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Review Modern LED Ceiling Light Ultra Thin Wooden Ceiling Lamp Living Room 2022 from Aliexpress. Hello! For a long time I was looking for a lamp with wood trim for use in a country house. I found an interesting option for myself, and even with different operating modes and a fairly “smart” filling that allows you to control the lamp from a remote control and, as it turned out, from a smartphone. I will talk about him in this review.

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Modern LED Ceiling Light Ultra Thin Wooden Ceiling Lamp Living Room Lighting Kitchen Corridor Balcony Lamp for Kitchen Light with Remote Control

The lamp reached me very quickly from the local warehouse. The packaging is great: sturdy box and lots of foam:

Additionally, the device itself is sealed in a film, and even inside there was foam plastic:

Complete set: lamp, diffuser plate, instructions, remote control:

On the product page, there are several different options for the color of the external insert, the sizes and power of the lamps: 23cm / 12W; 30cm / 18W; 40cm / 24W; 50cm / 30W; 60cm / 48W. After much thought and considering that the room where I wanted to install it is very small (about 7 sq.m.), I ordered the very first option: 23cm / 12W. The luminaire body is made of thick enough metal and is well painted:

The wooden overlay, indeed, turned out to be wooden (despite the low price tag of the lamp), it was assembled from separate pieces fitted to each other:

There are some remarks on the quality of the joining of the pieces in one place, but overall it is quite good, everything is sanded and varnished:

Everything is neat inside, the LEDs are located on a curly substrate, each in its own capsule with a transparent lens and a reflector:

Lamp size:


Internal components closer: LED:

Each LED is covered with a lens for better light diffusion, the antenna of the radio module is visible. Everything is signed, high quality soldering:

A driver combined with a 2.4GHz radio module and Bluetooth (although it is not written about it anywhere):

We connect the lamp, in the photo with the diaphragm twisted, you can see that there are two types of LEDs of warm and cold color shades, 12 pieces of each color (24 in total). The lamp turns on and off smoothly:

LEDs alternate in color:

How a lens with a reflector works:

The device shines at maximum very brightly:

In total, 4 changeable modes are “wired” into the driver’s memory, and the mechanism for switching them is interesting: when there is no control panel at hand, the modes can be changed by sequential switching on and off with a conventional push-button switch to which the lamp is connected (ie by disconnecting the power supply). Moreover, to switch to the next mode (after turning off the lamp), there are 10 seconds, if more time has passed, then the first one turns on again. The modes are:

  • 1 — neutral color, maximum brightness (all LEDs are on)
  • 2 — warm color, maximum brightness (12 LEDs are on)
  • 3 — cold color, maximum brightness (12 LEDs are on)
  • 4 — neutral color, about a quarter of the maximum brightness (all LEDs are on)

Below are photos of modes and power consumption in each of them.

Mode 1 (Max, neutral) . And here I was surprised: the power turned out to be 2 times higher than the declared 12W (usually it is always the other way around — they underestimate):

Mode 2 (warm) . Then it became clear that on the product page it was written about the power in the mode when only 12 LEDs are on:

Mode 3 (cold):

Mode 4 (Min, neutral):

I left it on the maximum for 40 minutes to watch the heating: the LEDs are barely warm, and the hottest point of the driver is not higher than 59 ° C:

The control panel has a fairly large functionality, from it you can smoothly adjust the brightness or color temperature, there are several buttons with presets. The remote control works via a radio channel, so you do not need to direct it to the lamp, the operating range is high, you can control it without problems at a distance of 15 meters (I have not tried it anymore), through a couple of walls. The luminaire reacts instantly to pressing the buttons.

The funny thing is that nowhere is it written that the lamp also works via Bluetooth! Only by scanning the QR code on the remote control or in the instructions can you see that it leads to the download page of the application on Android or IOS, and the way to connect the smartphone to the lamp, I could only find by reading the review on the application. Some kind of mysticism 🙂 The application itself is quite simple, slightly buggy, there is a translation — quite tolerable into English. You can do everything the same as with the remote control + a little more, there is a useless distribution to rooms, voice control in Chinese and a shutdown timer that does not work, at least in this model. However, the big advantage of this application is that it works with the lamp very quickly and clearly, instantly connects, even if the smartphone was previously out of range or with disabled Bluetooth. The lamp immediately responds to the action in the application, there are no stupid delays, any lengthy connections, etc. (who worked with MI Home will understand me), for this you can forgive all the other minor flaws:

The installation of the lamp is elementary, but there is a slight inconvenience that everyone writes about in the reviews. All the tips of the fasteners that attach the internal elements of the luminaire to the body protrude slightly from the back side and can rest against the ceiling or the wall on which it is hung. In principle, there is nothing wrong with this, because the lamp is usually hung up until the next repair, and the fact that marks will remain from the fasteners under it is not very important:

… but nevertheless, I decided to quickly make suitable 7mm bushings in an online 3D editor and 3D printed them ANET ET4PRO. Instead, I think you can use any suitable rubber or plastic similar things, but I did not find them at hand, so I just typed:

Connected to WAGO terminals using special CRIMPING PLIERS NSHVI and the tips themselves:

Here I will clarify one point, as the name implies, a ceiling lamp, but the whole “charm” is that I needed it as … a wall one :), so at the beginning it became clear that “Houston … we have some problems” since the diffusing plate is inserted into the body and simply lies there (when the lamp is on the ceiling), leaning on the curved side, without fixing in any way:

And in an upright position, it would constantly fall into the body, so I had to make a little “collective farm” around the edges — to glue double-sided strips of adhesive tape and figure out how to press the plate against the side with them:

But in the end everything turned out quite civilized and beautiful:

I liked the first mode (neutral or natural), it does not turn blue and does not turn yellow, it is pleasantly perceived by the eye, it is also a pleasure to regulate it from the remote control. The diffusing pad, having a thickness of a little less than 1 mm, and quite strongly “steals” the brightness, but for the eyes it turns out just right, without it it would be very bright for a small room:

At the end of the review, I will say that I really liked the lamp, in principle, I got even more than I was looking for: high-quality manufacturing of both the housing and the electronic part, good power and a flexible system for adjusting the brightness and color temperature that is comfortable for myself, the ability to control a switch, remote control or smartphone … PWM and no squeak. Inexpensive, with fast delivery 🙂 I bought HERE, you can read about other interesting models of lamps. If you look at a model similar to a review one on other links on Aliexpress, be sure to read reviews, there may be simpler remotes in the kit, and the lamp itself may be without Bluetooth.

I hope the review was interesting, and maybe useful 🙂 You can find other popular reviews and collections of interesting things just below in the author’s profile.

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