Liectroux X6 Review: Budget Window Cleaning Robot

Washing windows is a rather difficult process that can take a significant amount of time, especially if large panoramic windows are installed in the room. Therefore, robot manufacturers began to develop not only devices for cleaning the floor surface, but also for cleaning vertical surfaces, including seamless ceramic tiles in bathrooms, glass doors, window surfaces, etc. This review is dedicated to the vacuum-type Liectroux X6 window cleaning robot, weighing a little more than one kilogram, which is designed for linear dry and wet cleaning of glass of any thickness. The device has good performance, low operating noise and long battery life. Also, according to the manufacturer, the cleaning efficiency of the Liectroux X6 robot is up to 99%. Is it really,Robot review further.

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Delivery set Liectroux X6 From a Chinese Manufacturer:

  1. The robot itself is for cleaning windows.
  2. Power cable.
  3. Network adapter.
  4. Extension cord for network adapter.
  5. Remote control.
  6. Safety cable for a window cleaner.
  7. Microfiber cloths (2 pcs).
  8. User manual.

Complete set Liectroux

Let’s move on to an overview of the appearance of the window cleaning robot.


The Liectroux X6 window washer is made of white plastic and has a square shape. The overall dimensions are as follows: 240x240x100 mm.

On the outside, on the right, there is a power button, as well as a connector for connecting the power cord. On the left, there are LEDs that signal the current state of the window cleaning robot (battery charge, end of work, status). There is also a speaker hole.

Top view

Side view

On the reverse side, in the central part, there are holes through which the vacuum motor presses the device to the surface. Rubberized tracks on the sides give the Liectroux X6 excellent maneuverability. A microfiber cloth is installed on the bottom, it can be moistened with water. At the same time, two replaceable napkins are included in the components of the robot, so while one is in the wash, the other can be used.

Bottom view


Overview of the technical parameters of the window cleaner Liectroux X6:

Type of cleaning Dry and wet
Battery capacity 650 mAh
Battery life Up to 20 minutes
Power consumption 65 W.
Minimum window size 40×40 cm
Window cleaning speed 1 m 2 in 2.4 minutes
Permissible surface roughness Up to 1.5 mm
The length of the safety rope 425 cm
Dimensions of the window cleaning robot 240x240x100 mm
Weight 1.2 kg
Noise level 60 dB


The window cleaning robot is equipped with laser sensors to detect the edges of the working surface. In addition, for added safety, a 425 cm long safety cord is attached to the device to prevent it from falling.

Compact window cleaner Liectroux X6 is designed for dry and wet cleaning of glass of any thickness without any restrictions. When activated, the device is sucked to the surface by means of a vacuum pump and starts its work. The manufacturer claims the cleaning efficiency with a microfiber cloth is up to 99%, however, as the test showed, dried dirt still remains a little at a distance of about a centimeter along the edge of the glazing bead. A small layer of dust also remained in the corners.

Cleaning on different surfaces

A special navigation algorithm allows the Liectroux X6 window cleaning robot to walk over the entire glass area: the washer moves in a zigzag pattern along horizontal and vertical lines, passing through the same places several times to avoid streaks. Sometimes the apparatus moves around its axis.

Movement technology

The accessories of the window washer include a remote control that allows you to select the appropriate cleaning mode and control the movement of the device manually.

The window washer is equipped with an uninterruptible power supply system (rechargeable battery with a capacity of 650 mAh), which is automatically activated when the power is cut off. The time for maintaining the functioning of the pump is up to 20 minutes. In the absence of electricity, the window cleaning robot will stop by itself, an audible signal will sound and the indicator will start flashing red.

For gadgets of its class, the Liectroux X6 window cleaner does not work too noisy: the noise level is no more than 60 dB, and does not cause severe discomfort when cleaning.

User manual

You can download the instructions from the manufacturer in Russian by clicking on the link: instructions for X6 .

Advantages and disadvantages

Let’s summarize our review and list again what advantages and disadvantages are inherent in the Liectroux X6 window cleaner.


  1. Cleaning glass of any thickness, working with frameless surfaces.
  2. Edge detection laser sensors.
  3. Decent quality of cleaning.
  4. Low price.

Cons of a window cleaner:

  1. Dirt remains at the edges and in the corners.
  2. There is no guarantee or service.

Considering that the price is only 200 dollars (at a discount at the time of the review), this is just a great option for your money. Features and functions are not too far behind the best window cleaning robots , and the price is half the price.

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