Marese M7-Plus Review Foot Massager: 15 minutes of relaxation!

Review Marese M7-Plus Foot Massager 2022.

You will not believe, coming to visit us, friends always get a massage session, it becomes a good tradition) Right from the door, especially if we meet after a hard day, they require a massager. I never tire of praising the shoulder and back massager, and my husband enjoys the leg massager. So, in a new review I will show you our new device, so that you just want to relax.


  • Electric massager MARESE M7-Plus
  • Voltage 100–240V
  • Power 65 W
  • Automatic programs 3
  • Infrared heating Yes
  • Vibration Yes
  • Overheating protection Yes
  • Max foot size 46
  • Timer 15 min
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MARESE Electric Foot Massager Machine With Deep Vibration Massage Heated Rolling Kneading Air Compression Fits For Euro Size 48

Packaging and delivery set

The device is transported in 2 boxes. The upper one is stronger, so as not to damage the device. Second branded box made of thinner cardboard for a presentable look. The packaging does not carry any special informational load. It should be said that the box is equipped with a plastic handle, but the device itself is heavy, so we did not dare to carry it by holding the box by the handle.

In the box in foam substrates, the following are securely located:

  • Massage device
  • Detachable charging cable
  • Instruction in English

Device appearance

The first thing that I would like to note is the practical color of the case. A dog lives with us in the apartment, and no matter how hard I try, no matter how perfectly my autonomous vacuum cleaners work, the dog’s undercoat always flies in the air. Thus, on household appliances of a dark color, especially the one that is located on the floor, all this invisible dust and hairs settles. This is noticeable and creates a messy look to the room. Therefore, I try to avoid devices in black, and I was delighted with the colors of this massager.

The device is presented in an interesting design. The body is made of plastic combined in color and texture. But the colors are in perfect harmony. The top panel, on which the control module is located, has a golden color and a glossy coating with small splashes. The recesses for the legs are edged in plastic with a grooved structure. The base is made of gray matte plastic. The case is not easily soiled. It should be noted that all parts of the case are solid. The massager is large enough and heavy.

I liked the fact that the covers are removable, they are made of synthetic mesh fabric, which is easy to clean and dries quickly. They are neatly attached to the body, thanks to a zipper and Velcro for a better fit. But their extraction is not difficult. The rollers are located under them, they are felt.

The device is controlled by touch. The front side houses the following buttons with sensitive sensors:

  • On / Off button,
  • Intensity control button,
  • Vibration button,
  • Button for automatic programs,
  • Hot compressor control button.

The buttons respond well even to light touch. Pressing each button is accompanied by a sound signal, which also signals the switching on and off of the device. In addition to sound signals, the operation of all modes is marked by light indicators built into the buttons.

The ends are not functionally involved

The base is equipped with 4 feet with rubber pads, thanks to which the appliance does not slip on the surface of the parquet and does not scratch it. There is a connector for the cable, a plastic clip with 2 screws is used here as protection against kinks. Wire length 2 meters.

Overall, I am very pleased with the design, colors and workmanship of the device. The massager is really strong, non-marking, the assembly is good, the product has no smell, the case does not heat up during operation. The only thing that I lacked in this model was handles or such a body design for convenient movement of the massager around the apartment.

In work

The massager is started by the Start button and a sound signal. You can choose 1 of 3 automatic modes, while it is possible to customize the work during the massage. So you can turn off the vibration mode at any time, cancel heating, change the intensity of work and even interrupt the operation of the device.

Everyone in our family: both a husband with a foot size 45.5 and a child with a foot size 32 enjoy the massage. There are no clear recommendations on the placement of the legs in the massager, but those with medium and small feet can fit in it as conveniently. The rollers work most intensively in the area of ​​the toes and the front of the foot; under the heel, the rollers work very carefully, slightly perceptibly, a little ticklish. The rollers perform circular rotation in both directions (clockwise and counterclockwise), as well as forward / backward movements. Automatic modes are limited to 15 minutes. The work of the massager can be interrupted at any time. Air pressure occurs in several areas, the foot is compressed in the heel, on the sides and top. The leg fits in the ankle-length tray.

Each session begins and ends with a light ball massage of the foot, then the rollers begin to work more and more intensively, air cushions are launched. However, you will not be able to move your leg, and it is not advisable to do this while the program is running. the system has determined the volume of your leg, based on this, and the air is compressed. The vibration massage pleased everyone except her 15-year-old daughter, who noticed a slight dizziness.

At the end of the program, the massager will emit a sound signal, but it does not turn off, but goes into standby mode.

We maintain good hygiene when using this device: everyone puts on fresh socks before each use. I repeat that the covers in this model are removable, and from time to time it is advisable to dry or wash them, because during the massage, especially in the Heating mode, the legs sweat a lot.

In its instructions, the manufacturer gives recommendations for installing the massager on the carpet during the session in order to smooth out the sound of the pumps and the engine. But I do not see the need for this, the massager, in my opinion, is not loud. While watching TV, I massage my feet, and the sound does not bother anyone.

Do not forget that there are general restrictions on the use of this device: do not use an electric massager if there are medical contraindications, do not massage your feet while sleeping, while intoxicated, at elevated body temperature, in a bath, a wet room, etc.


In conclusion, I will say that we were very satisfied with the work of the massager. A 15-minute massage at the end of the working day is just salvation in this summer heat. Swelling, heaviness, discomfort immediately go away. Believe me, having tried a foot massage once, you will want to get these sensations again and again. Already during the session, you feel how muscles relax and blood circulation improves, which means that strength and performance are restored.

On the body of this foot massager, you will not see any brand logos, flashy advertisements on the packaging, but the massager is really high-quality and functional, and in terms of performance. Convenient control, Shiatsu function, 3 automatic programs, 3 intensity levels, heating function, vibration are combined in this device with an interesting design, non-soiled body, excellent assembly and no smell. Give your feet a very light massage or deep massage with good air compression. You will feel how the massage stimulates blood flow, tones muscles and blood vessels, eliminates tension and pain, and, as a result, improves mood. Try one foot massage with an electric massager, you will regret that you did not have such a device at hand before, or rather, under the desk, near the sofa or bed.

That’s all, happy shopping!

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