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Review of Crankshaft lamp with Five-Fold Magnifier 2022. Anyone who loves to tinker with something, repair or have a hobby that requires working at the table, is faced with the fact that it would be nice to equip the workplace with a lamp and a magnifying glass, for example, for actions with small details, text, etc. Moreover, I would very much like these devices, on the one hand, do not interfere and do not take up space on the table, and on the other hand, they are always at hand. I will talk about one option that will help solve this problem – a crank lamp with a magnifying glass in this review.

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I ordered the lamp on Aliexpress, but from a local warehouse in order to get it as soon as possible. Packing – strong box made of thick cardboard:

The complete set includes a spring-loaded crank arm with a lamp ring and a magnifying glass + clamp mount for the table. Separately, I note that the magnifier is glass, not plastic (which grows cloudy over time and is scratched). All supporting elements and fasteners are made of metal (steel and aluminum):

Declared characteristics:

  • lens size 105mm
  • Magnification: fivefold
  • number of modes: 3
  • number of LEDs: 64
  • Power: 10W (5V / 2A)
  • Power supply: USB

From the lighting unit, through hollow square tubes, there is a cable with a control panel, ending in a USB connector. The cable itself moves freely inside the tubes, which prevents it from being pinched and frayed. The length of the wire from the point of its exit from the lower elbow to the connector is a little more than 170 cm:

A ring lamp with a magnifying glass is fixed in a tightening clip, which allows it to be rotated around an axis:

Top size (16 cm) and magnifier (11 cm):

Ring thickness 16mm:

The entire surface of the ring has a concentric notch: there are no marks from the hands and no fingers slip when you pull on it to change position over the table:

The cross section of the tubes is 1 cm, the length of each knee is about 35 cm. Four springs allow easy and smooth movement of the lamp and setting it to a user-friendly position:

I note that self-locking nuts (with nylon inserts) are used as fasteners in the structure, which will prevent it from loosening over time:

There is an additional “lamb” between the knees to adjust the folding force:

In the maximally unfolded state, the height of the lamp is 70cm:

The control panel has four buttons: power on, change modes, change brightness + and -. When the lamp is on, the center red LED is on:

The clamp is also metal, on its platform, which is in contact with the surface of the tabletop, a rubber pad is glued:

The maximum thickness of the base, for example, a tabletop, on which the clamp can be fixed, is about 5.5cm, and the projection is 4.5cm:

At first I thought to fix it on the side of the table, but then it turned out that it was more convenient on the far side:

It turned out like this:

In general, the design for ease of use is simply excellent: you can set almost any angle and inclination, it can be bent as you like, the upper part turns and reaches with light to any point on the table. The lamp holds the fixed position steadily:

There are 64 SMD LEDs of two types in the light ring of the lamp. They are covered with a translucent plastic diffuser:

There are three operating modes in the lamp (the color temperature changes):

  • mixed
  • warm
  • cold

The brightness control has 10 steps. When the power is connected, the mixed or “natural” light mode is always the first to be switched on (a combination of warm and cold, when both types of LEDs work at the same time). Note that there is a small squeak at the maximum in the mixed mode, which is absent in the other two.

Photo modes 1 to 3:

Below are the measured values ​​of consumption and illumination (measured in the position of the lighting unit at 30 cm and above the table).

1. Mixed (natural color):

Consumption and illumination at maximum and minimum brightness:

2. Warm

3. Cold

The illumination is quite sufficient for comfortable work, but I could not get the declared 10W (the charging port of the extension cord to which the lamp was connected can produce a current of up to 3A).

Regarding the magnification, I’m not sure if it is 5x, however, fine detail markings and other text are easy to read with a magnifying glass without effort on the eyes:

In this photo I tried to capture what the enlarged part looks like in relation to the non-enlarged one (on the right, the “tail” of the caliper is visible):

In general, the lamp suits me perfectly as a lighting tool that I have been looking for for a table for a long time – the brightness of the light ring is enough for any small work, and the magnifying glass, finally, makes it possible not to squint your eyes and work with convenience and comfort.

I hope the review was interesting, and it will help someone with a choice 🙂

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