Liectroux B6009 Review Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Today our review is dedicated to Liectroux B6009 robot vacuum cleaner of Chinese origin. Like other models of the manufacturer, B6009 is seriously equipped technically and looks quite modern and attractive. Moreover, its average cost does not exceed 300 dollars. The vacuum cleaner is capable of cleaning hard floors, carpets, carpet, as well as wet wiping smooth surfaces and disinfecting them using an ultraviolet lamp. You can take a closer look at this robot in our article by examining the provided review of Liectroux B6009.

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The robot comes in two boxes: an outer brown, made of thicker cardboard, and an inner white cardboard box, which depicts this device. There is a convenient plastic carry handle. Inside the box there is a foam tray, where the robot vacuum cleaner and its accessories are placed. Here they are securely fixed so as not to fall out and not be damaged during transportation.

The Liectroux B6009 delivery set includes:

  1. Robot vacuum cleaner.
  2. Charging base.
  3. Power adapter.
  4. Virtual wall.
  5. Remote Control.
  6. A couple of spare side brushes.
  7. Washing unit.
  8. Spare napkin.
  9. Spare filter.
  10. Brush for cleaning the device.
  11. Instructions in English.

Complete set of the Liectroux robot

Complete set of the Liectroux robot


Liectroux B6009 is made of high-gloss ABS plastic. Primary colors: gray and black. The shape when viewed from above is round. The vacuum cleaner looks quite solid and modern. In the upper part there is an LED display, three touch buttons, a cover for the dust collector section with a button for opening it, as well as a protruding infrared signal receiver.

View from above

View from above

When looking at the robot from the side, you can see a soft bumper and sensors against collision with obstacles on one side, as well as an air vent, a power switch button and a socket for connecting a power adapter on the other side.

Side view

Side view

Turning over the robot vacuum cleaner, we see two wheels on the sides, a front roller, two side brushes, two contact pads for automatic recharging, a battery compartment, anti-fall sensors, a central V-shaped brush with a frame that serves to fix it, as well as an area for securing the microfiber napkin.

Bottom view

Bottom view


To learn more about the technical specifications of the B6009 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, please refer to the table below:

Accumulator battery Li-Ion, capacity 2000 mAh
Average cleaning time 90 minutes
Recharge time Up to 300 min.
Cleaning area 150-200 m2
Suction power 3,000 RA
Rated power 25 watts
Dust collector Cyclonic filter (bagless)
Dust container capacity 1000 ml
Washing unit capacity 220 ml
Overall dimensions (WxDxH) 33x33x10 cm
Weight 3.3 kg
Extra options
Installation on a charger Automatically
Sensors Infrared / ultrasonic
Side brush +
Main brush +
Soft bumper +
Remote control +
Filter Triple filtration system (dust collector, 3D filter, HEPA filter, frame)
UV lamp +
Display + (LED, backlit)
Movement limiter Virtual wall
Building a room map +
Notification system Voice messages


The robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a modern hardware based on a high-quality navigation system and the function of building a room map, thanks to which Liectroux B6009, even in automatic mode, does not move chaotically, but zigzag, in accordance with the developed optimal cleaning scheme. This type of cleaning is well suited for large rooms with many pieces of furniture.

Building a room map

Building a room map

The robot vacuum cleaner, due to the presence of a localization system, is able to divide the total cleaning area into several zones: with a new cycle, the device compares the previous cleaning scheme and the current route. Thanks to this, the robot, getting to the already cleaned areas, accelerates its movement on them, thereby reducing the total cleaning time.

Liectroux B6009 has the following operating modes:

  1. Automatic: in it, the robot vacuum cleaner starts moving forward until it stops, then turns 180 degrees and moves again until it stops, repeating these movements until the specified room is cleaned. After that, moving along the wall, he goes to the next room, or to the charging base, if the work is completely done.
  2. Perimeter cleaning. The mode is designed for thorough cleaning of dirt and dust along the walls of the room and in the corners.
  3. Wet cleaning mode. To do this, you need to install a special washing unit, fill it with water and fix a microfiber napkin, which will be evenly wetted during wiping. In this case, the side brushes and the central turbo brush are switched off.
  4. Intensive suction mode (it is possible to change the suction power from the remote control).
  5. Scheduled work: the vacuum cleaner provides for the planning of work for the week ahead.

A nice addition is the presence of an ultraviolet lamp for surface disinfection and elimination of germs and bacteria. This is very useful for families with small children who like to spend their time crawling on the floor. Among other things, the robot’s actions are accompanied by voice prompts.

User manual

The instructions included in the package are in English. If you know English well, then it will not be difficult for you to translate it.

To download the user manual for Liectroux B6009 in English.

Advantages and disadvantages

At its average cost, Liectroux B6009 has many advantages, among which it is worth noting:

  1. The set includes a charging station, remote control, virtual wall.
  2. Floor cleaning with side brushes, central turbo brush.
  3. Localization system.
  4. Washing unit including a separate liquid tank.
  5. Very capacious dust collector.
  6. Triple filtration system.
  7. UV lamp for floor disinfection.
  8. LED screen on the body.
  9. Soft bumper, sensors.
  10. Smart navigation, building a room map.
  11. Several cleaning modes.
  12. Work schedule programming.
  13. Voice messages.
  14. Handles dirt on carpets well.

The small disadvantages of the robot vacuum cleaner are:

  1. Small volume of the fluid reservoir.
  2. Lack of local cleaning.

In general, the model cleans up quite well and is fully equipped by the manufacturer.

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