 4kPa

Runtime: ≈ 21 minutes

Charging time: ≈ 3.5 hours

Charging port: Type-C
Input current: DC 5V / 3A (max.)

Battery capacity: 11.1V / 2000mAh

Material: aluminum alloy + ABS

Color: Black / Shiny Silver

Dimensions, weight: 232 * 65 mm, 560 grams

Equipment: vacuum cleaner, crevice nozzle, brush, Type-C cable, case.

The commercial packaging of Baseus products is recognizable by the design in the corporate style and, as always, there is a loop for placing on the stands of retail chains. On the back of the cardboard box, the characteristics are indicated, and there is also a holographic sticker with a protective layer and a code under it to verify the authenticity of the product.

By the way, all Baseus products that I came across, except for the cardboard box, are protected from the difficulties of the road by additional plastic cases, and additional accessories are packed into a separate box.

As such, there are no instructions in the paper version. Instead, we see a plastic card with the method of operating the vacuum cleaner in pictures — a way of communicating information that is clear to everyone.

An additional cardboard box contains the brush, crevice tool, vacuum cleaner charging cord and carrying case for easy storage of the entire set.

The USB cable — Type C 1.2 meters long in a flexible sheath is not here for the sake of fashion trends — the current consumption of the vacuum cleaner during charging rises to almost 2.5 Amperes. This is worth remembering, because not every charge is suitable for this.

The length of the crevice tool is 23 cm, which can help in cleaning hard-to-reach places in the car.

In addition to the flat tube, the set includes a practical brush with bristles / bristles about 1.5 cm long. The bristles are of medium hardness, so you can not be afraid to spoil the finish in the car, but at the same time cleaning the seats will be effective. I tried the brush on the keyboard, velor seats, door upholstery and dashboard — where it is necessary to remove dust, and where it will remove larger debris without a trace.

Whatever one may say, the gadget turned out to be pretty. The middle part of the case is made of aluminum, which means the structure is strong and the insides are well protected. The color of the coating is more swampy or dark green than black, but whoever doesn’t like this color can choose a gadget with a silvery shiny look.

The hood covers the suction part of the structure, behind a plug with ventilation grilles.

The case diameter is only 65 mm, i.e. the gadget does not take up much space in a door pocket or glove compartment and it is quite possible to do without a handle.

This is the first time I see such an exact correspondence of the actual weight to the declared one).

Just above the plug with ventilation holes is the name of the manufacturer.

The vents are clean, with no traces of flash, and through them you can see the battery assembly of three 18650 pieces.

Type-C connector for charging batteries on the right side of the case, power button and battery level LEDs on the left.

The plastic cover of the vacuum cleaner is simply put on the container of the dust container, but it is fixed tightly enough.

Under the cover we see the front part of the vacuum cleaner made of transparent plastic. This is the reservoir, through the transparent walls of which you can always see how much debris has accumulated.

As it seems to me, the designers have spied on the appearance of the vacuum cleaner among the representatives of wildlife. It turned out interesting, futuristic and even funny.

A silicone shutter is installed “in the mouth” of the vacuum cleaner, which prevents debris from spilling out.

The dust collector here is small, you will have to clean it after each cleaning, but here there is a three-stage filter and, sucking in dust, the vacuum cleaner does not blow it out from the other side.

To remove the dust container, you need to turn it up, as indicated by the tip on the body of the vacuum cleaner.

Another grill is located inside in front of the fan.

The filter cartridge is easily removed from the dust container, without any fixation, but sits tightly, without gaps. Inside the dust container, you can see how the curtain is attached.

Thanks to the designers for doing without any fashionable HEPA, which either you won’t find in the afternoon with fire, or buy for a lot of money. Everything is more practical here.

The outer metal mesh traps large particles, hair, wool, etc. The foam pellet at the outlet retains dust residues.

And between them is a filter made of synthetic non-woven material.

The cartridge is equipped with a rubber skirt, dust cannot seep past the filter to the engine.

And all filter elements are washable!

The vacuum cleaner hums like an adult. It is quite comfortable in the hand, despite the lack of a handle, and half a kilogram is not a weight to get tired.

Large debris can be collected without attachments, the seats are easy to brush and hard-to-reach areas are easily accessible with the crevice attachment.



The tests were carried out on candy, a handful of rice and a pinch of flour. The vacuum cleaner does everything well. Flour, due to its properties, is not the easiest task for any vacuum cleaner, but with the help of a brush, no trace of flour remains.

It is very likely that the electronics of the vacuum cleaner are equipped with an air pressure sensor and when the air flow is weakened due to the filling of the dust container with debris, the electronics cuts off the power to the motor, preventing it from overheating. At this point, the vacuum cleaner is slightly warm and initially I thought it was due to the temperature sensor, but immediately after removing the dust container, the motor starts. Those. the matter is most likely still in the air flow pressure sensor.

Well, the function is extremely useful — stopping the engine, like an indicator of the full dust collector.

In total, the vacuum cleaner works for about 22 minutes on one charge. The time is not long, but if the interior of the car is kept clean, then local cleaning can be quickly performed on your own using this portable vacuum cleaner without the services of wired brothers.


After three and a half hours of charging, the vacuum cleaner is ready for use again.



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As a result, against the background of compactness, mobility and constant readiness for work, high suction power, convenient shape and build / performance quality, I did not find any drawbacks to an attractive design. It does not take up much space in the glove compartment, is always at hand and is always ready to help in cleaning the car interior. The absence of wires and compact dimensions make the vacuum cleaner convenient for cleaning even the ceiling of the car, even the carpet with upholstered seats. And in the house, a vacuum cleaner will help to quickly remove dust and fine debris from furniture, window sills and other surfaces.

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