Marese H2 Review Great Palm and Hand Massager

Did you order a massage? Marese H2 Review Great Palm and Hand Massager 2022 (TOP Brand). Body massage … A very pleasant and useful procedure. There are a huge number of devices on the market designed to massage various parts of the body (head, neck, feet, back, arms, fingers …) In today’s review, I want to talk about a hand (palms and hands) massager.

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Packaging and delivery set

The hand massager is delivered in a large enough cardboard box, covered in a dust cover with the MARESE logo.

Below the dust jacket is a box without any markings, images or labels.

Inside the box, in a plastic tray, there is a massager, a USB Type-C cable for connecting to a charger and illustrated instructions in English.


The body of the device is made of glossy plastic, combined. On the upper surface there is a control panel with touch buttons (Floor / Power / Heat / Intensity). There is also a color display on which information about the massage process is displayed (the selected gender, the selected intensity, the remaining operating time, the battery charge level, information about the heating and the working zone).

The left end is absolutely clean, on the right, at the bottom there is a port for connecting a charger (USB Type-C).

On the bottom surface there are eight rubber feet, which provide reliable fixation of the device to the table surface, as well as information about the capacity of the built-in rechargeable battery and the requirement for a power adapter.

The front and back surfaces of the massager are framed with golden plastic. The inner part of the device is sheathed with a very soft and pleasant fabric, under which grooved massage inflatable pears can be felt.

In work

Do you need a hand massage? Of course, you need at least the device will give you a few pleasant, relaxing minutes that the user will get by doing palm massage, not to mention the fact that the medicine of some eastern countries is based on treatment through the impact on acupuncture of a point on the human body.

For massage, the user needs to stick his hand into the compartment so that the grooved pear protruding on the bottom surface is under the recess in the palm. Next, you need to turn on the device, select the gender and intensity of the massage, if necessary, you can turn on the heating.

After switching on, the device begins to pump the pears alternately, located in the front and rear of the device (and the pears are located both above and below). Depending on the selected gender and intensity, the degree of inflation of the pears depends, and, as a result, the sensations that the user experiences during the massage. In fact, this process can be called a massage with a big stretch, because the fact that the device methodically changes the treated areas does not change the fact that the points of contact with the skin surface do not change, and after 5–10 minutes this process starts to get a little annoying.

The tactile sensations during the operation of the device are very pleasant, especially if you activate the palm warming mode.

The process itself, in theory, should improve the blood circulation process, remove congestion, relieve headaches. It is difficult to judge whether this is really so, but the fact that during operation the user can relax, get emotional calmness and relieve nervous tension and anxiety is a fact.

Don’t let the appearance of your hand after the massage confuse you. During testing, the most intensive operating mode was chosen for the photo.

The built-in rechargeable battery with a capacity of 2000 mAh deserves special gratitude, which allows you to use the device autonomously, without connecting to the power supply, and the device is capable of working 8–10 full cycles from the built-in battery. Moreover, the universal and modern USB Type-C connector allows you to recharge the device from any charger and even from the on-board network in the car.


  • Internal power supply;
  • Autonomy;
  • Auto power off;
  • Build quality;
  • Heating function;
  • Informative display;
  • Several operating modes;


  • Inability to adjust the time.


The MARESE hand massager is a very interesting and unusual gadget. Probably, some have had experience with such devices, but for me it was the first time. The feeling of using it is very ambiguous. For the first use, I recommend using the lightest (first) mode, and then, depending on your wishes. In general, the sensations from acquaintance with the massager remained very positive, the five-year-old son uses it 2–3 times a day (1–3 minutes each). The device is perfect for medium to small brush sizes. The spouse and daughter also respond positively. For a large, masculine hand, the device does not fit very well, and you have to adjust the hand. Thank you for attention. That’s all, happy shopping!

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