Oclean Air 2 Review Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Oclean Air 2 Review – A Simple & Convenient Electric Toothbrush 2022. Today, the range of electric toothbrushes is represented by a large number of models that work in conjunction with applications for smartphones. However, for those who first decided to join a new trend, it will not be difficult to understand how it will go. It is for such cases that Oclean has released the Air 2 model, which I propose to get acquainted with.

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Brand / Model: Oclean Air 2

Item Type: Electric Toothbrush

Motor type: brushless

Engine speed: 40,000 rpm

Noise level: less than 45db

Operating modes: delicate + standard

Push-button switch: push action

Battery capacity: 800mAh

Charging time: 2.5 hours

Input voltage, current: 5V 0.5A

Battery life: up to 40 days

Protection class: IPX7

Application: no

Automatic shutdown: 2 minutes

Timer for changing zones of cleaning: 30 seconds

Dimensions: 235mm x 24mm

Available colors: white, pink, purple, green

The commercial packaging is made in a minimalist style, but not devoid of gift attractiveness – the main box is wearing a “shirt” with a colored brush image, and there is a sticker with characteristics on the bottom of it.

The box opens in an unusual book style, and the lid additionally performs a second function – an envelope for instructions in two languages.

From under the transparent blister, we take out the brush, charging station, attachment and cap for it, which may come in handy on a trip.

Since the version of the brush is initial, the charging station is very simple – a USB-A cord and connector without frills, two contacts and characteristics from the bottom. At the same time, Oclean corrected their mistake made from the Air version – they abandoned a flat cable in the way that a circular cable can be bent in any direction, and flat only in a plane, which is less convenient, although it looks more impressive.

The Air 2 brush head has a tongue cleaning pad on the top, a mark on the bottom for correct installation and two tufts of blue bristles that indicate when the brush needs to be replaced. By the time this happens, these bristles should change their color. I have been using the brush for only the third week and so far it has not come to this, but the option is useful. By themselves, the bristles can be characterized as medium hard and here I did not find any contrasts in comparison with a conventional brush.

If you look inside the nozzle, it becomes clear that you can’t install it anyhow, but only in accordance with the design of the brush drive.

The brush itself is made in an oblong body with a diameter of 24 mm, tapering at the top, which makes the brush tally comfortable. The gadget is not big, not small, the weight (about one hundred grams) is distributed correctly and does not create any inconvenience.

From the controls there is only a button in the frame of the light filter of the operation indicator. The button here is not touch-sensitive, i.e. there will be no false positives, but there is no clear click here either, but you need to press with some effort.

At the bottom end of the body there are ring contact tracks and should not be forgotten during operation. IPX7 protection, protection, but, like any contact with moisture, they are bad friends. Therefore, the manufacturer strongly recommends flushing only the upper part of the structure, i.e. nozzle.

It is impossible to install the nozzle haphazardly, since the stem through which vibration is transmitted to the nozzle has a trapezoidal section, and the product characteristics are indicated on the metal ring at its base. The nozzle is installed with significant effort, but it should be so, otherwise the nozzle may simply slip off from vibration.

One of the features of the Oclean Air 2 is its soft start. When you press the button, its backlight turns on, and the engine starts to accelerate smoothly. The brush is really quiet, outside the bathroom the sound of its operation is not audible and there is no need to be afraid that you will wake someone up. The manufacturer claims a special case design to reduce the noise level. Whether it is true or not, the brush is really quiet.

Another feature is the presence of two modes of operation. The first turns on immediately by default, and the second, when the engine speed rises to maximum, is activated by holding the button for two to three seconds. This mode is for experienced users, as well as for those who do not suffer from increased sensitivity of enamel and gums.

The vibrations of the bristles are so small that even the camera in sport mode was unable to focus properly and capture a clear frame.

The next useful function of the brush is the timers for changing the brushing zones. It sounds scientific, but in fact, 30 seconds after starting, the brush momentarily turns off the engine and continues to hum again. There are four work intervals in total, and after a countdown of approximately two minutes of work, the brush turns off.

In the second mode, at increased revs, these intervals last about 20 seconds, i.e. the intensity of cleaning increases, and the procedure time is reduced. Although I myself do not use the second mode in practice, I always find it for a couple of minutes in the morning.

In the third week of operation, I have not yet observed the discharge of the battery, but the backlight of the button in red should inform about this. Then brush into the dock and charge for two and a half hours. The dock itself is magnetic and if you lift the brush, it will not fall off, and the charging will not be interrupted.

Regarding the quality of the gadget, as an inexperienced user in terms of electric brushes, but still based on my own feelings, I can say that this method of brushing your teeth is more effective than usual. You cannot brush your teeth with your hands, after the procedure there is an impression of enamel smoothness and, if I may say so, its polishing. In this case, the fillings remain in place, the gums do not suffer and there is no discomfort.

As you probably already understood, I liked the brush with the results and the quiet sound of its work. Ease of operation makes it possible for a novice user to fully understand whether he needs it or not. Two modes of operation expand the functionality, and hitchhiking, a timer for changing cleaning zones, long autonomy, smooth start-up and no application make Oclean Air 2 a useful, convenient and easy-to-use gadget.

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