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Review of Robot vacuum cleaner Liectroux 11S is designed for dry and wet cleaning in residential & office premises 2022. Thus, the device is capable of recognizing and cleaning various types of smooth floor coverings (wood floors, marble, tiles, linoleum) from small and larger debris, dust, hair and pet hair. Also, due to the high suction power, the device will be able to cope with the surface cleaning of carpets with a small nap. At its initial cost, the robot vacuum cleaner belongs to the premium class (the average price is 400 dollars), but at a discount it can be purchased much cheaper (up to 300 dollars, link at the end of the review). To find out what interesting things the manufacturer has provided in the device, we propose to go to its more detailed review.

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The Liectroux 11S delivery set includes:

  1. Robot vacuum cleaner.
  2. Charging base.
  3. Network adapter.
  4. Remote control.
  5. Additional side brushes (2 pcs.).
  6. Water tank.
  7. Microfiber cloths (2 pcs.).
  8. Place for napkin attachment.
  9. Additional side brushes (2 pcs.).
  10. Spare HEPA filter.
  11. Flat screwdriver.
  12. Brush with blade for cleaning the vacuum cleaner.
  13. User manual.


Complete set Liectroux

It should be noted that the accessories do not include batteries for the remote control, so they must be purchased separately. The virtual wall is also not provided in the package bundle, this is a minus.


The robot vacuum cleaner has a modular design and is made of white ABS plastic. The traditional round shape is used for it. Dimensions are compact: 320 * 320 * 78 mm. Particularly pleasing is the low height, which allows the Liectroux 11S robot to drive under furniture and clean up in hard-to-reach places.

When looking at the robot vacuum cleaner from above, we see that most of the front panel is occupied by the cover of the dust container compartment. There is also a single power button at the top.

View from above

View from above

In front of Liectroux 11S there is a spring-loaded protective bumper, at the rear there are outlets, on the side there is a socket for connecting a power adapter and direct charging of the battery from the mains, as well as a power button for the device.

Front view

Front view

Now let’s see what is on the back of the robot: two drive wheels on the sides, a swivel wheel in the front, charging contacts, a battery compartment, two side brushes and a suction port. A platform with a microfiber cloth is also attached to the bottom, onto which water flows from the tank by gravity.

Bottom view

Bottom view


In the table we have collected the main technical characteristics of the Liectroux 11S robot vacuum cleaner:

Cleaning type Dry and wet
Source of power Li-Ion battery 2600 mAh
Working hours 100-120 minutes
Charging time 280 minutes
Cleaning area 170-220 sq.m.
Power consumption 28 watts
Suction power up to 3000 Pa (according to the manufacturer’s statement)
Maximum obstacle height Up to 15 mm
Dust collector volume 600 ml
Water tank volume 350 ml
Dimensions (edit) 320 * 320 * 78mm
Weight 2.8KG

The cleaning area declared by the manufacturer in real conditions is about 60-80 sq. M. (if we are talking about effective cleaning). The suction power is also overestimated; with such a battery and design, the robot most likely has a suction power of about 1800 Pa.


A gyroscope and sensors are responsible for navigation in the Liectroux 11S robot vacuum cleaner. Together with 2D mapping technology, they provide the construction of the optimal route of movement, as well as recognition of previously harvested areas, so as not to waste time and battery power.

Also along the perimeter of the body of the Liectroux 11S robot vacuum cleaner, obstacle and fall prevention sensors are installed. The sensors are very sensitive, so they may not always respond correctly to black stripes on the floor (for example, to a pattern on a laminate). The problematic situation can be solved by gluing the height difference sensors. If your premise is not a multi-storey building, then, in principle, you will not need them.

The robot explores the room, and then divides it into several zones for convenience. In addition, with a new cleaning cycle, it compares the current map with the previously built one, and in case of a match, it moves in rooms more confidently and faster, cleaning the floor more efficiently.

Cleaning on different surfaces

Cleaning on different surfaces

By the way, the movements of the robot vacuum cleaner in automatic mode are not chaotic, but are carried out along a zigzag trajectory or a snake. This route allows you to remove garbage most thoroughly without leaving uncleaned places.

Despite the lack of a turbo brush in the configuration, Liectroux 11S perfectly copes not only with small litter, dust, hair and hair of pets, but also with larger debris (seeds, nuts, cereals, etc.). Also, the robot is able to clean carpets with a small nap. The robot vacuum cleaner carries out cleaning with two side brushes, which scoop up the debris to the suction channel, through which it is sent to the dust collector. The dust collector is a container with a plastic handle with a capacity of 600 milliliters. It has a pre-filter and a HEPA filter.

If you need to wipe the floor wet, then instead of a dust collector, you should install a tank with a capacity of 350 milliliters, fill it with water and fix a platform with a microfiber cloth on the bottom. The cloth is automatically moistened during the cleaning process; there is also the possibility of adjusting the intensity of the water supply in the mobile application.

As we noted in the review earlier, the Liectroux 11S kit includes an infrared remote control, with which you can carry out basic control of the robot vacuum cleaner. More control options are provided in the smartphone / tablet mobile app. Here you can not only regulate the water supply to the cloth, but also increase the suction force if necessary and select the most suitable cleaning mode.

Smartphone control

Smartphone control

In addition to automatic, the device provides the following operating modes:

  • random (the robot vacuum cleaner turns off navigation and moves completely chaotically);
  • local (thorough cleaning of a small highly contaminated area);
  • around the perimeter (Liectroux 11S pays special attention to cleaning the floor along the walls, furniture and in the corners);
  • setting up a cleaning schedule.

Advantages and disadvantages


  1. Compactness.
  2. Good equipment.
  3. Lithium battery.
  4. Several operating modes.
  5. Wet cleaning.
  6. Cleaning according to the schedule.
  7. Gyroscope.
  8. Smartphone control.
  9. Low noise level during operation.
  10. Decent quality of cleaning.


  1. High initial cost (no discount).
  2. The area map is not displayed in the application.
  3. No movement limiter.
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