Lydsto R1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Full Review & Compassion

Review Xiaomi Lydsto R1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner With Self-cleaning Base & Laser Navigation 2022. Lydstro R1 is another robot released under the strict control of Xiaomi. Therefore, it has a characteristic minimalistic design, one end brush, a branded application and, most importantly, a price tag aimed at a wide range of buyers. A kit with a self-cleaning station costs a little more than 500 dollars. At the same time, the manufacturer did not try to save money: there is a 2700 mAh motor, a top-end 5200 mAh battery, wet cleaning with wetting control and much more. Read more about the functional features, design and real performance of Lydstro R1 cleaning – later in the review.

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Complete set

The Lydstro R1 package is unusual even for a self-cleaning robot. In addition to the vacuum cleaner itself and the docking station, a huge number of disposable wipes (30 pieces) and as many as 7 disposable bags were put in the box. They put a nozzle with a single napkin, a thick reference book, and a miniature filter brush. At the same time, they decided not to put in spare brushes and filters.


The monochromatic round body with a minimal number of elements immediately reminds that the Lydsto R1 is from the Xiaomi family. Case diameter 350 mm, height – 98 mm. Between the lidar and the edge of the bumper there are buttons for starting cleaning and sending to the base. In the lidar itself, a sensor is provided that is triggered when pressed. It prevents it from getting stuck under furniture. Other tactile sensors are located under the bumper. There are slots for IR sensors (front and two side). To prevent the robot from scratching the polish, a rubber shock absorber was glued along the bumper.

A large module is inserted into the back of the vacuum cleaner, consisting of a 250 ml dust collector and a 200 ml tank. The filtration system is triple: mesh, foam rubber and folded filter (HEPA).

Inside the tank there is a pump with water pipes. The bottom of the tank has squeegee mounts and a docking hatch for the docking station.

Turning over the robot, we find the following working accessories:

  • floating turbo brush of petal-bristly type;
  • one end brush with self-tapping screw;
  • drive wheels and swivel roller;
  • surface sensors (4 pcs).

Cleaning type dry and wet
Container type for dust 0.2 l and for water 0.25 l
Garbage bin in the database yes, 3 l
Fine filter there is
Suction power 50 watts
Power consumption 1000 watts
Battery type Li-Ion, capacity 5200 mAh
Battery life up to 150 min
Battery charging time 240 minutes
Sensor type infrared
Number of sensors 3
Building a room map there is
Installation on a charger automatic
Cleaning time calculation there is
Built-in clock there is
Day of the week programming there is
Timer there is
Smartphone control there is
Works in the smart home system Yes
Soft bumper there is
Where can I buy: Aliexpress
Yandex Market

When you start Lydsto R1 for the first time, it draws a map of the room, and then builds a route according to the layout features. First, he removes areas along the walls, then the shuttle runs through the main space. It hits furniture gently, does not move pots and boxes. Thanks to side sensors, the Lydsto R1 can travel parallel to a wall at high speed. Cleaning speed in one pass – 1 sq.m. / min.

Average permeability. The robot famously jumps over the thresholds of 15 mm, but it is difficult to overcome the 20 mm bars, which is why it has serious difficulties with the clothes dryer. The second problem is the fall sensors, which do not let the vacuum cleaner either on the stairs or on the black carpet.

Performance is standard for the premium. The 5200 mAh battery lasts 2.5 hours in quiet mode and 1 hour 46 minutes in maximum suction mode.


The mobile application allows you to customize a variety of aspects of work:

  • power, water supply and number of passes in each room;
  • additional cleaning – double passage throughout the apartment;
  • targeted, restricted areas and local cleaning;
  • work schedule by days of the week;
  • manual control (arrow buttons);
  • voice guidance (English language available);
  • light indication and sound messages;
  • detection of carpets;
  • the frequency of emptying the dust container;
  • cleaning history and accessories wear.
Dry cleaning

The suction power of Lydsto R1 reaches 2,700 Pa, which should be enough to pick up sand from a smooth floor and clean carpets. And the test results confirmed this:

  • on the laminate, the assistant collected 91% of the scattered flakes and cereals, and 95% of the sand;
  • the thin carpet Lydsto R1 was able to clean up to 90%.

Also, the robot has successfully collected wool and processed the corner zones, as far as the round shape of the body allows. On medium pile carpets, the Lydsto R1 showed the same results as most other vacuum cleaners – 65%.

After dry cleaning, the robot pumped the collected debris into a bag at the station. The power of the stationary motor is 1000 W, so there is practically no dirt left in the container or on the filters. But it should be borne in mind that the station is humming loudly enough – 75 dB at the time of garbage pumping. At the same time, the vacuum cleaner itself works relatively quietly – no more than 63 dB.

Wet cleaning

If you attach a mop under the bottom of the robot, it will begin to wipe the floors, and it will be able to do this at the same time as dry cleaning. There is no special movement algorithm, there is no vibration motor either, so the results of wet cleaning are the same as those of most competitors. From the first pass Lydsto R1 wipes off surface dust, from the second – wipes off traces of dirt. But in order to eliminate the remaining stains, an additional working cycle with recharging of the napkin may be required.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • self-cleaning station;
  • corporate design Xiaomi;
  • laser cartography with dividing an apartment into rooms;
  • powerful motor;
  • good cleaning quality on smooth floors and thin carpets;
  • premium battery;
  • functional application;
  • complex cleaning from one start.


  • limited equipment;
  • one end brush;
  • the robot does not drive onto black carpets.

Lydsto R1 copes with dry cleaning in multi-room premises up to 400 sq.m. The robot combes wool from carpets, collects crumbs and small debris from all surfaces. It is advisable to use wet cleaning only to freshen the air in the apartment. After completing the work, the assistant empties the dust collector on his own, thus freeing his owner from the dirty routine.

Lydsto R1 is currently one of the most affordable self-cleaning robots. It can be taken on Aliexpress for 25,500 dollars, which is 1.5 times cheaper than the closest analogue. Of course, this model has drawbacks, but they are compensated by the ideal combination of price and quality.

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