Oclean Air 2: Quiet Electric Toothbrush From Aliexpress

I bring to your attention a review of a fairly high-quality Oclean Air 2 Toothbrush 2022. The novelty seemed a little strange to me. The manufacturer boasts a low noise level, but at the same moment, for some reason, it cuts off the useful part of the functions that the first version possessed (Bluetooth, instead of three cleaning modes, there are only two). At the exit we have the most simple brush, with the most simple and intuitive control.


Oclean Air 2 Sonic Electric Toothbrush IPX7 Waterproof Smart Toothbrush Fast Charging Three Brushing Modes for Adult PK XPRO


  • Recharges 100% in 2.5 hours with included docking station
  • Battery life up to 40 days !!!
  • Vibration frequency reaches 40,000 rpm
  • Maximum torque: 220 gf / cm
  • Main feature: low noise level (45 dB at maximum speed)
  • IPX7 water resistant
  • Battery: 800mAh
  • Silicone bristles on tongue tips

Four color options are available to order:

The novelty comes in a box made of thin cardboard. The packaging is not the most reliable, I would like to see a more solid and reliable box. The upper part is fixed with a thin cover on which the manufacturer’s contact details and characteristics are applied.


  • Oclean air 2
  • One nozzle
  • Dock station
  • Instructions in two languages

Below we have two contacts for charging the battery. The battery is charged with a current of 0.4A for two and a half hours. The manufacturer promises an autonomy of up to 40 days on a single charge. There are no plugs here, the design of the carcass is one-piece. The diameter of the brush in the thickest part is 24 millimeters, the weight without the nozzle is 87 grams. The build quality is perfect, the plastic coating is remotely reminiscent of a soft-touch. If you dig deeper, you can blame the smooth and sliding surface, I’m not used to that.

Next, I will periodically compare the Oclean Air 2 with my Xiaomi Soocas V1 main brush. In V1, charging is implemented differently, instead of contacts, we see a full-fledged USB Type-C connector. We also see a special plug with a rubber ring, which prevents moisture from entering the inside of the case. Both brushes do not start when the battery is charging, you must wait 2 and a half hours until fully charged.

Below there is the name of the manufacturer’s company, as well as the Oclean logo.

Above is a backlit physical control button. The button does not protrude from the body and does not rattle. The controls are primitive, there are only two modes:

  • When you press the button, the brush starts smoothly, gradually increasing the speed. This mode is considered the main one.
  • After a few seconds from the moment of switching on, you can hold the button for another 3 seconds and the Oclean Air 2 will go into the next mode. The second mode impressed me so much, it reminded me of the “whitening” function, which is present in the previously mentioned Soocas V1.

I have no questions about the cleaning process, it cleans with dignity, efficiently and intensively. Two minutes are given for cleaning, with a breakdown of 30 seconds, everything is standard here. I don’t see any point in talking about the noise level, everyone understands that the brush itself is quite quiet. Recorded a demo video:

Next, I will briefly go over the nozzles. There is only one nozzle in the kit (you can order several at the official store at once). The stiffness of the bristles is rather “soft”. If we compare with simple brushes “REACH” (exactly hard), then of course the difference is significant. On the back there is a special pad for cleaning the tongue, where can you go without it.

A charging station is included in the package. It is nothing special, it is an ordinary plastic stand with two contacts. Mounts on magnets, but the magnets themselves are rather weak. USB cable length: 45 centimeters.

The design is not the most stable, one awkward movement and the brush falls on its side or completely flies to the floor.

Let me summarize. Oclean Air 2: a quiet yet very simple electric toothbrush. Considering not the highest cost – I can definitely recommend it for purchase. Only one thing is not clear – why did they remove bluetooth and where did the third mode go. Nevertheless, I would rather add the lack of bluetooth to the pluses, since not everyone will bother with additional settings. I have no questions about the attachments, the assembly quality of the brush itself, everything is done very decently and efficiently.

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