Midea M7 Pro Review – Powerful Robot Vacuum Cleaner With Vibrating Mop

Midea M7 Pro is the most expensive and functional robot in the line of the Chinese manufacturer. Like most of its premium competitors, Midea M7 Pro packs a laser rangefinder, center brush and a powerful 5200mAh battery. But, unlike most analogues, Midea has an outstanding suction power of up to 4000 Pa and a special module for wet cleaning – the napkin installed on it vibrates, wiping off stains that have dried to the floor. Therefore, Midea M7 Pro may be of interest to those buyers for whom it is important that the robot collects sand efficiently and can clean the floors in the kitchen. Further in the review, we will take a closer look at the package bundle, design and functionality of the flagship Midea For Wet Cleaning.

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The kit comes with the robot:

  • charging station and power cord to it;
  • spare frame with filters;
  • nozzle with an installed napkin;
  • vibrating tank with a napkin divided into two halves;
  • manual and instruction in English.

The only thing missing in the kit is the spare brushes.


The Midea M7 Pro is designed in a typical model of this type: a round case with a lidar turret, a movable bumper and brushes sticking out from under it. The matte gray lid with a dot pattern does not accumulate dust and fingerprints. The lidar was adorned with a reflective panel and gold edging – a little catchy, but it makes the robot stand out from the competition. There are buttons next to the laser sensor to turn on cleaning and return to the station.

The bumper has four slots for IR sensors, two more sensors are placed on the side panels. The dust container with a capacity of 450 ml is inserted under the lid. This is a fold-out container with a removable frame, which holds filters: foam and HEPA. The fine mesh is inserted into the side wall from the inside. The container lid has a recess for a service brush.

By default, a semicircular tank with water is inserted into the back of the body, and a holder with a napkin can be attached to it from below. But in place of the tank, you can install a one-piece module with a vibration motor and a mop. Both a standard tank and a vibratory tank hold the same volume of liquid – 250 ml

The following accessories are located under the bottom of the Midea M7 Pro:

  • fixed frame of the turbo brush, the brush itself is of bristly type, with removable bristles;
  • end brushes with elongated leads;
  • drive wheels and swivel roller;
  • terminals for the docking station;
  • 4 surface sensors;
  • nozzles for water supply.

Name Media M7 Pro
Li-ion battery 5200 mAh
Suction power 4000 Pa
Navigation Lidar
Appendix There is
Container 450 ml
Storage tank 250 ml
Vibrating mop There is
Overcoming the thresholds 20 mm
Dimensions (edit) 350x350x96 mm
Where can I buy:
Aliexpress 20 thousand dollars
Consumables 600-2000 dollars
Yandex Market 27 thousand dollars

The movement algorithm is traditional: Midea M7 Pro divides the apartment into small sections, each of which runs along the perimeter and zigzags. Obstacles are swept carefully, the touch is soft, does not get tangled in the curtains. When driving onto fluffy surfaces, the assistant automatically increases the suction power. Despite the unusual tread pattern, the Midea M7 Pro’s cross-country ability is good, thresholds with a height of 20 mm are not a hindrance for it. Surface sensors respond appropriately: the robot does not climb stairs, but calmly moves on black carpets.

At maximum suction power, the 5200 mAh battery is discharged after 96 minutes. During this time, the robot manages to vacuum up to 100 square meters, it will do about the same amount of work after an intermediate recharge. Therefore, Midea M7 Pro can be used in large houses, including multi-storey ones (up to 3 cards are stored in memory).


To operate the vacuum cleaner, you need to install the MSmartLife app. It offers the following features:

  • map editing: renaming rooms and changing from boundaries, designating target zones with an indication of the number of passes;
  • adjustment of the suction force and the abundance of wetting of the napkin;
  • start cleaning, return to base and manual control;
  • enable / disable power boost on carpets, do not disturb mode and Y-shaped floor wiping trajectory;
  • cleaning without saving the card;
  • scheduling work on days of the week with setting the processing parameters for different rooms;
  • setting up a voice package (English language available).

Also in the application, you can view the cleaning history, track the wear of accessories, update the firmware and flip through the virtual directory.

Dry cleaning

The Midea M7 Pro motor delivers up to 4000 Pa in turbo mode. And, as tests have shown, this is not just another figure in the characteristics table. The helper is equally good at picking up debris from smooth and fleecy surfaces. On the carpet, it not only collects hair and crumbs, but also pulls out sand, which is beyond the reach of most competitors.

But on a carpet with a medium pile, the results are not so impressive – the absence of silicone lamellas on the turbo brush affects. Midea simply cannot remove the debris stuck in the carpet pile. But for collecting wool, such a brush is ideally suited – after the first pass, the dog’s rug becomes clean.

Reference! Despite the outstanding power, the motor runs relatively quiet – from 51 to 58 dB.

Wet cleaning

Standard wet cleaning of the Midea M7 Pro is as useless as its counterparts. The robot simply carries a damp cloth across the floor, picking up dust and smearing the dirt. A completely different thing is a module with a vibrating squeegee. During cleaning, the wipes attached to it move from side to side, scrubbing away stubborn dirt such as coffee traces and dried ketchup. To clean the floors in a bedroom or living room, one working cycle at a low level of wetting is enough, but in the kitchen it is advisable to activate the Y-shaped movement mode, set 2-3 passes and the maximum water supply.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • memorable design;
  • spare filters included;
  • high performance and suction power;
  • interactive cartography and zoning;
  • high-quality combing of carpets with low pile;
  • a module with a vibration mop for cleaning floors.


  • no spare brushes;
  • bristly turbo brush gets clogged with hair;
  • static frame of the working unit.

The Midea M7 Pro is great for large houses with thin carpets that the robot can pull sand out of. It is also one of the best robots for collecting hair and wool, but keep in mind that maintenance of the turbo brush will take time. Thanks to the vibrating mop module, Midea M7 Pro can replace the robot floor polisher.

At the moment for Midea M7 Pro ask for 350 dollars. Is the average price for the premium segment. At the same time, in this price category, the robot has no competitors in terms of suction power, and the closest analogs with a vibrating mop (Ecovacs OZMO T8 AiVi or Roborock S7) will cost from 500 dollars. Therefore, Midea M7 Pro is an interesting option for anyone who has thought about a multifunctional assistant from the premium segment.

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