Oclean X Pro Electric Toothbrush Review: One of The Best Models For Dental Care

Review of Oclean X Pro Electric Toothbrush (Bluetooth, OLED touch display, deep parameter setting). Did you know that modern electric toothbrushes are equipped with a touchscreen display and an accelerometer? That’s it! The Oclean X Pro Toothbrush is one of the best electric toothbrushes ever made. The OLED touchscreen display allows on-device adjustments, while the built-in monitoring system for skipped and blind spots (up to 32 zones) provides monitoring of the quality of cleaning. The powerful brushless motor generates up to 42’000 vibrations per minute, with additional power settings available for gentle maintenance.

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Introduction and general information

An electric toothbrush is a great way to care for your teeth and oral cavity in general, a useful gift and a welcome brushing tool. Without missing out on brushing sessions, you may well be extending your dentist visits. An electric toothbrush does a pretty good job of removing tartar, surface contamination and whitening, and a well-chosen brushing program in a tracking app will help you get things done right. To date, the flagship toothbrush in the Oclean line – the Oclean X Pro model – is one of the most progressive and most functional brushes in general. The design provides an OLED touchscreen display that allows you to visually control the cleaning of blind spots, as well as perform the necessary settings, a Bluetooth module and an application for a smartphone, a capacious battery that provides up to 40 days of operation (depending on the mode, 20/40 days of operation from a single charge ), as well as protection against moisture ingress of the IPX7 level. Replaceable attachments and a magnetic mount are included – all this increases the comfort of use. Additionally, the Oclean line includes the Oclean S1 UVC sterilizer and the W1 irrigator, details of which will be below.


Brand: Oclean
Model: X PRO Edition
Battery: 800mAh
Charging power supply: MicroUSB 5V
Vibration frequency: 4200 rpm
Battery life from one charge: up to 40 days depending on the mode
Full charge time: ~ 2 h
Water resistant: IPX7
Control: touch, from the application
Interface: Bluetooth 4.2
Features: OLED color screen, process customization, blind spot detection (6-axis gyroscope)
Weight: 99 g

Appearance and equipment

The stylish packaging of the Oclean X Pro brush leaves no doubt – this is truly a top-end device that you will not be ashamed to present to your loved one, relative, friend or colleague. Don’t forget about yourself. The most convenient option is to have one such Oclean X / X Pro brush in each family, then there will be no need to search for chargers or replaceable attachments.

The packaging is a fairly large cardboard box, made in white and with a minimalist design. The package contains a brush, plus a magnetic charging stand and a MicroUSB cable.

The Oclean X Pro brush, like other Oclean models, uses replaceable nozzles, which are recommended to be changed once a period. The photo shows the rod of the metal drive, through which vibrations are transmitted to the head-attachment.

The form factor of the brush is classic, it is an elongated, rounded body made of matte plastic, quite thin compared to other electric brushes, and thicker than non-electric options. A capacious lithium battery is hidden inside the case, the energy of which is enough for 30-40 days of operation on a single charge. For a child, such a brush will be large, but for adults – just right. A compact display with a button is located approximately in the center of the case. Touch control and via Bluetooth.

This brush model has IPX7 protection, that is, it can be rinsed under water. The device is not afraid of moisture or dirt. The special shape and type of electrical contacts provides protection against moisture penetration inside, and the coating of the contacts against corrosion.

For protection, the display is covered with a transport foil. To work with the brush, you need to remove this sticker.

The display is glued in, has an overlay with rounded edges, and a physical button is located under the display.

The nozzle head is protected by a transparent acrylic cap.

The actuator stem is made of metal. An oil seal is provided to protect against moisture ingress.

Includes a quick guide (in Chinese). It makes sense to scan QR codes to download the app.

Replaceable brush heads

Above, I have already said about the need to periodically replace the cleaning heads, and so – nozzles for Oclean X Pro can be purchased either complete with a brush (large combo lots, sets), or separately. It is best to have a small stock of nozzles. By the way, there is a “family” use case, when each member of the family has his own nozzle, and the main brush module is common. It is quite economical, although it is possible to buy such a brush for all family members. I am sure that the household will appreciate such care.

The shape of the brush is optimized for gentle care and cleaning at high vibration rates (42,000 rpm declared). The 3D shape of the bristles resembles the English letter “W”. This bristle profile ensures high cleaning performance.

The bristles are soft, do not lose their shape, do not damage the gums, massage and whiten better than cheap counterparts. The Oclean patent is registered for the head and the shape of the bristles: ZL2017301349230.

Stand holder

The Oclean X Pro brush comes with a very interesting holder, which is also a charging station. The peculiarity of the holder is that it can be mounted on the wall. In this case, the brush will hang vertically. Fastening in this case to a magnet or 3M adhesive tape.

To recharge, install the brush vertically on the contacts, connect the MicroUSB cable.

Full charge time is approximately 1.5 – 2 hours.

Oclean smartphone app

The only hardware button is used to turn on the Oclean X Pro brush and activate the cleaning mode.

To work with the brush, you need to install the proprietary Oclean application from the Market or App Stora.

During the first launch, you need to register for an Oclean account and add your brush.

In the application, a deep setting of cleaning modes is available, you can see the statistics of the duration of cleaning.

The application provides an “assistant” for setting up your own cleaning profile, which configures several parameters at once.

Brush OSD menus

In the center of the case is an OLED display with a rounded shape. There is an activation button under the display.

Some of the options can be set directly from the brush display.

Control is available by gestures on the touch screen: up and down, left and right. You can view cleaning statistics or check the connection to your smartphone.

Examples of on-screen menus of the Oclean brush – the cleaning process, setting the brushing strength, and also properties (firmware version).

During the cleaning process, “blind” zones are schematically shown on the display, that is, missing areas, which are automatically determined. In total, recognition of 32 zones is available, which is currently one of the best indicators among similar toothbrushes.

Irrigator Oclean

I draw your attention to the fact that comprehensive care of your teeth, gums and oral cavity as a whole can provide real results. Specifically, to remove food particles, it makes sense to perform a dental rinse – treatment with an irrigator. And if stationary models are quite expensive and not always convenient, then the compact battery irrigator is no less effective, but much more convenient. It makes sense to pair the Oclean brush with the Oclean W1 portable irrigator (Oclean and Aliexpress official website). It is convenient to take such an irrigator with you, it has additional attachments in the kit. The volume of the water tank is 30 ml. Connecting to a smartphone allows you to set different schemes of the combination of cleaning modes in the application.

Oclean Toothbrush Sterilizer

Another useful gadget from the Oclean range is the Oclean S1 UVC Toothbrush Sterilizer (Official Store and Aliexpress). Will work with most types of toothbrushes, including Oral-B.


Brand: Oclean
Model: Oclean S1 UVC
Type: Toothbrush Sterilizer
Radiation: UV 0.7W (LED)
Battery: 1000mAh
Charging power: USB-C 5V
Battery life on a single charge: up to 20 days
Full charge time: ~ 2.5 h
Operating modes: A) 5 minutes (sterilization), B) 2 minutes (prevention).
Mount: 3M sticker.
Weight: 132 g.

Depending on the lot options, the Oclean S1 UVC sterilizer can be purchased either separately or as a set with the Oclean brush. The sterilizer is delivered in a simple cardboard box, inside the retail package of the device.

Includes charging cable (USB-C), wall mount.

The device can accommodate 4-5 heads at once, depending on the size of the brush body.

The sterilizer is mounted on the wall (on a mirror or on a ceramic tile) using 3m tape.

The sterilizer body is installed on special clips on the mount. Accordingly, the sterilizer can be removed for recharging. The UV LED does not turn on without attachment (protection is installed).

And the UV LED itself is located under the cover, opposite the brushes installed. There is only one LED, powerful enough.

On the back there is additional information about the device.

Treatment is turned on automatically (once a period), or forced sterilization, by a special switch on a piece of string. There is an indication of operation and charge level.

Directly in the vicinity of the LED, there are nozzles for sterilization, in holders on the sides – for storage with periodic processing.

An example of an included sterilizer. UV rays are closed from the eyes with a lid; it is strictly not recommended to look specifically into the treatment area.

Usage example

You can use the brush in the same way as a regular electric one. Add the required amount of toothpaste, turn on the Oclean X Pro brush and go through the full cycle of brushing your teeth.

The special W-shaped bristles reach all corners and spaces between teeth. Remember to check the display and the blind spot monitoring result. It helps a lot, especially if you miss something.

A small video review of the Oclean brush.

Compared to other electric toothbrushes, and I had quite a few, the Oclean X Pro model is the best that is currently available.

Conclusion and conclusions

To date, the Oclean X Pro toothbrush is one of the most advanced models, leaving behind most of its similar models. The compact body houses a powerful modern engine that provides gentle care, an OLED display with a touch panel, an accelerometer and a monitoring system for cleaning quality and blind spots. A fine and versatile setting allows you to choose a care mode for yourself, and a built-in battery ensures a long operating time.

Whether to take it or not is up to you. This is one of the very best electric toothbrushes in my opinion.

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