New IEKs: from Generica to Armat

Most likely, you have not come across the electrical engineering of the Generica brand yet, but you will definitely meet soon: this is a new brand of ultra-cheap products from IEK.

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I am currently on the IEK press tour. I have already looked at the huge logistics center and laboratories, today I will go to the plant in Yasnogorsk.

Once upon a time, IEK products were considered the cheapest and not very high quality, but the company recently turned 23 years old and today most of its products compete with leading foreign brands. Recently, the ARMAT series was released, made according to the principle of “everything as best as possible.” These modular devices are intended to replace the older series of leading brands, which, alas, have left our market. These devices are made to be extremelygged, withstand 10,000 load switching cycles, have high speed trips, 6,000 and 10,000 amp breaking capacity, switch both AC and DC, and have an improved arc chute. Of course, such devices cannot be cheap. This machine for 25 amperes costs 500 ***.

The Generica machine from the title photo costs only 80 ***, while it is fully functional, complies with GOST and has a 5-year warranty. Such machines are now being installed in large quantities in new buildings, and now they have appeared on the free market. One of their main differences is the contact material. While Armat has a complex multi-layer scture containing silver and tungsten, Generica has just copper. Such an automaton will provide good contact, as it should be, it will turn off when the set current is exceeded, but will not withstand a large number of shutdowns. And of course it cannot be used as a switch, it is not designed for this.

In addition to modular devices, IEK under the Generica brand produces cheap shields, extension cords, twisted pair cable, and much more. At the end of summer, bulbs of this brand will appear.

Generica has a separate website

In the near future I will tell you about the plant, laboratories and the IEK logistics center.

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