Philips Sonicare 2 Review Handle Toothbrush

Review of Philips Sonicare 2 Series Electric Toothbrush Plaque Control HX6930/6920/6980. Good day to all, I have long considered the option of switching from a manual toothbrush to an electric one. After the last visit to the dentist and payment of a very round check, it was decided to finally purchase the monitored device. Today in the review I will introduce you to Philips HX6231 / 01 electric toothbrush and tell you about the pros and cons of it, pleasant reading.

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A type sound
Nozzles included one
Pens included one
Number of operating modes one
Modes of operation daily cleaning
Maximum speed 31,000 pulsations per minute
Nutrition from battery
Battery life 56 minutes
Charging time 48 h
Width 116 mm
Height 245 mm
Depth 62 mm
Weight 300 g
Additionally rubberized power switch, removes plaque, Quadpacer timer, Smartimer timer


The brush is packed in a dense cardboard box, which shows the toothbrush itself, the main characteristics in different languages, and the complete set.

The set includes the toothbrush itself, one replaceable nozzle, a docking station, a hygienic travel cap and a lot of waste paper in 16 languages ​​(English and Ukrainian are present).


Philips Sonicare ProResults brush head

The bristles on the nozzle are made of high quality, all the villi smoothly move from one level to another, which increases the surface to be treated. The villi themselves are of medium hardness, quite thick. The blue villi fade and brighten as they wear out, signaling that the attachment has changed.

Travel cap

The cap is made of durable plastic, there are projections inside for fixing to the head.

Dock station

The docking station is made of white plastic with the Philips logo on the front side.

The docking station has a declared protection against moisture of the ipx7 standard. In the base, the brush stands confidently, does not overlap or stagger. It takes about 48 hours to fully charge the brush; one charge lasts 13-15 days. The docking station is connected to a power source through an outlet. On the bottom of the docking station there are rubber pads that fix it well on the sink, preventing it from floating. There are no contacts on the dock, indicating wireless charging.


On top of the handle there is a metal rod on which the nozzle is installed by ordinary pressure, and removed by the usual pulling up, the nozzle is held confidently.

Buy Philips Sonicare 2 Handle Toothbrush on Aliexpress

The handle is made of plastic, pleasant to the touch. For control, a single button on the handle, highlighted in turquoise, is used.

On the lower part of the front side of the handle there is a battery charge indicator, which has only 2 color indicators. Yellow indicates a low charge level, and green, on the contrary, indicates a high one. When the charge drops to less than 10%, a beep sounds and the indicator flashes amber.

There are raised circles on the back of the handle for a more secure grip on the brush.

Below there are holes for fixing the brush on the docking station.


This brush cannot boast of various operating modes, there is only one here, but despite the lack of a choice of modes, the brush has a number of functional abilities.

Quadpacer Is a timer that reminds you every 30 seconds to change the cleaning of the oral cavity area. The signal is given by a short beep and a slight pause of the brush. This timer does not cause any discomfort when brushing your teeth.

Smartimer – automatic shutdown of the toothbrush at the end of the cleaning cycle. Shutdown occurs after 4 cycles, each of which lasts 30 seconds.

Easy-start – a gradual increase in cleaning power during the first 14 applications. This functional ability allows you to gradually get used to the electric brush.

Brush at work

After the first use with the Easy-start function on, there was a slight discomfort. Due to the frequent vibrations, the villi strongly tickled the gums and tongue. The vibration of the brush is slightly felt by the hand, there is slight discomfort if the plastic part accidentally touches the teeth. Over time, of course, you get used to all of this. It is necessary to brush your teeth with sonic brushes without pressure, otherwise the cleaning effect deteriorates. The vibrations are quite strong, in the photo the edges of the glasses were initially dry.


Great electric brush, no extra bells and whistles. Brushing your teeth has become easier and better, I applied the paste and took it back and forth. The brush copes with the work with a bang, removes plaque without problems. For six months of use, nothing arose, except for cleaning the gap between the nozzle and the handle, but this is a problem with all brushes of this type.


– Ergonomics

– Excellent cleaning

– Easy to use

– Holds charge for a long time


– Expensive original attachments

– Long charge

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