Overview of the waterproof smart socket Hiper Panel E02

Elements of a “smart home” are in demand not only inside the dwelling itself, but also on the territory adjacent to it, for example, in a veranda, in a bathhouse or in a parking lot of a country house. With the help of smart devices, it is convenient to control external lighting, watering plants, etc. One such device, a smart socket protected from water by Hiper Panel E02, will be discussed in this review.

The device is delivered in a dense box in the brand colors of the Hiper brand:

The kit includes a double socket and insctions:

The device is quite large, the case is made of durable gray plastic:

There are really no open holes where precipitation could seep through. Even the on / off buttons of the sockets are touch-sensitive and form a single whole with the body without any joints and gaps:

The power cable is thick in good insulation, length 50cm.

The cable entry into the housing is protected by an additional element from its fracture and protection against moisture ingress. Nearby is a loop for the ability to hang a socket:


  • Waterproof: IP55

  • Load power: up to 3600W

  • Max current: 16A

  • Wireless control: Wi-Fi 2.4GHz, IEEE802.11b/g/n

  • Device size:

    The weight:

    The nest of each socket is tightly closed with a large silicone plug tightly fitting to the body:

    A grounding contact is present in the sockets:

    The stubs themselves will not be lost anywhere, because. fixed on the body with tongues:

    The sockets are deep, the plug is inserted tightly into the socket.

    Next to the block of buttons under the plastic case are LEDs. Green between the buttons indicates that the device is connected to Wi-Fi (constantly on when there is a network connection and blinking when not).

    Blue lights up when the socket for which the button is assigned is on. The touch buttons themselves are sensitive, they always work the first time.

    To connect the device to your home Wi-Fi network, you need to install the proprietary application “Hiper IoT” for iOS or Android on your smartphone or tablet. When the outlet is connected to the electrical network, if it has not been connected to Wi-Fi before, the green LED starts flashing and it is ready for pairing (if a reset is required, you need to hold the touch button of one of the outlets for several seconds). There are two options for adding a device to the smart home app: you can select an outlet from the list in the Sockets section of the app, or you can automatically scan nearby devices. At the moment, Hiper already has a fairly large selection of various smart sockets.

    Smart home devices work only in a 2.4GHz network, in addition, it is highly desirable that during installation the device being added is located not very far from the router. When adding, prompts are given at each stage of the installation, everything is clear and simple.

    After the device is added, it appears in the list of smart devices (if they are already in your smart home system), you can assign any name to it, add it to one or another “room”, etc.

    You can manage both from the main menu “My Home” of the application, and by going into the control interface of the device itself. The My Home menu displays icons for both sockets that you can press to turn them on and off and see the on or off status.

    But the control interface of this device itself is very concise, and the display shows only one outlet socket that can be controlled (left), it turns on and off by clicking on the outlet image. To control the second socket, you need to go to the “settings” and its switch is already there. A very strange decision, it will probably be changed in future versions of the application.

    The socket can be added to smart home scenarios, set work timers. Moreover, you can set scripts for both sockets separately.

    Hiper also works with the voice assistants Alice, Msya, Siri, Salyut, etc.

    These systems integrate seamlessly with the “smart home” from Hiper IoT.

    Although I note that when integrating this device, there are still some rough edges. For example, having checked the work with “Alisa”, it turned out to control only one socket of the Hiper Panel E02, because the voice assistant perceives it as a single socket. Voice commands on / off are processed correctly, you can set timers, turn on by time, etc.

    As for the operation of the outlet with the declared load (3.6 kW), I checked it with the simultaneous connection of two vacuum cleaners (2 and 1.5 kW). We worked at full power for about 5 minutes, the socket was slightly warm, the cable did not heat up.

    You can get additional information, download insctions and find out where the HIPER Panel E02 smart socket is available for purchase on the official website HERE

    In general, the device is very useful, especially in the garden, when increased protection against splashes and precipitation is required. Good workmanship,gged design, Wi-Fi control.

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