Review of Men Trimmer From Aliexpress After Two Years of Operation

Hello everyone! Today we will talk about the trimmer, which I bought back in 2019. I chose from the very bottom of the price range. After reviewing the reviews, having decided on the price-quality ratio, I purposefully followed the Italian trimmer of the Chinese assembly GA.MA GT527.

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The trimmer is supplied in a small box with the main characteristics listed. The package includes a power cord, one retractable comb, a brush for cleaning the trimmer, oil for lubricating moving parts, an instruction manual with a warranty card and the trimmer itself.

Appearance and characteristics

A type Trimmer
Nutrition Battery / network
Charging base Not
Battery life, min. 45
Haircut length, mm 0.4 – 12
Knife width, mm thirty
Knives included, pcs. one
Replaceable heads Not
Nozzles included, pcs. one
Weight, gr. 116

Compact trimmer in black and silver. I was pleasantly surprised by the trimmer assembly, no backlash and squeaks. Due to its shape and compact size, it is convenient to use. This trimmer is a simple device in the form of a body with a motor and removable blades. The 3 cm wide shaving head consists of two sharp-toothed stainless steel plates, one of which moves relative to the other. The distance between the teeth is only 1.15 mm. Such a small distance allows you to shave comfortably without pulling out hairs on the face and in areas with delicate and wrinkled skin, but at the same time, it will be problematic to remove thick hair on the head.

The trimmer is turned on using a slider, and the only LED indicator works only in charging mode. Charging time is about 8 hours.

The length of the cord is 80cm, which I think is a bit short. Charges from 220V.

The 8-guide attachment has 5 cutting length settings (2-4-7-10-12mm). It is very easy to adjust to the desired length. The comb is inserted on the lower blade, snapped to the desired length and the comb is automatically fixed with small teeth on the inner sides of the nozzle. But I do not use the nozzle myself, since without the nozzle the length is 0.4 mm, and for me this is the best option.

There is no wet cleaning, so after shaving you need to clean the trimmer with a brush. Also, once every 2-3 months, lubricate the blades with oil.


In operation, the trimmer shows itself as an unpretentious device. I have been using it for about 2 years. I mainly use it as I already wrote for beard trimming. Although what a beard … beards. Sometimes I trim my sideburns. The trimmer does its job perfectly. Does not twitch, does not scratch. The characteristics indicate that the knives are not self-sharpening, but have not noticed any problems with shaving. There is a slight vibration during operation, but it does not interfere with the process in any way. The trimmer consumes more energy than the converter provides, so shaving with the charging trimmer will not work for a long time.

The battery life is 45 minutes according to the manufacturer, but at the moment it is about 20 minutes. Throughout the entire time range, the trimmer maintains an even speed and begins to decelerate only about a minute before coming to a complete stop. On the downside, I want to note that there is no automatic shutdown after a full charge, although I basically put it on charge all the time at night. Several times, without noticing, I left it on charge with the power on and the next day, wanting to shave, the trimmer did not even turn on. Over the entire period of operation, the steam removed the head for cleaning a couple of times, as it gets clogged with hairs there.

This is how the disassembled shaving head looks.

Based on the results of two-year operation, the main pros and cons can be identified:

  • Price
  • Simple, reliable and high-quality assembly
  • A reasonably comfortable shave
  • No automatic shutdown after fully charged
  • Does not work from the network

Interesting models from AliExpress

HIENA T9 hair clipper on Aliexpress

Trimmer CkeyiN on Aliexpress

Trimmer ENCHEN Boost USB Electric Hair on Aliexpress


I bought a trimmer within 44 dollars, I can’t remember the exact price. It performs its main task without any problems, and there is no need to expect more for this price. The trimmer works to this day, so I can recommend it as a budget, unpretentious, device for caring for your beard and more. All good!

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