Review 90Fun Umbrella with Flashlight

Review 90Fun umbrella with flashlight and reversible folding 2022.

Hello! In autumn, spring, and sometimes in winter, you need to take care of how not to get wet in inclement rainy weather. In this review, I will talk about an unusual automatic umbrella from 90Fun (part of the Xiaomi ecosystem). It differs from the usual one by an interesting folding system and the presence of a flashlight.

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The umbrella is delivered in a high-quality and quite gift box:

There are 2 colors of this model on sale: black and gray. I chose black:

You can see brief instructions on the tags. For some reason, some of the signatures turned out to be only in Chinese, and some also in English, although everything is clear from the pictures:

The umbrella, in size, I would not call compact, but I saw folding copies and larger:

Folded length is about 33cm:

Weight 411 grams:

Finally, Chinese brands have given up installing Velcro on the fixing bands that keep the umbrella dome folded up. This instance has a button!

On top of the dome, on the fixing plastic screw, the company logo:

Convenient length of handle (10 cm) and lanyard:

Grasping, suitable incl. for a wide arm:

The umbrella is fully automatic, the button for opening / closing the dome is moderately elastic: on the one hand, it is not pressed from accidental touch, on the other, you do not need to apply too much force to a whitened finger (there were some 🙂

An interesting feature of the umbrella is the built-in flashlight on the handle:

It is strange that they thought of this only now (or I have not met such before). The flashlight turns on by pressing the transparent part above the LEDs:

Press again to turn off the backlight:

The mini-flashlight is powered by two three-volt CR1632 batteries:

The flashlight is not super bright, but in the dark it can really come in handy: illuminate the road, not bump into an obstacle or fall into a puddle. Light spot diameter about 1m:

The dome is made of 210T nylon and has 8 spokes:

The spoke frame has a windproof design. There are return springs and additional stiffeners:

Frame materials: aluminum, fiberglass and stainless steel.

Everything is sewn neatly, extra threads do not stick out:

The dome diameter is 106cm, which is enough for 2 people:

Total height when unfolded is 63cm:

This is how a person looks underneath:

There are no problems with getting wet and withstanding the rain, the seams do not leak:

After “bathing”, just shake it and most of the drops roll off:

The umbrella folding mechanism is unusual, it is performed in the opposite direction compared to the usual ones:

When closed, the dome folds in such a way that the outer part, which was wet in the rain, turns out to be rolled inward, the ends of the spokes look up. As a result, when closing, the user does not get any water from the dome, which is especially important, for example, when getting into a car, when you close the umbrella at the last moment:

In addition, clothes will not get wet from him if you accidentally lean against you wet, and it is more convenient to dry it this way:

Generally, UMBRELLA 90FUN both externally and in use, it looks like a very worthy means of weather protection. Durable windproof construction, versatile width of the dome, high-quality workmanship and interesting features in the form of a flashlight and a reverse folding system make it a good option for purchase or as a gift. you can find an absorbent umbrella cover to carry it wet after rain without the risk of wetting your clothes and surrounding objects.

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