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Automatic Dispenser for Soap from Aliexpress 2022: Review after 6 months. A very tenacious specimen! In fact, the dispenser has a regular lithium battery, but it really amazes me how long it lasts on a single charge. Moreover, this is a sensor model and the sensor consumes energy even in standby mode. Nevertheless, in my small family of 3 people, the dispenser has been working on a single charge for more than 6 months and apparently this is not the limit. I liked the dispenser so much that I recently bought another one that I put in the kitchen. This also prompted me to write a small review, because I want to share with you information about a successful model.

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And now a little background. I wanted to mean to buy myself a sensory liquid soap dispenser in my bathroom, or even better a dispenser that turns it into foam. I started reading reviews on various Mijia, Baseus and other brands and periodically came across reviews that these devices are dying almost in a month, and if you’re lucky, then 3. At the same time they cost a lot, but in fact, ordinary China … Then I decided to take something completely no-name, but much cheaper. See how it works and decide if my family needs such a device. I chose almost at random, guided by general positive reviews, the number of orders and a little on the appearance.

And in order not to drag out the intrigue, I will say that I really liked the dispenser. I charged it only once, the sensor works well, the foam is excellent. I am not picky about liquid soap, I tried the cheapest options from the supermarket and the consistency of the foam is always perfect. Now I already have two such dispensers at home, but I plan to order several more to give to my relatives for some holidays. Now let’s take a closer look at this miracle and analyze, of course …

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The box is quite ordinary, there is no information about the manufacturer, the usual no-name. The thickness of the cardboard leaves much to be desired, and in the reviews to the product, I met negative points due to damage to the goods on the way. Therefore, be sure to check the goods at the post office and preferably with video filming, then you will return the money without any problems if the device is damaged during delivery. In my case (both on the first order and on the second) the packaging was not even wrinkled. However, the quality of delivery has improved in recent years. At least I don’t see such trash as 5 – 7 years ago. Let’s continue, our model is shown on the box and it is indicated that the sensor responds quickly to movement, only a quarter of a second. It is not possible to check this, but the foam when approached is really instantaneous.

Another of the advantages are indicated: protection against splashes (it is logical for a device that lives near a tap with water) and a durable motor.

The kit included a micro USB cable for recharging and a simple instruction from which we can find out some of the characteristics, namely:

  • Model: P1
  • Rated power: 1.5W
  • Sensor response speed: 0.25 ms
  • Sensor sensing distance: 0 – 70 mm
  • Duration of foam creation: 1 s
  • Capacity: 350ml
  • Waterproof: IPX4

The design is interesting, will fit into any room. Green bought first (here) and it has been working for more than 6 months, white is newer and has been working for about 4 months. Since the soap has just run out in green, we will disassemble it today and see what and how.

How does it work? It’s very simple: bring your palm to the nose and get a portion of thick, airy foam.

The consistency may differ depending on the filled soap. I’ve noticed that cheaper soaps tend to be thinner than more expensive ones, but use one as well as the other. You cannot regulate the portion, it always gives the same.

In my opinion, this amount of foam is ideal for washing your hands normally.

The flask holds 350 ml of liquid. The soap should not be poured clean, but mixed with water: 1 part liquid soap for 2 parts water. It is convenient to do it according to the markup. Poured in 100 ml of soap and then another 200 ml of water. Then you need to mix thoroughly. I just shake it vigorously for 30 seconds.

The charging connector was placed at the top and closed with a plug.

The power button is on top, when pressed, it is highlighted. Press once – the dispenser turns off. Once again, it turns on. If you are leaving for a few days, then it is better to turn it off, because in the “standby mode” the sensor consumes a little charge.

The sensor is located just behind the spout in an intuitive place. Pull your hand to the nose and the sensor detects movement. Detection distance up to 7 centimeters. Neither more nor less – just right. If you want to wipe the area around the dispenser, this will not trigger it. And at the same time, you won’t have to wait long until the hand stops near the spout, the foam is already falling to its surface.

Inside there is a silicone tube with a nozzle for creating foam.

Passing through this nozzle, the soap miraculously turns into lather.

Be careful not to over-tighten the threaded container as it is quite fragile. Tightening more tightly, I heard a crunch and, as it turned out, tore off the thread. This did not affect the work, but the container with soap is now kept on parole. Here, if you pick out the rubber plugs with a needle, you can find screws. Of course we will disassemble the device, it’s interesting.

But I disassembled the other side by removing the top cover, which is fastened with snaps. From above, you can immediately see the board and the button, the body of which has already begun to be covered with corrosion. All the same, the humidity in the bathroom is high and the metal elements will inevitably rust.

The board is on the back side. The sensor, the “brains” are located here, and the battery and the engine are connected via two-pin connectors.

Rechargeable battery, size 18650, shrink-wrapped. When it fails, it will not be difficult to replace it yourself (if, of course, you have at least once held a soldering iron in your hands).

I ripped open the film, I thought I might see the manufacturer or some useful information. But no, the battery is unmarked. Judging by the fact that the dispenser has been foaming for 6 months, it is quite good.

And here is the block, which consists of an engine and a compressor part.

The electric motor is located at the bottom.

As it rotates, it moves the rubber membranes up and down, creating air pressure in the desired tubes.

This is actually all. Disassembly showed that everything was done quite well inside. The case is sealed and liquid does not get on the board, if necessary, replace the battery or carry out repairs – there should be no problems.

As you can see, no-name does not always mean something bad and of poor quality. Both dispensers work great and now I don’t even understand how I could do without these simple but very useful devices. The child also appreciated the foam and, according to my observations, began to wash his hands much more often, which I consider to be the main success.

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