Oclean F1 Electric Toothbrush Review

Thorough cleaning of the mouth is a daily ritual that directly affects our health. This review will focus on an electric toothbrush called the Oclean F1, which manufacturers say is an effective device for gentle oral care.

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Model Oclean F1
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Number of operating modes 3
The number of vibrations of the bristles per minute 36000
Power consumption 1.8 Watt
Moisture shield IPX7
The weight 98 gram
Battery volume 800 mAh
Dimensions (edit) 24.3 x 2.44 x 2.44 centimeters (WxHxD)
Complete set

The electric toothbrush comes in a rectangular box. On the front side, you can see a nice image and brand name. On the reverse side are the main technical characteristics. Yes, the box itself is quite fragile and can easily wrinkle during transportation.

In addition to the toothbrush itself, you can find in the complete set:

  • instructions (only in English, but pictures are present);
  • nozzle;
  • plastic cap;
  • charging cable UMC05;

In general, the equipment is ordinary, nothing special, but everything is there for operation. The number of attachments in the complete set depends on your order.


To begin with, the brush is sold in two colors: dark blue and light blue. The body is made of plastic. It is very pleasant to the touch and it made me happy. The device houses a progressive motor with a speed of up to 36,000 rpm. On the front side there is a button, which we will talk about in more detail below. And when the mode is on, a white indicator lights up next to the button.

  • the weight of the brush is 98 grams;

There is a charging compartment on the bottom of the case. By the way, charging is very convenient and the main thing is that it can be magnetized by either side. If anything, the brush can be charged in an upright position, but, to be honest, it is not so confidently worth it. During charging, the display also lights up.

The nozzle is not removed smoothly, in order to remove it will be necessary to exert effort. Of course, this is not a minus for everyone, to some it may even seem like a good parameter.

Controls and modes

In order to turn on the Oclean F1, just press the button once. After that, as I said earlier, the indicator next to the button will turn on and the brush will begin to vibrate. Switching between modes occurs by holding the button for two seconds, after which an additional indicator lights up. To turn on the 3rd mode, you will need to hold down the button again for two seconds. And yes, the third mode sounds the loudest. On my own behalf, I will also say that in terms of sound I liked the 3rd mode the most. By the way, the brush remembers the mode that you used for the last time, and the next time it is turned on, it will start from it. Mode name:

  • For sensitive teeth;
  • Standard cleaning;
  • Super whitening;

She does very well with brushing her teeth. I think that when cleaning with an ordinary brush, the same cleaning (as from F1) will take 1.5-2 times more time. Also, over time, I noticed how the brush removed the dark plaque from the inside of the teeth (slowly, but I saw the result after a few days). Basically I use the first mode, that is (for sensitive teeth), since other modes sometimes cause inconvenience to the gums. The device has a timer that reminds you to change the cleaning area every 30 seconds. It is also waterproof, if anything, but I do not recommend leaving it under water for a long time.


Manufacturers claim that the brush should last about 30 days on a full charge. This is true. Using the brush twice a day, it can work for about 30 days. The battery capacity is 800 mAh. The brush is charged to a full charge in about 2 hours. During charging, the indicator is also on.


I liked the Oclean F1. It is very easy to maintain, does its job well and, most importantly, has excellent autonomy. The cost for it has now dropped a little, so if you are really looking for an electric toothbrush for yourself, then I advise you to take a closer look at it.

I hope you enjoyed this review and made your own conclusion. Thank you for your attention!

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