Portable electric mini-pump Giga Pump 2.0: a useful device from the Kickstarter platform

I came across the Giga Pump 2.0 mini pump on YouTube several times in various videos, and this device interested me. In a small case there is a pump and a flashlight. I need both, and therefore, having stumbled upon this pump on Aliexpress, I ordered it for myself. Having tested the pump in practice, I was satisfied with its work, and I can even recommend it for purchase. If you need a similar device. Well, the details of this wonderful device will be below.

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I’ll start my review, as it should be with the characteristics:

  • Name: Giga Pump 2.0
  • Size: 43*43*53mm
  • Weight: 89gr.
  • Power: 13.5W
  • Pump capacity: 180l/min
  • Inflation pressure: 3.5kPa
  • Descending pressure: 3kPa
  • Battery capacity: 1300mAh
  • Compression ratio: 50%
  • Working Time/Lumens:
  • 40lm – 10h
  • 160lm – 2.5h
  • 400lm – 1h
  • Color temperature: 4500K (white)
  • Charging type: Type-C port
  • The pump is delivered in a small beautiful box, which indicates what exactly is inside, as well as the characteristics of the device:

    The kit consists of the pump itself, as well as insctions, a USB cable and several nozzles of various sizes, which are placed in a dense fabric bag:

    The nozzles in the kit are designed to inflate various inflatable boats, balls, mattresses, etc. Therefore, they have different sizes.

    All nozzles are made of plastic, and one of the nozzles is silicone, it is needed if other nozzles do not fit in diameter, and also in order to draw air out of the same mattress as an example.

    There is also an insction in English in the kit, which indicates the main characteristics, and also describes what to connect to what and how to turn on the pump in flashlight mode and in pump mode:

    Now consider the mini pump itself.

    The first thing you notice is, of course, the size. He’s really small. Total 43*43*53mm. In the hands, it is almost not felt.

    The pump housing is made of good quality plastic. There is a name on the side. There is also a Type-C port on the side through which the built-in battery is charged. There is a small hole next to the port, inside of which there is a charging indicator LED:

    On top there is a metal loop and an air intake hole through which the fan is visible. And yes, the pump is driven by a fan, and not by another type of pump or pump:

    By the way, a metal loop can be useful both for hanging the pump in flashlight mode above the table, and it can also be hung on a backpack strap:

    And below there is a transparent insert, under which there are LEDs, and also a power button is built into the plastic ring:

    Pump control is quite simple. In order to turn on the air supply, you need to press the button twice. Pressing the button again will turn off the pump. In order to turn on the flashlight, you need to hold down the button. Subsequent presses switch the glow modes.

    The flashlight always turns on in the minimum mode, and then by pressing the button again, you can turn on the medium and brightest modes. The next press of the button turns off the flashlight. Well, I’ll immediately show you how the built-in flashlight shines. To do this, at the dacha, he went out onto the roadway and in complete darkness tried to illuminate the street:

    I think it is immediately clear from the photographs which mode is which. At the lowest brightness mode, it is enough to, for example, illuminate the road, or hang a flashlight on a table or in a tent. And if you need more light, just turn on the brighter mode. Well, since I’m talking about the fact that the lantern is great for lighting the road, here’s another example of work. With such a flashlight, it’s really convenient to walk in the dark in the country to the far area where the treasured little house is located:

    The photo was taken on the phone, and in this example it seems to me that the brightness is slightly overestimated. But in general, the brightness of the flashlight, even at the minimum level, is enough to calmly see the road and all surrounding objects. Well, plus you can put it on the table, cover it with a transparent glass and get excellent light for eating in the dark. By the way, if we talk about the time of work, then it corresponds to the declared one. In addition, the flashlight works without problems during charging, so if you have a power bank, you can get a really long operating time, which will be calculated in tens of hours in any of the modes.

    Now I’ll tell about pump operation.

    As I wrote above, the pump here is implemented through an impeller. This means that much pressure cannot be obtained in this device. This means, for example, they cannot inflate balloons, or inflate a boat / mattress to the point that it is straight elastic. The pump is more suitable for inflating small mattresses, preparing inflatable boats, inflating balls. But finally they will have to be pumped up by a more powerful device. But even in this case, the pump is convenient, as it saves a lot of time.

    In order to show how the pump works, I took my small car air mattress. It has a small volume and two compartments. The first and main compartment is a flat bottom that rests on the back seat in the car. And the second compartment is inflatable legs that fill the leg niche and make a kind of sleeping place out of the rear sofa of the car. The th is not very big. Well, in addition, I often use this air mattress just as a mattress for anything where you need it to be soft.

    I used to inflate this mattress with a frog pump from a boat. It was not very convenient, and most importantly long enough. That’s why the Giga Pump was bought. The mattress does not have a standard inflation valve, but one of the nozzles fit almost perfectly:

    e, due to the fact that both the nozzle and the valve are plastic here, it was not possible to ideally fix the pump on the valve. I had to hold it with my hand.

    I press the button twice and the pumping process starts. The noise level and speed can be estimated on this video with a demonstration (be careful, the sound can be loud):

    It took the pump about a minute to inflate the mattress. If I had pumped him up with a frog, then I would have stood and stomped on it twice as long.

    I also want to note that one of the most useful nozzles is silicone. It can be folded, or vice versa, pulled over the valve, and this makes this nozzle the most versatile. Well, if you can’t pick up a nozzle, there is always the opportunity to use electrical tape (necessarily blue). We take a nozzle larger than the valve, and wind the tape until the pump nozzle and valve are tightly connected. And we pump what we need to pump.

    By the way, with the help of a silicone nozzle, you can not only inflate various objects, but also pump out air. By connecting the nozzle on top of the pump. This feature is useful for pumping air out of vacuum bags or self-inflating mattresses. Well, the same boat or a ball or an inflatable circle can be lowered quickly enough, without a long wait until the air comes out by itself.

    Additionally, I tried this pump on pumping a small PVC boat Seahawk 2, but for some reason I can’t find a video and photo of this process, and it’s not possible to go to the reservoir again. The pump did a pretty good job of pumping. It took me about 5 minutes to pump up all three compartments of the boat. The pumping density, of course, was not ideal, and I had to pump it up with a frog, but it is much better and faster than pumping the entire volume of cylinders from the boat from scratch.


    Despite the fact that summer has not yet begun, and I have not yet gone out for a long weekend in nature, I still managed to test the GIGA Pump 2.0 mini pump in action. Although not complete, I can already draw some conclusions:

    First, it really does what it claims to do. Despite the fact that it looks like a device from a store on the couch (I think we all know Jesus’ rag), this pump can really inflate a boat or a mattress, well, as a flashlight it is quite good, besides, with its help you can not only inflate various inflatable

    Secondly, it is very compact, and even in a case with nozzles it takes up very little space. So you can safely take it with you even on hiking trips and pump it up, for example, a small mattress.

    Thirdly, this mini pump is universal, as it combines two devices at once.

    And fourthly, and this is the most important. With this pump, you can not only pump up mattresses, but you can also inflate coals for barbecue. By the way, I also tried this function, it blows perfectly. But the th is that sparks fly strongly, since the air flow is large.

    e, there are some features:

    It is worth noting the design of the pump itself. It is made on the impeller, and has no valves. And this means that they will not be able to pump up the boat to the finished state, or, for example, a balloon. In the case of the boat, we simplyn into pressure from within the boat. Well, the balls simply do not have valves, and the air will exit through the impeller due to the elasticity of the inflated ball.

    Summing up, I can recommend the GIGA Pump 2.0 for purchase. But only on condition that you really need a gadget with similar functionality. I am personally satisfied with the purchase.

    Well, if you liked the device, I want to note that now it has a good discount. The final price is only $22.54. And if you take two mini pumps, you can get a $1 coupon and a -5% discount on the price, which makes the purchase even more profitable.

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