Midea M7 Review Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Review powerful Midea M7 robot vacuum cleaner with an affordable price 2022 with compassion. Today we will consider another novelty. On the review, a robot vacuum cleaner with a huge suction power of 4000 Pa and a whole set of modern functions, but it costs much cheaper than analogues. Cleaning with a robot vacuum cleaner allows you to constantly maintain cleanliness in an apartment or a country house and devote more time to your favorite activities. In this novelty, I will highlight the presence of a capacious 5200 mAh battery, laser navigation and the presence of an application that reveals additional functions. There are manual controls, virtual walls and restricted areas. I will tell you more in the review of the vacuum cleaner.


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Suction power 4000 Pa
Battery Li-ion 5200 mAh
Motor brushless from Nidec (Japan)
Wet cleaning There is
Navigation laser LDS
Garbage container capacity 450 ml
Water container capacity 250 ml
Mobile app Virtual walls, restricted areas, carpet zones, scheduled cleaning, cleaning of all zones or individual ones, manual control, etc.

The Midea M7 wet cleaning robot comes in two boxes. The first is transportable, and the second is directly for carrying the vacuum cleaner. The seller has white and black colors. From myself, I would advise you to buy white, because dust is not so noticeable on it, and it will definitely settle on the case.

Inside, everything is neatly laid out in its place, and the vacuum cleaner is carefully wrapped in a wrapping material so as not to scratch the body.

I liked that the manufacturer additionally put a spare HEPA filter in the box. A trifle, but nice. There are also 2 instructions, 2 side brushes and a microfiber with a plastic base for wet cleaning. The charging base is supplied with an L-shaped plug. This shape allows you to reduce the gap between the outlet and the furniture, and more usable area is obtained in the room. At the bottom, on the base made of glossy plastic, there are rubber feet.

The body of the robot vacuum cleaner from Aliexpress is made of glossy plastic. Distance sensors are located in front and on two sides. A little further than the side sensors, there are slots for the blown air. For navigation in space and building a map of the premises in the Midea M7, as in all advanced models, a lidar is used. Near the lidar there are buttons for on / off and return to base / start cleaning. Both buttons with light indication.

At the back of the body there is a container for wet cleaning. Its capacity is 250 ml. It is fixed with a latch and can be easily removed. Water is supplied to the microfiber not by gravity, but with the help of a small pump. Through the app, you can adjust the intensity of the water.

The lid for removing the waste container opens easily. The container contains a small pocket for storing a brush with a knife for removing twisted wool and hair from the turbo brush and other parts of the robot. The container has a capacity of 450 ml. To prevent garbage from falling out when removing and carrying the container, a door is made. The container is equipped with a HEPA filter and we have seen another spare one before. The compartment is cleared by pressing the spring-loaded red latch. Near the lidar there is a reset button, wi-fi and a micro-usb service connector, which is covered with a rubber cap.

For owners of two-story cottages, it will be important to have 4 sensors on the bottom of the building. They will allow the robot to stop in time and not fall down the stairs. Two are located near the idler roller and one more on each wheel.

The robot vacuum cleaner picks up debris from the floor using a V-shaped turbo brush. There are 2 types of bristles used. Black is softer and color is harder. The extraction mechanism was not the best one. They just made plastic latches, but they could have used springs.

The vacuum cleaner can be used immediately after unpacking. I pressed the button and starts cleaning all the rooms in a row. If the charge runs out during operation, it returns to the base. After filling the battery, it returns to the point where it was discharged and continues to clean. It drives first along the perimeter of the room, and then moves in zigzags.

If you want to use all the functions of the Midea M7 robot vacuum cleaner, then you need to install the application. It will allow you to adjust the suction power and the level of water supply for wet cleaning. It will be possible to send to clean not all rooms, but some separate room and even create a schedule for this. You can remove only the selected area and remove it manually using the joystick. Scheduled cleaning is available in the application settings and you can set the time when the robot is not allowed to disturb the owners. If you have carpets at home, the vacuum cleaner will automatically increase the suction power on the ride. In the application, you can select an area with carpets so that you do not get wet during wet cleaning. Of course, you can create restricted areas and set up virtual walls.

The robot vacuum cleaner from Aliexpress called Midea M7 showed itself from an excellent side. In terms of suction power, it has an advantage of 1000 Pa over Dreame D9 and 1500 Pa over Xiaomi Roborock S5 Max

If you have a lot of carpets in your home, then the suction power is an essential factor when choosing a robot vacuum cleaner. 4000 Pa in Midea M7 is enough for everything. I liked how the robot grabs the debris with two side brushes, and does not scatter it on the sides. Laser navigation, a voice assistant with English voice acting, the installation of restricted zones and virtual walls in the application, the possibility of manual control and an affordable price – all this makes it possible to safely recommend a vacuum cleaner for purchase. The presence of a English warehouse at the seller will ensure fast delivery to the buyer, and also provide a 2-year warranty.

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