Plumbing from Aliexpress? Easily! Overview of the Frap F4352-7 kitchen faucet with drinking and filtered water

Finishing repairs in my apartment, I was faced with horse mark-ups for faucets in local stores. In this regard, it was decided to pay attention to online stores, in one of which he would find the best option for a kitchen faucet. Based on the title, you probably guessed that the choice fell on Aliexpress. And as a manufacturer, time-tested Frap.

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Usually, the choice of a mixer is determined by the place of its installation. For example, having a large sink, I could afford a long ebb. The color scheme in the form of a black faucet was also not chosen by chance and matched the color of the sink. I have no complaints about Frap plumbing, their rain shower and a couple of faucets work for a long time and do not cause trouble. Therefore, the choice of the manufacturer was obvious. It remains only to choose a specific model.

Factory packaging

Like every other product from Frap, their kitchen faucet comes in branded packaging. On the side there is a marking table and a mixer model. Thanks to the latter, you can find this mixer in any convenient store. It was more profitable for me to buy on Aliexpress than to buy in local plumbing stores.

The kitchen faucet itself is placed in a special foam substrate, so it arrives safe and sound. The set includes all necessary accessories for connecting the faucet to drinking water, with the exception of accessories related to filtered water. Therefore, after buying a mixer, you need to buy a tee for cold water, an additional hose for the filter and the filter itself with a flask.

The insction is English-language and describes the connection process.


I liked the Frap F4352-7 model with smooth edges and workmanship (before buying, I went to see it live, but did not buy it because of the overpriced offline). Therefore, having chosen a store with good reviews and delivery from the English Federation, I began to wait for my order.

This faucet is made entirely of brass, as evidenced by small oxides on the inside, unpainted side of the body. Taking the mixer in hand, you immediately feel a considerable weight of 1752 grams. Mixer dimensions – 350*250*45mm.

The hoses are connected using flexible connections with M10 thread. For ease of connection, I will use extension tubes.

When installing the faucet with the logo against the wall, we get a handle for filtered water on the left side. This is quite convenient and familiar, rather than adjusting the supply of drinking water with your left hand. The angle of rotation of the handle for filtered water is 90 degrees. To access the ceramic faucet box, you must remove the chrome cover and use the hexagon. All this is done easily and in the future maintenance will not cause problems.

A similar situation with a ceramic cartridge (type 35mm) is located under the right hand, where the drinking water supply handle is located. To access this unit, you must remove the chrome insert with the designation of cold and hot water. You can purchase spare 35mm cartridges from Frap at this link.

The spout is swivel and can rotate around its axis by 360 degrees. For its extraction and revision, a collapsible connection is provided, which is also held on a hex screw.

At the end of the spout there are a pair of aerators with bevels for unscrewing and further revision. The diameter of the aerators differs in favor of drinking water rather than filtered. Metal nets are provided under each nozzle.

To fix the faucet on the sink, a factory mount is provided, which is a flared thread with abber gasket and a brass nut.

The assembly procedure is elementary, we screw the side with a small amount of thread into the faucet body, install the chrome ring on a pre-prepared hole in the sink and fix it on the reverse side with a brass nut. To work with a complete thread, I recommend using an adjustable wrench or, as it is called in the common people, “pikes”.

By the way, this ring is made of chrome and is the most foreign object in the mixer. It is not entirely clear why it was impossible to make a ring in the color of the mixer.

Soap dispenser

When buying a Frap F4352-7 kitchen faucet, the seller puts a Frap Y35001 liquid soap dispenser as a gift, which must be embedded into the sink body. This is a fairly convenient and minimalistic solution, as for me. The dispenser itself comes in color to the faucet and comes in an unmarked cardboard box.

The interior decoration is not much different from the mixer itself and is made at a high level. The dispenser kit consists of the dispenser itself and the soap container. When buying a dispenser separately, you will have to pay ~ 1300 ***, so seeing it as a gift is quite nice.

The dispenser consists of several parts: a body with a nut for fixing on the sink, the dispenser itself with a pump, an extension tube for the reservoir. If the body with the nut is made of plastic, then the dispenser with spout is completely made of stainless steel, painted with powder paint. Weight dispenser without tank ~ 173 grams. Dimensions – 300*D57mm.

To install the dispenser in the sink, you need to prepare a hole with a diameter of 35mm. Then install the case with the reservoir and place the dispenser itself in it. For subsequent filling of the tank, it is enough to remove the dispenser itself and pour the detergent into the housing. The length of the dispenser spout is 80mm, so the installation means in close proximity to the edge of the sink.

Unlike the faucet, the soap dispenser is finished in a solid matte black color. If you believe the reviews, then the paint is of high quality and will not peel over time.


The manufacturer provides for a full cycle of connecting a kitchen faucet to tap water, with the exception of installing a filtration system. Therefore, in the kit you can see 3 flexible connections 1/2 “M10. Their color designation makes it easy to figure out the correct connection to hot water, cold water and filtered water. The latter has a special nozzle for installing a plastic tube inside. This is of little interest to me, so this the nozzle was removed to the far shelf, since the second end of the hose will be connected to the filter housing using a 1/2” to 1/2” threaded barrel.

The process of connecting all communications is quite elementary and I will not paint it. The only thing to consider is the way the filter is attached to the wall.


After installing the Frap F4352-7 kitchen faucet, it is necessary to spill a couple of liters of filtered water in order to remove the thin foam. This is the norm and a common occurrence when replacing the filter element (a filter of different hardness is installed inside the flask, depending on the quality of your water). You should not worry about this, so draining the foam, you can use the mixer to the fullest. The water pressure from the aerator with filtered water is much less and this is normal.

With such an arrangement of the faucet as mine (if you installed the faucet with the marking in the front, then this is wrong), the drinking water handle delivers hot water parallel to the spout. When it deviates to the wall, the supply of cold water opens. A gas boiler is installed in my apartment and I had to get used to adjusting the pressure of hot water so that the boiler would not fade.

What I liked the most was the almost complete match of the color of the faucet to the color of the sink and even the speckled pattern. And due to the fact that the spout can rotate 360 ​​degrees, it can be turned to the wall so that it does not interfere. The liquid soap dispenser issue remains open while I’m looking for an appropriate pen drill. In the near future I plan to close this issue as well, since minimalism in the kitchen is what we are striving for.


Having ordered the Frap F4352-7 kitchen faucet on Aliexpress, I was satisfied with the price, quality and an additional gift, for which I would pay separately in a local store. The mixer itself in the shops of my city costs about 7 thousand ***, if you agree, you can get an additional 5% discount. But even taking this into account, the final cost of the mixer significantly loses the price tag on Aliexpress (the cost at the time of my payment was 5,461.13 ***). There are no complaints about the quality, as well as doubts about the long time of work (I remind you that plumbing from Frap is already used in the apartment and has not required maintenance over the past 3 years). Therefore, before buying your favorite kitchen faucet or bathroom faucet, look at the cost in the official Aliexpress store and you may save a lot. And thanks to the delivery from the English Federation, you won’t have to wait long for your order!

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