Muben Smart Bot Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Muben Smart Bot German Robot Vacuum Cleaner With Gyroscope And Mapping 2022. Muben Smart Bot is a budget robot vacuum cleaner from a English-German brand. It is designed for dry and wet cleaning in homes with simple layouts. In the arsenal of the robot there is a traditional turbo brush for carpets and a ribbed roller for a smooth floor. During the cleaning process, the Muben Smart Bot builds a map, and the movement algorithms can be switched in the mobile application. In the company store, they ask 15 thousand dollars for this model. Let’s figure out how the vacuum cleaner copes with its duties and whether it matches its price tag.


In addition to the robot vacuum cleaner itself, they put in the box:

  • a docking station, an adapter for connecting it to the mains and a silicone backing so that a damp cloth does not damage the floor while recharging the vacuum cleaner;
  • holder with a single napkin fixed on it;
  • turbo brush and rubber roller;
  • remote control with display and two batteries for it;
  • service brush;
  • manual and instructions for connecting the application.

It’s good that there was a place for a rubber roller in the box. But it is a pity that there were no spare brushes, filters, magnetic tape.


When you look at the Muben Smart Bot, you can immediately feel the power of thought of German engineers. On the one hand, the body looks simple – a regular black round washer. On the other hand, it is as practical as possible – it does not remember any scratches, fingerprints or dust marks. The dimensions, taking into account the technical characteristics, also make a pleasant impression – the height of the case is only 78 mm. The standard diameter is 350 mm.

The control panel is represented by two buttons separated by a status indicator. A voluminous working module is inserted into the compartment under the lid. It holds 600 ml of garbage, three filters (mesh, foam rubber and HEPA) and 200 ml of liquid. The front part of the body is covered by a C-shaped bumper with sensors. There are outlets on the back.

Muben Smart Bot has the following working tools:

  • two end brushes with silicone leads and soft tips;
  • drive wheels and roller with rotation sensor;
  • working unit with a fixed frame – you can put a roller or a turbo brush under it;
  • 4 surface sensors;
  • nozzles for water supply.

A mop with microfiber is attached to the back of the bottom.

Cleaning type dry and wet
Container type for dust 0.60 l and for water 0.20 l
Fine filter there is
Power consumption 40 watts
Noise level 70 dBA
Additional Information 3 modes: economical (1000 Pa), standard (1500 Pa), turbo (2600 Pa)
Battery type Li-Ion, capacity 2600 mAh
Battery life up to 90 min
Battery charging time 120 minutes
Sensor type optical
Number of sensors 15
Movement type zigzag along the wall
Installation on a charger automatic
Jam alarm Yes
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For orientation on the terrain, the German vacuum cleaner uses a gyroscope and bumper sensors. Muben Smart Bot zigzags the room, drives along the perimeter and displays a pixel map in the app. You cannot interact with it, but you can understand exactly where the robot managed to clean up. He does not leave the stairs, does not fall off the table – the surface sensors work correctly.

Above average cross-country ability: Muben Smart Bot jumps over bars from 10 to 16 mm without effort, 18 mm with difficulty, and 20 mm does not.

The battery with a capacity of 2600 mAh lasts for 120 minutes, and in turbo mode – for 80.


It is controlled via the muben home app. It contains the following options:

  • viewing the compiled map, estimating the time spent and battery charge;
  • starting the vacuum cleaner and returning to the base;
  • regulation of the force of suction and wetting of the napkin;
  • manual control (joystick);
  • switching modes (zizgag, point, along the walls);
  • setting a delayed start by days of the week;
  • cleaning history;
  • increased power on carpets.

The translation of the application is correct, everything is simple and straightforward. Most of the functionality is duplicated on the remote control.

Dry cleaning

The main feature of the German vacuum cleaner is its high suction power, which automatically increases to 2600 Pa in case of carpet detection. This is one of the best indicators in the budget segment. During testing, Muben Smart Bot demonstrated the following results:

  • on the laminate, he collected 92% of coarse debris and 93% of sand;
  • on the carpet – 95%.

Thanks to the powerful motor, the Muben Smart Bot perfectly cleans thin carpets, including wool. And on a smooth floor, it is advisable to install a ribbed roller in the working unit – the efficiency of the work will remain the same, but it will be possible to avoid the fuss of untangling the hair brush.

On medium pile carpets, the results are mediocre – the robot only collected 44% of the test debris. But this is a problem for the vast majority of robot vacuum cleaners.

Reference! The noise from the vacuum cleaner varies from 55 to 70 dB, depending on the selected power.

Wet cleaning

To start wet cleaning, pour water into the container, and install a pre-moistened napkin under the bottom. The Muben Smart Bot will vacuum and mop floors at the same time. It collects surface dust and wipes off dried coffee stains in a few passes.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • thoughtful design;
  • complex cleaning;
  • drawing up a map;
  • turbo brush or roller;
  • high strength;
  • high-quality cleaning of thin carpets;
  • large volume of dust collector.


  • frequent problems with installing the application;
  • route failures in multi-room premises.

Muben Smart Bot is suitable for cleaning small apartments with mixed surfaces. The robot carefully collects wool and small debris from thin carpets, does not leave sand on the linoleum and, moreover, can wipe the smooth floor with a damp cloth. Therefore, the Muben Smart Bot can keep your home clean, even with pets.

In the budget segment, there are both cheaper options, such as the Mijia G1, and more expensive ones, such as the Roborock E4. But taking into account the powerful motor and complex cleaning, the price tag is 15 thousand dollars. can be considered adequate.

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