Creative LED Multifunction Portable Lantern Light

In this review( Portable Camping Travel Lantern Light), we will focus on an interesting folding rechargeable lamp, which, in various configurations, can be used both as a household flashlight and as a practical option for a portable lighting device, as well as a convenient night light 2022.

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New Creative LED Multifunction Camping Travel Lantern Portable Foldable LED Desk Lamp Dimmer flashlight

Packing – a thick cardboard box with graphic instructions for using the device:

The package includes a lamp, a charging cable and an instruction sheet (in English):

The luminaire is a flat “washer” on a wooden handle:

Declared characteristics:

  • Battery 1200mAh
  • Number of LEDs: 25 pcs (type 2835)
  • Luminous flux: 300Lm
  • Color temperature: 2500K (warm)
  • Power: 15W
  • Operating modes: 3

In the central part there is a circle of translucent plastic through which the light emitted by the flashlight passes. The main unit can rotate 360 ​​° around the axis and is installed at any angle of inclination relative to the handle:

Thanks to the wide base of the handle, made of bent plywood and varnished, the luminaire is very stable on the surface:

On the reverse side, there is a charging port and a circle for the switch-on sensor:

The lamp is charged from USB, although the connector is not quite familiar, round:

Dimensions and weight:

Cable length 100cm:

Despite its rather minimalistic appearance, the lamp is not as simple as it seems 🙂 If its halves are slightly rotated relative to each other …

… then you can get another shape – in the form of a lantern, for this it is enough to straighten the plastic parts of the corrugated pipe compressed between themselves, simply by stretching the halves in different directions:

The structure is rigid, the ribs of the corrugated pipe do not compress themselves. The body parts can be moved apart by 8cm:

The luminaire can operate in three brightness modes. They are switched sequentially by touching the sensor:

When folded, the lamp can be used as a flashlight, of course, it does not compare in brightness with the Skillhunters and Convoys, but just right for the house. The translucent surface diffuses light well, illuminating a fairly large area. Below is a comparison in three modes:

When unfolded, the entire surface glows. The lighting is warm, soft, pleasant for visual perception, does not blind the eyes:

Comparison in different modes. In the first and second modes, it is great as a night light:

The lamp works in the brightest mode for about 9 hours, in the least bright mode – almost a day. When charging, a blue LED is on, which goes out when the battery is fully charged:

Charging is carried out with a current of about 0.5A for about three and a half hours. The battery corresponds to the declared 1200mAh:

In general, quite an interesting example of a portable rechargeable lamp. The original folding design offers a variety of uses. Quite good autonomy.

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