Nespresso Aeroccino 4 Review: Convenient Cappuccinatore

I want to tell you about a convenient – in my opinion – device that I use every day for a year. I think that it deserves the attention of lovers of coffee, cocoa, milkshakes and all kinds of drinks. We are talking about the Aeroccino 4 milk frother from Nestle Nespresso.

  • Insment size (without packaging):
  • Height on stand – 21 cm;
  • Height without stand – 18 cm;
  • Weight (without packaging) – 1 kg;
  • Color – steel;
  • Power – 220 V;
  • Power – 410-490 W;
  • Production – China.
  • Package

    The device is packed in a regular cardboard box with color photographs and a basic description of the device. After opening the box, we are greeted by a pleasant trifle: the sequence in which you need to open the package is visible, all parts are numbered. This is felt to care about the consumer, which causes an affection for the brand even before the start of use.


    Let’s take a look at the content. The materials are of high quality, there is no smell of plastic, which is typical for many Chinese products. The device consists of:

  • Metal jug-heater. The inner surface has a non-stick coating.
  • Plastic whisk with spiral ring.
  • Lid with silicone sealing ring.
  • The base on which there are buttons with operating modes (all buttons are backlit).
  • Assembly and preparation for operation

    Everything is as simple as possible here: rinse and dry all the components, except for the base. Next – install the whisk on a special ledge inside the jug. The device is ready to work!

    Let’s talk about the operating modes of the device. There are 4 to choose from:

  • The first mode (blue button) creates cold milk foam for macchiato and other beverage options;
  • The second (mode without foam on the button) makes hot milk.
  • The third mode creates airy hot milk foam, which is ideal for latte;
  • And finally, the last, my favorite mode, makes hot and dense milk foam for making cappuccino.
  • I want to note that the cappuccinator is also suitable for using vegetable milk.

    User experience

    The beauty of this device is that it is also suitable for those who do not have a coffee machine – an ordinary Turk is enough. For example, I brew coffee in a geyser coffee maker. It is also important that the cappuccinatore does not take up much space, which is significant for me because of the small kitchen.

    For a year of daily work, the device has not lost its appearance and performance. The milk froths up great. The foam is fluffy and light, but dense. To prepare the perfect milk foam, the manufacturer advises using fresh pasteurized semi-fat milk, cooled to a temperature of 4-6 degrees. But on my own behalf, I want to add that full-fat milk also foams perfectly, and most often I use it.

    The jug is comfortable. The walls have a wavy shape, which inhibits drops well – if the liquid suddenly starts to overflow, you have time to turn it off and wipe it off. High quality non-stick coating and with daily use does not lose its properties.

    Magnetic whisk for easy installation and removal. However, this fastening also has its downsides. Due to the fact that the whisk is on a magnet, it can fly off while it is spinning, and the coating on the axis of rotation is slightlybbed from friction against plastic.

    The lid fits snugly to the jug thanks to the sealing ring. To simplify cleaning, the ring is removed from the cover.

    The “smart” base protects the heating element in the jug. That is, after heating, it does not allow the device to turn on again for some time. To re-whipping, let the jug cool or rinse it with cool water. In this case, whipping without heating can, if necessary, be turned on several times in a row. It is possible to combine modes to control the temperature of the drink. Buttons for a year of use are not worn out and did not burst.

    Washing the device does not cause problems due to the non-stick coating, complete disassembly of the jug into its component parts, as well as the complete absence of hard-to-reach cavities and seams on the inner surface of the jug. I note that the jug can be washed in the dishwasher at a temperature not exceeding 70 degrees. I did not use this opportunity, because it is faster to wash it manually.


    In conclusion, I want to say that this device has become indispensable in my kitchen. It was a small discovery, thanks to which I fell in love with starting the morning with coffee and rediscovered the preparation of cocoa. Therefore, I can safely recommend the device for purchase.

    A nice bonus is that you will learn how to prepare a delicious cappuccino, latte or any other drink, the taste, texture and consistency of which will be no worse, if not better, than in a coffee shop! And you and your guests will definitely not remain indifferent.

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