Microwaves: five nuances

Microwave ovens are in almost every family, but not everyone knows some of the points associated with them.

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– For some reason, almost nowhere in the parameters of microwave ovens do not indicate the power consumption. On all sites, in all stores, the power of microwaves is indicated. At the same time, the power consumption is almost twice as much: the 750-watt microwave in the title photo consumes almost 1300 watts, the 600-watt microwave consumes about 1150 watts.

– Adjusting the power of a conventional microwave does not really change the power: the microwave consumes the same 1100-1500 W, it just turns on and off at intervals of several seconds. Only inverter models have real power adjustment (they always have Inverter written in large letters on the front panel).

– 95% of people, or even more, use the microwave only to heat food and never use the many additional features. As practice has shown, the simplest stove with mechanical control of two handles is more convenient for warming up.

– according to my personal feelings, the LESS microwave power is, the better: meat heated in microwave ovens with high power is less tasty (it seems that something in its scture is disturbed due to too fast heating), and power adjustment for the reasons described above is not will help if the stove is not inverter. Now you can find microwaves with a minimum microwave power of 600 watts, and this is the best option.

– To power a conventional non-inverter microwave, a pure sine wave is required. When powered by a modified sine wave (modified sine inverters, inexpensive inverter generators), the microwave begins to hum very loudly and heat poorly. Because of this, there is a problem if you want to use a microwave in a car (motorhomes, travelers, ckers). There are three solutions: buy a specialized car microwave (from 17,000 ***), use a pure sine wave inverter (and do not forget about the real power consumption of the stove when choosing inverter power), use an inverter microwave.

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