Neatsvor X500 Review Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Experience Of Using Neatsvor X500 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2022. The Best Budget Model? At the next sale, I came across a Neatsvor X500. The price at the time of purchase was only $210 For the sake of interest, I looked at the characteristics of this model and was very surprised. For this price, we get a normal operating time, dry / wet cleaning modes, the presence of IR sensors with building a room map, the rudiments of smart functions. If we compare with competitors, then, for example, models with similar characteristics from xiaomi cost about $ 50-70 more. Without thinking twice, I bought myself this robot, as I had been thinking about getting a smart assistant for a long time. I have been using it for about a month now, and now I can make a review based on my own conclusions and observations. Review Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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I’ll start with the characteristics:

  • Cleaning type: Dry / Wet
  • Dust Box Type: Container
  • Power type: Battery
  • Color: White / Black
  • Optional: Side brushes, Water tank 0.35 L, Remote control,
  • Dust container volume: 0.6 l
  • Cleaning area: 150 sq. m
  • Noise level: 65 dB
  • Body Material: Plastic
  • Cleaning modes Smartphone control, Cleaning schedule programming
  • Orientation in space Infrared sensors, Contact sensors, Building a room map, Adjusting the trajectory of movement, Virtual wall, Cliff sensors
  • Control type Remote control
  • Remote control
  • Battery type Li-Ion
  • Battery capacity 2500
  • Battery life 120 min
  • Height 7.5 cm
  • Width 33 cm
  • Depth 33 cm
  • Weight 3 kg

The robot was ordered in the official Neatsvor store. Delivery took about 25 days. A large box was brought home from the post office. Inside it was already a box with a vacuum cleaner:

Inside, the vacuum cleaner and all the equipment were in niches, so there were no problems during delivery. Everything came in one piece.

The complete set consists of the robot itself, instructions in English, two sets of side brushes, a charging station, a power supply, a cleaning brush, a spare HEPA filter, a control panel, an additional tank for wet cleaning and a spare cloth for wet cleaning:

More details can be seen in the photo below.

The charging station is designed as a small block. With two contacts. Powered by a 19V 0.6A power supply. At the bottom of the station there is a pair of rubber pads, thanks to which the station does not slip on the wooden floor. There is also an LED indicator on the station, but what exactly it indicates I do not know. Perhaps it just shows that the charging has power. Also, inside the station there is an IR receiver / transmitter (two eyes in front) with which the vacuum cleaner finds the place of installation of the charging station and enters it himself

Also included with the vacuum cleaner is an additional container for wet cleaning. If you look at it, you can see a valve pushing water in portions through the holes from below (the holes are closed with a special material and just don’t leak). Judging by the labeling, the container can be filled with up to 350 ml of water. The set includes two cloths at once. But I’ll tell you straight away about wet cleaning. I have carpets on the floor almost everywhere in my apartment, so I don’t need a wet cleaning function in principle. And I don’t use it or test it.

Also included with the vacuum cleaner is a control panel. By the way, this is a very convenient thing. True, there are many buttons on it, the purpose of which I do not know. I only use the buttons for starting cleaning (if I start the vacuum cleaner at an unscheduled time), the button for returning the vacuum cleaner to the base and the joystick when I want to vacuum some areas of the floor better.

Also included with the vacuum cleaner are two sets of side brushes (one main and the second spare) and a convenient brush for cleaning the container:

Now about the vacuum cleaner itself. The overall workmanship is excellent. Despite the budget price, everything is done very well. On top of the vacuum cleaner there is a power / activation button and a network connection indicator. Just below the company logo:

On the sides are the air duct, on / off button, direct charging port, container, bumper:

The bottom is also everything, like most vacuum cleaners. Turbo brush, two spring-loaded travel wheels, central swivel wheel, two side brushes, waste container, charging contacts, height sensor:

The garbage container is removable and has a capacity of 650ml. the container itself has a removable HEPA filter.

If you look into the vacuum cleaner with the container removed, you can see the contacts and the air duct. By the way, contacts are needed so that the robot knows what type of container is installed (normal or for wet cleaning). And without a container, the vacuum cleaner does not start in principle, signaling an error.

We assemble the vacuum cleaner, put it on charge, prepare for the first start.

To work with a vacuum cleaner, you need to put an application called Weback on your phone from the market. Then connect the vacuum cleaner to your home Wi-fi network. Everything is done quite simply and clearly:

Immediately after connecting, the program suggested updating the internal software in the vacuum cleaner.


Well, that’s all. You can use it.

In the program, you can set the power of the vacuum cleaner, set a schedule, see a map of the room. By the way, a room map is built with each cleaning. She is not remembered. And its essence is that the vacuum cleaner does not travel in the same place. The map is built due to the built-in IR sensor and external sensors in the bumper.

In general, the application is normal, but some points raise questions. First, the map is displayed glitchy. And the picture is of no use. Secondly, the area and time of cleaning are not clearly displayed. Having vacuumed the entire apartment of 60 squares, in 1.2 hours, the application shows that the vacuum cleaner worked for only 20 minutes and removed about 15-20 square meters. Which is not logical. But on the other hand, this is a budget model, and it cannot be without drawbacks. In addition, these are all just indicators, giving nothing. Therefore, I calmly close my eyes to this. The main thing is that the vacuum cleaner works and works well. I have set a daily cleaning schedule at 12.00. Typically, a vacuum cleaner takes 80-90 minutes to clean. After going through the apartment 2 times, until the charge drops by 15-20% and then goes to charge.

Now I will describe my impressions of use

What’s interesting is the amount of garbage. Every time I am amazed at where SO MANY garbage comes from in a seemingly clean apartment:

What you see in the photo is the result of a daily one-time cleaning. And every time so much. Perhaps the fault is the carpets that draw dust and crumbling pile. Or maybe not. I don’t know here. By the way, this is my first robot vacuum cleaner. Before that, we used a conventional cyclone vacuum cleaner. Usually vacuumed every 3-4 days. So, since the robot vacuum cleaner started working at home every day, it became noticeably cleaner.

I have two children who throw toys around all the time. I was worried that these toys might get stuck, but as a result, after a while, I can say that there is enough power to simply suck in any Lego parts and put them into a container. True, you have to check for toys every time before shaking out the container. I was also worried that the vacuum cleaner would not eat very well on carpets. But practice has shown that the dust fits perfectly on ordinary floor carpets (without high pile). Several times, of course, there was a moment when he got stuck, thrusting the brush under the carpet and winding the corner of the carpet on the turbo brush. But that was only twice in a month of daily work. Speaking of getting stuck. Several times the robot got stuck. Once he climbed behind the closet, drove one wheel behind a folded dryer for clothes and hung there, disconnected. Once I managed to get stuck under a coffee table, getting lost between wide legs. In this case, he reports in a female voice that he is stuck and turns off. Otherwise, the daily cleaning goes smoothly. And I am absolutely delighted with the purchase. And my children are also happy, who now do not need to vacuum so often. And my wife is glad, who at first was skeptical about such devices, but then noticed that the house became really cleaner.

Well, now we can take stock. I want to highlight the pros and cons of the Neatsvor X500 vacuum cleaner.


  • Price. This is the biggest plus. On sales, you can buy it for $ 110-130
  • Power. Even at minimum power, the vacuum cleaner perfectly maintains cleanliness. Well, it doesn’t work very loudly.
  • The presence of wet cleaning. I don’t need this function. But for others, it’s a plus.
  • The presence of sensors and building a map. This is necessary so that the vacuum cleaner can orient itself in space and not vacuum the same place several times.
  • Compact dimensions. The height of only 8 centimeters allows the robot to easily climb under the beds and sofa.
  • Convenience in general. This plus applies, probably, to any job as a vacuum cleaner. With his appearance in the house, part of the household chores was removed from the household.
  • Working hours. An hour and a half of cleaning is enough to completely vacuum the entire apartment.


  • Work algorithm. Despite the fact that the robot is building a map, it happened a couple of times that it missed areas of the apartment.
  • Lidar is absent. The robot sees only large objects, but does not see small objects and crashes into them. Tables, chairs, stools.
  • Map building and application. The map is constructed in an incomprehensible way, and does not look like a real plan of an apartment. The working hours in the application and the cleaning area do not correspond to reality.

But by the way, the disadvantages are essentially a consequence of the budget. And not so critical. You can certainly overpay and buy a more sophisticated model. But sometimes I think that this is superfluous. The robot vacuums. The house is in order. The floors are cleaner. Well, think, well, the vacuum cleaner kicks the chairs, but these are trifles. The main thing is working. By the way, for this price, I do not see competitors with similar characteristics. And I don’t plan to pay more yet. Therefore, I personally can safely recommend the Neatsvor X500 for purchase to those people who do not need a bunch of functions, but just need an inexpensive hard worker who will facilitate home life. This model copes with my requirements perfectly.

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