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Review of Panasonic HHLT0241 Night Light With Motion Sensor & Flashlight 2022. On AliExpress, equipment is sold not only of purely Chinese brands, but also of well-known brands, for example, Panasonic. Moreover, there are models of devices that are not on sale with us. One such device – an unusual 2-in-1 Panasonic HHLT0241 rechargeable night light with a motion sensor and a flashlight will be discussed in this review.

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The lamp is delivered in a sturdy cardboard box. The printing is very laconic:

In addition to the nightlight-flashlight itself, the package contains a microUSB charging cable. Instructions, for some reason, no:

The device is an oblong cylinder with an oval “donut hole”, which is exactly the luminous element of the night light, as well as a carrying handle in case of using the device as a flashlight:

On the side there is a light and motion sensor (infrared):

The luminaire stands steadily on a horizontal surface with a flat end from below …

… on which the second light element is located – a flashlight, covered with a ribbed lens:

There is also a three-position switch for the night light, which can work in ON mode, i.e. permanently on or AUTO, when the night light reacts to illumination and the presence of movement in the “field of view” of the motion sensor. The night light uses 16 COB LEDs, and the flashlight LED consumes 1.3W:

In addition, at the end under the sticker, there is a powerful enough magnet that allows you to use the device as a not very bright light source, magnetising it to the nearest metal surface. Ruler 60cm long, easily held by a magnet:

The button for turning on the flashlight (on the end) is located on the side, next to the connector covered with a silicone pad:

The shape of the device is comfortable enough to use the lamp as a regular flashlight:



In the night light mode, the device shines with diffused light with a color temperature of 3000K, which is very close to the illumination of an incandescent light bulb. No flicker:

In this mode of light, it gives quite enough so as not to fill cones in the dark. With this shape of the luminous element, the areas in front and behind the device are illuminated, and the side sectors remain in the twilight:

However, in this mode it can also be used as a dim flashlight:

When switching to AUTO mode, the night light starts to turn on in the dark for movement at a distance of about 2 meters and works for 30 seconds if it no longer detects it. The sector of the “view” of the sensor is about 100 degrees.

Adheres firmly to metal surfaces:

As for the flashlight, I can say that it is quite bright for everyday life. Color temperature 6500K, which corresponds to a cold shade:

The lighting angle is wide enough:

The lamp can work simultaneously in both modes – night light and flashlight:

When charging, a red LED is on under the plastic case, which turns off when charging is complete:

The battery capacity of 3.7V in the luminaire is small, about 270mAh, but considering the modest demands of lighting elements, it is quite sufficient. Working time in night light mode is about 18-20 hours; in flashlight mode ~ 4 hours; in the mode when both light sources are on for up to 3 hours.

Charging is carried out with a current of 0.4A and takes just under an hour:

The casing of the device is latched … let’s take a look inside:

The soldering is of sufficient quality, on the right you can see a small cone of the flashlight reflector:

The LED boards are closed from the outside with a black tape so that the luminous flux is not scattered and the light can be seen strictly through the translucent oval “donut”:

In general, the thing is quite convenient as a versatile portable home or outdoor lighting device. The assembly is of high quality, the functionality is interesting, it shines quite well.

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