Liectroux X5S Review Robot Vacuum Cleaner

X5S is a model of a robotic vacuum cleaner from the Chinese company Liectroux 2022. It is important to note right away that for a device made in China, the vacuum cleaner has a well-designed appearance, high quality assembly and performance of accessories, impressive characteristics and capabilities. In addition to highly effective dry cleaning of all types of flooring, the device will be able to wet cleaning without leaving wet streaks and cleaning and refreshing your floor as much as possible. Next, a detailed review of the Liectroux X5S will be provided, the technical characteristics and functions of the model will be considered.

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Liectroux X5S robot vacuum cleaner is packaged in a large rectangular cardboard box with a plastic handle on which it is depicted in all its glory. It also contains a description of the main features of the device. The delivery set, in addition to the robot itself, includes the following items:

  1. Charging base, Velcro straps for fastening to the floor.
  2. Power adapter.
  3. Remote control.
  4. Side brush (2 pcs.).
  5. Filter.
  6. Mop.
  7. Container for wet cleaning.
  8. Brush for cleaning the dust collector.
  9. Instruction.

Robot components Liectroux

Robot components Liectroux


Liectroux X5S robot vacuum cleaner has a perfectly round shape when viewed from above. As you can see from the photo, the main color of the device is gray. From this perspective, we see a tempered glass panel with a display and three touch buttons (Spot, Auto, Dock). The display shows information about the status of the battery charging, WI-FI network, as well as indication of the schedule, time, error codes, operating mode.

View from above

View from above

On the sides of the device are located: a bumper, a power switch, a connector for connecting an adapter and powering the robot directly from an electrical network, a container for dry / wet cleaning with a button for ejecting.

Side view

Side view

Overview of the bottom (bottom side) of the robot vacuum cleaner: two powerful side wheels, a front steering wheel, two charging poles for automatic recharging at the docking station, a battery compartment cover, sensors for preventing falls from hills, a pair of side brushes, a central unit including two a shaft with a conventional spiral and rubber brush, a cover for holding these brushes, as well as the bottom of the container, where the mop is attached if necessary.

Bottom view

Bottom view

In general, Liectroux X5S looks very attractive and modern, this device is able to decorate even the most “demanding” interior. What is most interesting is that this robot vacuum cleaner is a twin of the Panda X5S we are considering . Features, design and functions are completely identical.


In order to familiarize yourself with the X5S robot model in more detail, pay attention to the table below, which provides an overview of the main technical and operational parameters of the device:

Manufacturer country Liectroux (China)
Accumulator battery Li-Ion
Battery capacity 2600 mAh
Cleaning duration 90-120 minutes
Recharge time 240-360 minutes
Cleaning area 150-200 m 2
Suction power 22 watts
Dust collector Cyclonic filter, capacity – 600 ml
Wet cleaning container Hybrid: water compartment with a capacity of 300 ml; garbage compartment with a capacity of 300 ml
dimensions Diameter – 320 mm, height – 88 mm
Weight 3 Kg
Noise level Up to 45 dB
Extra options
Installation on charge Automatic
Sensors + (infrared)
Soft bumper +
Side brush +
Central turbo brush +
Fine filter +
Display + (backlit)
Gyroscope +
Smartphone control + (via WI-FI)


The robot vacuum cleaner is able to clean the room in several operating modes:

  1. Automatic (“zigzag”): when this mode is activated, the Liectroux X5S robot vacuum cleaner, using an algorithm for calculating the optimal movement pattern (thanks to the built-in navigation system), starts from a zigzag to the most efficient cleaning of the room. The mode is started from the “Auto” button on the robot body itself, or remotely from the remote control or smartphone.
  2. Local / Local: designed to clean a specific area of ​​a room with a small footprint. To turn it on, you need to manually move the robot vacuum cleaner to the desired location and press the “Spot” button on the body, or remotely by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control or from a smartphone.
  3. Cleaning along the edges (along the walls): to activate, you need to put the Liectroux X5S against the wall and press the “Edge” button on the remote control or start it from your smartphone.
  4. Cleaning FULL GO: when the device is turned on, when working in one of the modes or when replenishing the charge, you can press the “FULL GO” button remotely. This will enable this mode, which will allow the device to start working automatically after the end of the charging process.

Sensor operation

Sensor operation

It is possible to set a cleaning schedule at your own discretion. After the schedule is set, Liectroux X5S will perform cleaning according to the set schedule and return to the docking station after it is finished.

The movement of the robot vacuum cleaner can be controlled manually from the remote control, as well as using the Tuya Smart mobile application via the WI-FI network, having previously configured it.

Robot control via mobile app

Robot control via mobile app

The robot provides a full-fledged wet wiping of hard floor coverings. For this, among the accessories there is a separate hybrid type tank, consisting of a compartment where the liquid itself is poured, and also a compartment for collecting solid waste. A microfiber mop is attached to it, which is evenly wetted by the liquid throughout the entire process.

User manual

Thanks to the instructions included in the Liectroux X5S kit, you can learn more about the features of operation and maintenance of the robot vacuum cleaner, consider its main characteristics and functions. However, the problem is that the manufacturer completes the robot with instructions in English, which causes some difficulties.

You can download the instruction manual for Liectroux X5S in Russian on our website. PDF Download Link: X5S Manual .

Advantages and disadvantages

Despite the fact that the robot vacuum cleaner is in the budget price category, it has a very large number of advantages:

  1. Elegant design, pleasing to the eye.
  2. Small size.
  3. Powerful lithium-ion battery.
  4. Good suction power.
  5. Possibility of connecting an electric brush.
  6. Charging station and remote control included.
  7. Presence of a fine filter.
  8. High quality navigation.
  9. Different operating modes, wet cleaning function.
  10. Cleaning schedule programming.
  11. Control from a mobile application on the phone via WI-FI.
  12. Low noise level.

An overview of the disadvantages of Liectroux X5S:

  1. No movement limiter.
  2. Stops far from the walls, avoiding collisions with them, so debris near the skirting boards may not be completely removed.

As you can see, the disadvantages are quite acceptable, considering that the average price of the model in 2018 is only 500 dollars. It should also be noted that the twin of this robot vacuum cleaner – Panda X5S costs as much as 400 dollars with the same functions and characteristics, so why pay more. In general, the model from the Liectroux company is quite good, at its budgetary cost, even one of the best options if we consider Chinese robotic vacuum cleaners.

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