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Hello! An automobile compressor (it is, in common use, a “pump”) is a useful thing and, frankly, necessary for any motorist. It is better not to go without it, especially on long trips, this is a thing that can lie in the trunk for years, but at the right time it should be at hand and in good condition. One of the modern options for such devices, 70mai Lite pump, will be discussed in this review.

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The compressor is delivered in a small cardboard box:

If anyone does not know, the 70mai company specializes in the production of car accessories: video recorders , vacuum cleaners , pumps, etc., and has long won the recognition of buyers for high quality products and excellent characteristics of manufactured devices.

The overview compressor belongs to a new generation of similar devices; its design includes a digital display and push-button control. The main feature of the device is the ability to set the pressure value to which you need to inflate the wheel.

The kit includes the pump itself and instructions:

Note that the instruction is also in English.



  • Name: 70mai air compressor Lite
  • Model: MiDrive TP03
  • Working voltage: 12 volts
  • Current: 10A
  • Max pressure: 11Bar (160Psi)
  • Inflation rate: 25 liters / min
  • Size: 164x148x54mm
  • Operating temperature range: -20 +70 degrees Celsius
  • Continuous working time: 30 minutes

The device looks completely atypical for this type of device — in the form of a parallelepiped with rounded edges:

However, the design is quite functional, the wire and hose are “hidden” in the pump compartments specially designed for them:

The characteristics, rules of use and the optimal values ​​of pressure in PSI (psi) for different vehicles are indicated on the decal:

The cover at the bottom on the back side gives access to the wire, the hose connection, and also, to three replaceable nozzles:

Device dimensions, hose length (62cm) and wire (303cm):

Compared to a conventional pump:

Weight 753 grams:

On the top side there is an LCD display and four buttons:

There are ventilation holes on the sides (in this perspective it looks like some kind of TV box 🙂

To prepare the pump for operation, you need to remove the wire from its compartment …

… and unwind the hose, which, when folded, like a boa constrictor, is wrapped several times around the special stamping of the body:

I note that the wire, hose and shooter for the wheel nipple are made very high quality:

Hose and wire thickness:

The connector inserted into the “cigarette lighter”, of course, with a fuse:

If you need to pump up a boat, mattress, air bed or ball, you can use additional complete attachments:

In work

When switched on, the pump shows on the display the digits 0.00 and the unit of measurement (atmosphere):

If, before switching on, you screwed the fitting onto the wheel, and then connected the pump, then the pressure in it will be displayed. If necessary with the R button, you can change the pressure unit between BAR / KPA / PSI:

Using the central buttons + and — set the pressure value to which you need to inflate the wheel:

A few words about the display, it is bright with backlighting, the numbers are clearly visible from any angle:

After setting the desired inflation pressure, press the rightmost pump start button and it starts to work, after reaching the set figure, the pump automatically stops pumping.

As a test close to reality, without removing it from the car (a rather big crossover), I “blew off” an R18 wheel of radius:

I connected the pump, and began to measure the inflation time, putting a timer next to it:

Before the compressor inflated the wheel to one Atmosphere, it took 2 minutes and 17 seconds:

Up to two — a little over 5 minutes:

To the established 2.4 Atmospheres, the inflation time was 6 minutes 26 seconds.

I checked the pressure in the wheel with another pump, the pressure value matched:

I would like to note that during the pumping process the survey pump did not jump like a madman, but lay quietly in the same place, the sound of operation was even throughout the entire operation time, and there was no significant “strain” at high pressure. The noise level is the same as that of an ordinary pump, I would not call it quiet.

Finally, the “kid” will break. Inside, everything is very civilized and well assembled, nothing sticks out anywhere, all the details fit together perfectly.

When disassembling, I was surprised how compact everything inside is (even relative to the external size of the pump 🙂

Metal gearbox and pump:

The hoses are neatly clamped with coils of wire:

Electronic unit with display:

On the reverse side of the motor shaft, an impeller is installed for blowing the structure and protecting it from overheating:

In conclusion, I will say that COMPRESSOR 70MAI LITE, left a very positive experience . It is excellently made and assembled, it pumps well, there is a power reserve (unfortunately, it was not possible to check on a wheel from Kamaz, but I think it will be enough for most cars). A well thought-out design allows you to protect the cable and hose in the assembled “stowed” form from damage, do not get tangled, do not twist or accidentally jam the trunk door, but the function of setting the pressure to which you need to inflate the wheel is just chic 🙂

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