Oppo Enco W51 Review Wireless Headphones

Review Oppo Enco W51 Wireless Headphones 2022.

Greetings! I present a small review on the advanced model of the Enco W51 wireless True TWS headphones from OPPO 2022. These headphones are equipped with touch control, proximity sensor, excellent noise cancellation and IP54 protection.

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A very interesting model from OPPO is the Enco W51 wireless headphones. You can buy it both on the official website, from retailers, and you can also get it as a gift with OPPO smartphones.

Headphone specifications:
Brand: OPPO
Model: Enco W51
Type: wireless Bluetooth headphones
Protection: IP54 dust and water protection
Features: Sound quality compensation algorithm
Noise reduction: yes, Noise reduction up to 35dB, three levels of adjustment
Control: touch, touch, sensor approximation.
Charging: USB-C, Qi wireless charging supported

Supplied in a compact white package with charging case, documentation, cable and ear pads.

Key features are indicated on the packaging. Separately, I will highlight the possibility of recharging from wireless devices according to the Qi standard.

User manual in English, the main points of use and synchronization are given.

Charging case in white glossy plastic with rounded edges.

On the top cover there is an OPPO inscription.

Inside there is a bed for headphones (the right / left earphone is different), the contacts are spring-loaded, the fit is clear.

The headphones are equipped with a special optical proximity sensor that pauses or activates playback.

Touch control, no buttons, light touch.

Comes with a short USB-C charging cable to recharge the case.

There is an indication during recharging (LED next to the connector).

There are 4 sizes of ear cushions included: XS / S / M / L, size M is already installed.

Special metal mesh protects the headphones from getting dust and small particles inside the headphones.

To test the fit, I use a pair of trophy ears that are anatomically similar to the real ones.

The headphone housing fits entirely into the auricle, with the exception of the oblong part.

When installed, the proximity sensor is triggered. Control — by touching the outer part of the case.

When connected, the headphones are displayed as “OPPO Enco W51”. Tested with various smartphones, including OPPO Reno 4 Pro 5G , OPPO Reno 4 Lite , OPPO A53 and OPPO A9.

I note that when you open the case, the headphones are automatically connected to the smartphone. You don’t even need to remove the headphones themselves for this.

Screenshots of headphone settings. Please note that a detailed setting of pressing functions is available, and it is also possible to update the headphone firmware (!).

OPPO Enco W51 wireless headphones sit very comfortably in the ears, they do not feel discomfort during prolonged listening, do not interfere with active turns and tilts of the head. There is no noticeable delay in sound when playing from various sources, and the sound is also not interrupted by active movements of the head or when putting the smartphone in a pocket or bag. It turned out to be a very convenient function with a pause in sound when one earbud is removed from the ear — the proximity sensor is triggered and playback is paused. In terms of sound, the headphones are pretty good for their value. Detailed high frequencies are also heard, there is a share of low frequencies, without distortions. It is possible to customize the sound as you wish, improve the sound quality. Podcasts, YouTube videos, as well as audiobooks it is very pleasant to listen to — in these cases it makes sense to activate the noise reduction system and turn off the equalizers and sound enhancements. The sound of the voice becomes natural. The same applies to the use of OPPO Enco W51 headphones as a talking headset. The interlocutor hears me normally, and, accordingly, I hear everything clearly with the noise.

Thus, I liked the headphones. I also liked the level of ergonomics of headphone control — the presence of sensors, automation (pause when removing, connecting when opening the case), setting up double and triple taps, and the ability to update the firmware. I note that they can be found not only in retail and online stores, but also as a nice bonus for OPPO smartphones, for example, for the OPPO Find X2 model. Of course, it’s up to you to take it or not. Well, you can find other tests and reviews of gadgets, as well as selections of equipment, at the links below and in my profile.

That’s all for me. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments below the article. Happy shopping everyone!

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