Liectroux C30B Review Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Review of Best Liectroux C30B Robotic Vacuum Cleaners 2022, there are currently many different models that differ not only in cleaning efficiency, but also in functionality. The most advanced robotic vacuum cleaners operate autonomously, saving their owner a lot of time and effort. The new robotic vacuum cleaner Liectroux C30B is designed for thorough cleaning of various types of floor coverings (wood surfaces, tiles, marble, linoleum, parquet, carpet and carpet). It is equipped with a modern brushless high-speed motor with low noise level, an advanced navigation system with a 2D room map function and the ability to control from a smartphone. What else the Liectroux C30B can do and how it cleans up, we will highlight in today’s review.

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LIECTROUX C30B Robot Vacuum Cleaner AI Map Navigation,Memory,Smart Partition,WiFi App,6000Pa Suction,Electric Water Tank,Wet Mop



The delivery set includes the following items:

  1. Robot vacuum cleaner.
  2. Charging dock.
  3. Remote control.
  4. Power cable.
  5. Dust collector for solid waste.
  6. Water container.
  7. Spare side brushes (2 pcs.).
  8. Microfiber cloth.
  9. Spare HEPA filter.
  10. Cleaning brush.
  11. User manual.

Complete set Liectroux

Complete set Liectroux


The first thing that catches your eye is the 100% similarity with the Panda X7 . The case is really identical. The robot is made of durable modern material – ABS plastic, and is made in mostly gray colors: the top cover and bottom are dark gray, the sides are light gray.

The design of Liectroux C30B is very laconic: there is nothing superfluous on the top cover, except for an inscription with the name of the manufacturer, as well as a small control panel with a main control button and several status indicators. The robot vacuum cleaner looks quite sophisticated and elegant. Thanks to its slim body (7.4 cm high).

View from above

View from above

When looking at the side, we see a protective bumper, outlets and a retractable dust collector that can be replaced with a wet cleaning tank if necessary.

Side view

Side view

On the reverse side of the Liectroux C30B there are drive wheels on the sides, a front roller, a central turbo brush, a pair of side brushes, contact terminals for recharging, and a battery compartment cover. Also, a microfiber cloth is attached to the bottom.

Bottom view

Bottom view


The description of the parameters of the robot is summarized in the table:

Cleaning type Dry and wet
Source of power Li-ion battery 14.4 V, battery capacity – 2500 mAh
Working hours Up to 100 minutes
Charging time 300 minutes
Suction power up to 3000 Pa
Cleaning area Up to 200 m 2
Allowable obstacle height 1 cm
Dust collector type Cyclonic filter (bagless)
Dust container capacity 600 ml
Water container capacity 350 ml
dimensions 330x330x74 mm
Weight 2.7 kg

As can be seen from the review of the technical characteristics, a rather voluminous dust collector is used in the robot vacuum cleaner, which eliminates the need for the owner to constantly clean it. In addition, the kit provides a separate tank for wet cleaning with automatic fluid supply to the napkin.


The Liectroux C30B robot vacuum cleaner performs cleaning with two side brushes, as well as a central turbo brush (double V-shaped), which directs the debris through the suction opening into the dust container. This design of the main brush will allow you to thoroughly clean carpets with low pile from accumulated dirt, sand and dust.

Also Liectroux is equipped with a separate water tank, which can be installed instead of the container for solid waste. The water tank has a system that automatically feeds liquid to the cleaning cloth.

Replaceable tanks

Replaceable tanks

The robot vacuum cleaner supports the following operating modes:

  • zigzag – is a sequential cleaning of rooms in wide straight lines;
  • along the edges (perimeter) – cleaning along walls, furniture, as well as in the corners;
  • point (local / local) mode – thorough cleaning of the most contaminated areas.

The first zigzag mode is great for cleaning spacious rooms with few furniture. The second will allow cleaning the most difficult areas around the perimeter of the rooms. And the third mode may be necessary, if necessary, to remove any scattered debris in a small area.

An undoubted advantage is the ability of the robot vacuum cleaner to remember its route and not to travel in the same places, wasting the battery charge. This is facilitated by the high performance of the gyroscope and acceleration sensor. And sensors against collisions with surrounding objects and against falling from hills together with a soft bumper will help protect the body from damage.

Sensor operation

Sensor operation

The robot vacuum cleaner can be controlled manually from the remote control, or via a mobile application on a smartphone via Wi-Fi. In the application, in addition to choosing an operating mode, you can set up a cleaning schedule and specify the required cleaning area. This is possible thanks to the navigation system with the construction of a two-dimensional map of the room.

Smartphone control

Smartphone control

For maximum efficiency, the Liectroux C30B will be able to divide the entire available area into several separate zones. With a new cycle, the cleaner will compare the map of the previous job and the current route, and if the maps match, it will clean the specified area much faster.

Advantages and disadvantages

At the end of the review, let us highlight in a separate list the main advantages and disadvantages of the Liectroux C30B robot vacuum cleaner.


  1. Attractive appearance.
  2. Sound and light indication.
  3. Different operating modes + wet wiping.
  4. High suction power.
  5. Navigation and cartography.
  6. Smartphone control.


  1. No movement limiter.

This robot vacuum cleaner needs to be ordered from Aliexpress or similar sites, which is the main disadvantage. However, at the same time, the functionality and characteristics are quite competitive, given the price of 220 dollars. In general, there are more advantages than disadvantages, so the purchase will be justified.

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