OnePlus Buds Z Review

Review OnePlus Buds Z Wireless Headphones: Interesting Novelty 2022

Review of interesting Buds Z wireless headphones from OnePlus. Sound, bass, body, battery life — these are the best aspects of this model. You can immediately see that these are branded, high-quality headphones. OnePlus smartphone owners will be pleasantly surprised by the additional functionality.

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So, the OnePlus Buds Z wireless headphones are a similarly functional model from OnePlus. There is also a quick connection when opening the case, a pause when ejecting, adjusting the sound, etc.

Headphone specifications:
Brand: OnePlus
Model: Buds Z
Type: wireless Bluetooth headphones
Type of Bluetooth codecs: AAC and SBC
Protection: IP55 moisture protection
Control: touch, touch, proximity sensor.
Battery capacity (for one earbud) 40 mAh
Talk time: up to 3 hours
Playback time: up to 5 hours
Operating time with recharging from case (total): up to 20 hours
USB Type-C case charging connector
Case battery capacity 450 mAh
Support for fast charging: Yes, 10 minutes of charging is enough for 3 hours

Headphones are delivered in bright white and red packaging, with the corporate logo “1+”.

Package contents: headphones, charging case, user manual, silicone pads x 3 (S, M, L), USB Type-C charging cable.

The OnePlus Buds Z Wireless Headphones are stylish in-ear headphones in a white finish.

The case is “anatomical”, so to speak. Each earphone has its own cradle, including a stamp on the lid, which ensures that the earbuds are securely pressed to the charger contacts.

The charging contacts are located at the bulge, and the proximity sensor is located next to it.

There are several microphones — not only the conversational headset works, but also noise cancellation.

The flat part serves not only as a design element, but also as a touch button.

A small mesh protects the driver from dirt. Combined ear pads — there is a soft part to isolate sounds, and a dense silicone insert for the size of the ear canal. Only three pairs of ear pads (S, M, L), for different sizes.

The kit includes a proprietary red and white USB-C cable for charging the case. Owners of 1+ should recognize the charging cable (unless the length is short — about 30 cm).

Included with the headphones was a selection of instructions with information on connection and use. Please note that to connect the headphones for the first time, you need to press the button on the back of the case. The next connections will be automatic.

By the way, there is an option in the lot; when buying, you can choose an additional protective silicone case for the case.

It is an outer cover made of thick enough silicone, the top cover is installed on double-sided tape, there is a small carabiner. In such a case, it is more convenient to carry headphones with you without fear of scratching or staining the white case.

The case supports fast charging — you can recharge it in just a few minutes, this will give an additional 2–3 hours of work. Conveniently.

Headphones paired with a smartphone are connected automatically when the case is opened. Visible in the system as “OneOlus Buds Z”. Front panel indication: green ready (connected). If you hold down the button, they switch to pairing mode — a white indication.

Here’s the same button on the back of the case, next to the USB-C charging port.

The headphones are quite advanced. It is possible to update the firmware. To do this, download the HeyMelody app from Google Play.

Screenshots of the connected headphones (you can turn the option on or off separately), as well as screenshots of the firmware from the application.

Frequency response measurements show a slight rise in the low frequencies — these headphones have pronounced bass, especially when compared to the OPPO Enco W51. The rest of the sound is quite decent.

As for the fit in the ears, the earbuds completely fit into the auricle, with the exception of the elongated part, are tightly fixed. Soft ear pads isolate sound quite well.

The headphones do not fall out when tilted, do not create discomfort during long listening. Very comfortable. When you remove the earbud, playback is paused (automatically).

The OnePlus Buds Z headphones liked the controls, as well as the ability to customize the clicks. By default, one press switches the track, there is a double tap and so on. When you remove the earpiece from your ear, playback is paused. There are settings to improve the sound (adds low frequencies). There is no noticeable delay in sound when playing from various sources, and the sound is not interrupted by active movements of the head or when putting the smartphone in a pocket or bag. I liked the feature, when you open the case, they immediately connect, the music immediately starts playing. Very convenient. OnePlus Buds Z wireless earbuds sit very comfortably in the ears, they do not feel discomfort during prolonged listening, do not interfere with active turns and tilts of the head. As for the sound, the headphones are quite good for their value. The high frequencies are also heard, the low frequencies are amplified, the sound is rich and detailed. The same applies to the use of OnePlus Buds Z earphones as a talking headset. The interlocutor hears me normally, and, accordingly, I hear everything clearly. Thus, I liked the headphones. Of course, it’s up to you to take it or not. Well, you can find other tests and reviews of gadgets, as well as selections of equipment, at the links below and in my profile. to take or not — you decide. Well, you can find other tests and reviews of gadgets, as well as selections of equipment, at the links below and in my profile. to take or not — you decide.

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