Oclean X Pro Elite Edition Electric Toothbrush Review

Review of Oclean X Pro Elite Edition toothbrush is one of the most modern on the market today 2022. The brush is equipped with the second generation MagLev magnetic levitating motor, IPX7 moisture protection and accelerometer, which allows the brush to inform you about the quality of brushing your teeth.


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  • Brand: Oclean
  • Model: X PRO Elite
  • Battery: 800mAh
  • Charging: USB 5V (wireless)
  • Vibration frequency: 4200 rpm
  • Battery life from one charge: up to 35 days depending on the mode
  • Full charge time: ~ 2 h
  • Water resistant: IPX7
  • Control: touch, from the application
  • Interface: Bluetooth 4.2
  • Features: OLED color screen, process customization, blind spot detection (6-axis gyroscope)
  • Weight: 110 g


The box in which the brush is packed is quite large, at first I thought that there would be many additional accessories and that is why this size, but it turned out that the size of the brush is really huge, in comparison with ordinary toothbrushes. The packaging is very tight, everything lies in its place so tightly that nothing rattles or flies around the box. We completed the set with the brush itself and, of course, a nozzle for it, wireless charging and a holder that can be mounted on the wall. There is a very large and detailed instruction, including in English.

Appearance and management

As I said above, this brush seems to be just huge in comparison with regular brushes. It consists of a nozzle, which is completed with a protective cap and the actual device itself. In the center there is a screen under which there is a physical button. Below is the company logo and model name. Chrome inserts were made below and in the place where the attachment was installed. The color of the brush is not pure white, but rather resembles the color of a stone. There is a sticker on the screen that has instructions on how to operate the brush. Control is carried out by swipes in four directions, and confirmation of the selected item is carried out by pressing a button. The button is quite large and has a depression, you can easily find it by touch.

Click to Expand

Pressing this button activates the brush and a welcome message appears on the screen. You can customize the brush by choosing modes on the screen or through the application. You can customize the cleaning modes, the duration of the cleaning time and the strength of the vibrations. You can also see information about the quality of cleaning. To improve the quality of brushing your teeth, there are warnings in the form of vibrations. The brush determines where you have been cleaning for a long time, and where it is not enough, and starts to vibrate. As a result, on the screen you can see which places you missed.


Another difference from conventional brushes is the bristles. It is unusually small in size and installed at different angles. Combined with the movement of the brush head, this should give a better result when brushing your teeth. The attachments can be ordered additionally, it is recommended to change them every few months. The nozzle is put on without additional rotations, this is written in the instructions, you just need to lower it or pull it off, otherwise damage the mechanism.


The brush is charged wirelessly by placing its bottom in the charger. Due to the fact that there are no open contacts, the brush is not afraid of water and can be washed. The brush has enough charge for about a month, provided that the teeth are brushed twice a day. It takes two hours to charge.


For storage of the brush, the set includes a holder on the wall. It is attached with double-sided tape. There are strong magnets on the holder and in the brush, thanks to which the brush is confidently held in an upright position.


Oclean application can be downloaded from the store or by clicking on the qr code. Everything is in English and is intuitive. It is possible to view statistics both for the session and for the selected period. You can also select a cleaning mode with a detailed description. The application supports binding multiple brushes at once.


The brush turned out to be quite interesting and rich in functionality. Compared to a typical toothbrush, it is very unusual to use this model due to the small working area. When the bristles of a brush hit problem teeth, vibrations bring discomfort rather than pleasure from use, but here the problem is not with the brush, but with the teeth.
It performs its functions completely, it is quiet and reacts to pressing. Thanks to the regime for sensitive teeth, I got rid of gum bleeding. I was pleased with the result.

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