Night Light With Clock & Position Sensor from Aliexpress

In this review, I will talk about a rather interesting household appliance that combines the functions of a night light (with variable backlight brightness, as well as light, motion, position sensors) and a clock 2022.

The night light has not been identified as belonging to any well-known brand; it is sold in many stores on Aliexpress. First of all, I was attracted by an interesting idea: many people, on the one hand, do not like it when the clock digits shine in the surrounding space during sleep, and on the other hand, waking up in the middle of the night, they want to know how much time is left to sleep 🙂 It seems that mutually exclusive requirements, but this device, to some extent, allows you to achieve exactly this, waved his hand and saw the time.

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The night light is delivered in a sufficiently sturdy box, you do not have to worry about safety during transportation:

The package includes a night light, a metal circle on double-sided tape and a Chinese instruction sheet.

The device is a square flat plastic box with a protrusion of the motion / light sensor at one of the corners:

On the reverse side, the body is translucent, behind it are the backlight LEDs. In addition, we see a sticker with characteristics: powered by 3xAAA batteries, max power 0.2W, which is quite enough for a night light. On the product page here, there is also a version with a built-in 600mAh battery.

At the bottom there are two mode switches and a pair of buttons. The left white switch is responsible for the operating modes: “on / auto / constant backlighting”; right toggles the backlight color scheme from cool to warm. The buttons are used to set the clock time:

The battery compartment cover is equipped with a magnet, so the night light can be fixed on any metal surface or stick in a convenient place on the supplied metal circle:

Device dimensions and weight (without batteries):

After inserting the batteries and setting it to ON mode, turn on the backlight. For warm and cold light, there are four different LEDs for each color, located in the center of the sides:

The time digits are displayed on the front side (in the photo, they look more blurry than they actually are):

An interesting feature of the night light is the presence of one more sensor that tracks the position of the device, i.e. when we hold the device upright and turn it, the time digits also turn, staying in the correct position at all times. In addition to this, the intensity of the backlight changes as you rotate (four levels of brightness in total). The brightest backlight when the sensor tab is in the upper right corner, and the lowest when it is in the upper left:

Accordingly, in order to choose a convenient backlight option for yourself when it is turned on at night, you just need to fix the night light with the right side up. Here’s the brightest mode:

And here’s the least:

Removing it from the mount and taking the night light with you, it is quite possible to use it as a dim flashlight, however, quite enough to get to the toilet or refrigerator 🙂

The interior of the night light:

In the “Auto” mode, the night light turns on (in the absence of external lighting) at a distance of about 3.5 meters and works for 20 seconds if no movement is detected.

In general, a device that is quite interesting for its price, interesting and unusual functionality, and the presence of a watch in such a device is the first time I meet.

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